95 on electricity to go 100 miles: well, if you got a modern car that got 33 miles a gallon, it would cost you 8.58 cents to drive 100 miles. You know theyre always touting this thing. The electricity is cheaper. Not necessarily there is a lack of chargers out there right. So a lot of the charging youre gon na be doing at your house. Did you get the equipment for free? No, you had to pay for it and, of course, a lot of this depends on what you pay for your electricity all over the place. A lot of people say: oh electric cars are things for the city, the future right. Well, in most big cities, the electric utility companies charge an awful lot of money for electricity, so its going to cost you more than some of these averages. They average it all over the country i know in california. The price of gasoline for cars is infinitely higher than it is say in tennessee, sometimes its a dollar two dollars a gallon more in california than it is in tennessee. So a lot of the stuffs gon na depend on where you live, how much to charge you for electricity, but its not as cheap. As you think everybody looks at the superficial and said: well, my electric car. It only used eight dollars of electricity youre, not putting all the ancillary charges how much you pay for the charger. Whats your electric rates, like at your house, are there any charging stations near you? So if you get stranded, you got to charge it up.

Now most people dont take any of that in consideration. You got to look at the overall picture, theyre not as cheap to run, as you might think, and of course we all know how the government goes. If people did start switching to electricity on cars, you know they start taxing the electricity more originally gasoline didnt have that much tax on it, but then they added road tax to it. Well, dont think they wont add road tax to electric cars. Somebodys got to pay to fix the roads and it was our gasoline tax have paid for it and if they get rid of that, well guess what theyll be taxing the electricity and the price will go even higher. No one ever looks at the overall picture. You know i am you realize that things are not as they seem. It may be cheap now, but if everybody starts using it theyre going to start taxing it, they got to pay for the roads. Somebodys got to fix the roads, roads stink as it is, and if people dont pay the road tax, the roads will be even worse shape, they wont fix them up. So dont think that this cheap superficial idea of electricity, its cheaper, its better. No, you know theyre going to tax the heck out of it if people you really start using it in mass therell, be a little thing on your electric bill, road service tax or something like that. You know, just like you, look at your phone bill.

Itll, be all these add ons and it might be 15 add on for things you dont even know what it means its just tax. They just want to tax and theyll certainly do that if they switch to electricity well, theres a rumor going out there. That toyota is going to get tie ins with porsche to bring back out the toyota mr2, of course realize the toyota supra is just a rebadged, bmw and their other little sports car. The toyota 86 is basically a subaru subaru makes from the subaru factory. Just like bmw makes the supras in a bmw factory. You know it has nothing to do with the toyota factory whatsoever if they bring back the mr2 theyre doing a deal with poor. So it would actually be a porsche with a toyota logo. Toyotas, not stupid, theyre, not going to put all this research and development into a car, and they dont sell that many sports cars sports cars are not that popular volume – wise. Maybe they decide hey. We did it with two: why not make it magic three and they could have a bmw, subaru and a porsche and call them toyotas, but it would be a relatively cheap porsche because its gon na start at 6 million yen. Well, that may sound like a lot but thats 52 700, which is peanut money for a porsche. So it would be a lower end one if they do make it its in the rumor mill.

Now, god it wouldnt, surprise me and all they did with two others, and i guess they figured well. We had a sports car out there with a name on it. It wasnt that cute and fancy, even though it has nothing to do with toyota itself, Laughter side. Theyre all talking about electrification, but then theyre talking about sports cars and a corvette just came out with a new 600 and something horsepower engine in there, so theyre playing both ends to the middle. Here. I guess i dont know if youre an mr2 fan and you want to get a fake mr2, maybe theyre going to make them with porsche well find out in the future. People say that porsche is the one that theyre talking to about making an mr2 all right. General motors, you know theyre touting theyre, going to be all electrified, all that stuff theyre actually unveiling their new high performance corvette z06, a very powerful engine, its not supercharged turbocharged, its naturally aspirated. Its gon na have 670 horsepower. Naturally, aspirated no turbo, no supercharger gms, calling it the most powerful production engine of its kind ever made. Now this is a track setup car that kind of horsepower driving on the street youre gon na spin, all over the place too much power for the street, but theyre making them for actual track use. Thats. What people complain about the earlier mid engine corvettes is that they didnt have enough horsepower for the track.

Well, this one certainly will now theyre not saying the exact price, but they say its going to be so much percentage of higher than the others. Its probably started about 86 400 up its going to be a 2023 and theyre gon na have a hard top convertible edition of it, too, check out the picture. Its cool theyre gon na have like those little louvers behind the driver and the passenger like in those old jaguar race cars that they had in the 60s. They said its going to go zero to 60 in 2.6 seconds. But, interestingly enough i had a customer with the first mid engine corvette and he went 2.5. He showed me on his computer. He went zero to 60 and 2.5, so it doesnt seem like its faster now. The z06, the previous one, was about 30 percent of their sales, so theyre selling a reasonable amount of these things and, of course, everybodys thinking. Oh theyre, going to electrify the corvette and ill have an e ray, an electric stingray, but as it stands not well over 600 horsepower. So those of you who complain that the previous one didnt have enough horsepower its just the plane v8 engine. Well, you can be happy and spend probably by the time they add all the add ons over 100 grand. If youve got that kind of money line in your pocket, heres one i cant help but laugh at land. Rover ceo admits: theyve lost over 100 000 sales.

Last year, because of quality controls with their cars, the newly appointed chief executive, jaguar land rovers says, were getting better, but we lost 100 000 sales last year from poor quality control. Coming up, everybody knows jaguar land rover are one of the worst quality control companies in the world, its so bad that in communist china, people that bought their cars actually went in mass and complained at their headquarters there that the quality of their vehicles were horrible. This is a communist country where people are complaining about the quality, so the guy says this is a missed opportunity for us. We missed out on a hundred thousand healthy sales. I guess this guys had his head in the sand. For years everybody knows jaguar land rover, their quality control has been crap since the 1960s. The facts stand out: they average 244 problems per 100 vehicles. The average is less than half that and thats the average, so theyre really doing horrendous within and of course, but people dont even go further as they age theyre even worse, and have even more problems and theyre, not cheap problems, either theyre expensive problems, transmissions, engines, electronics, So this new ceo says their future models will be simpler and have less problems come on now, no cars getting simpler, theyre all getting more complex. This guy is just a bs artist. Obviously theyre gon na be making this car simpler than making it more complex. With all the computer controls on it, thats just absurd, and the ceo comes out with some more balloon.

He says our warranty costs have gone down and what we spent on warranty work right, yeah because they probably didnt fix the stuff under warranty and he said well, thats not covered under warranty people rearranging the furniture on the deck of a sinking ship. Look that looks pretty good over there wait a second the ships listing more to stern, well, move the furniture on the other side. Well, if you checked out the newly designed subaru brz thats the same one, that toyotas selling it was their sports car, it has taken some radical transformation. You look at it. People are going to say, thats a subaru because it doesnt look like a subaru, its a futuristic, cool, looking car but isnt just what it looks like its got. A lot more performance understand this is a car thats listed at under 30 000. They bumped up the four cylinder boxer engine to 228 horsepower, and this is with no turbo. No supercharger naturally escalated so its going to last longer and a corner like a dream. That was the whole reason for the boxer engine, its flat, its long low down. So the engine can be lower to the ground. If you got more weight mass lower to the ground, its going to handle better all race, cars are way low to the ground, so they can handle. Well, if you want a sports car that handles well hey, you might want to try one of these things up, but of course, on the other hand, if you want a car that rides good stay away from these things, they ride like go karts theyre low and They got racing suspension, they really corner well.

But if you want a smooth ride, you dont want to buy one of these cars, but thats, not what theyre for theyre under 30 for a sports car thats fun to drive around in, but its got a lot of corning and with the 228 horsepower for a Small car, like thats plenty of power to get it around the main thing is everyone understands about sports cars these days? Is that theyre not that popular? They only sell a limited amount, its not like theyre, making these for the masses theyre, making a limited amount of sports cars for people who want to buy a sports car. Now, one of their sales things is hey. Somebody wants a sports car, a lot of people, the mazda miatas are cute, but they only got two seats. This thing has four seats and theres enough room in the back seat, not for giant people but for regular sized people fine to zip around in, but you can also have people in the back have a decent trunk and stuff its, not tiny, tiny, like a mazda Miata, basically, in the same price range too realize that subaru only sold 2200 of these things in the united states in 2020 and so far in 2021, theyve only sold 722 of them. So this isnt, a big mass market thing right, which kind of makes sense of why toyotas not even building their own, let subaru build them. Well call them a toyota 86.

They dont sell that many of them hey. This thing should be fun to drive around and they really upgraded the engine and they really are cool. Looking cars, its not that bad of an idea like say its, not mass marketed theyre, not making all that many of them. It wont be that hard for them to sell them its a smaller market.