Now its sportiness, its comfort and its versatility are finding a new expression and some very redefined design features and its connectivity features and services integrate perfectly into our digital lifestyle, and this particular member of the x3 family. The new bmw, x3 xdrive 30e offers even more possibilities for sustainable plug in hybrid driving pleasure. The sporty traits on the new x3 face center around the slightly bigger one piece: kidney frame with the slimmer design of the full led headlights, the whole bmw, typical, focused expression. Again, the face receives a modern edge and around the triangular air intakes. The bumper is all taut surface, contributing to the exclusive and powerful road presence electrified by bmw. This badge, together with the subtle but distinctive blue, highlights, tell you what this model is all about and useful aluminum roof railings together with cladding parts sticking out as sports activity, vehicle staples lead us down the side Music. Also, the rear lights come standard as full leds and see how the sculptural three dimensional pincer shape immediately catches your eye, or is it just me its kind of like its staring right at you now the free form tailpipes, combined with the underbody protection, finish up the Rear with a strong and dynamic statement inside the plug in hybrid, bmw, x3 comfort and luxury are enhanced by some new touches as well, and the first thing you feel are the now standard sport seats with sensotec upholstery. These dark ash open pore surface trims are a new optional extra, while high gloss black is standard.

The new control layout in the center console, together with the climate panel, perfectly integrates into the spacious overall image and contributes to the feeling of sporty luxury. Another significant update worth mentioning is the now bigger optional 12 inch center information display on this bigger screen is where all the new features of the bmw operating system and the bmw connected drive services come to life. Besides the digital instrument, cluster display and the optional head up display, for example, the ever improving navigation with bmw maps, its really easy to use, and it helps you find public charging stations, for example, adding useful detailed information, and it makes navigation quicker. More reliable and precise. Thanks to virtually real time current trip information with bmw maps, you can also display and activate the bmw e drive zones. These are designated inner city areas where your car can automatically switch to electric drive, which i think is another great idea to enhance efficiency, get the latest news with news. Now. This app always compiles a personalized feed of the latest audio news pieces from different trusted sources. For you – and it depends on your country, your user habits and likings, and you can play them just with the click on the widget or you can ask the bmw, intelligent personal assistant for it. Hey bmw, whats the news in sports. If youre, an android user android auto, brings your favorite smartphone apps directly into your bmw, making it easier to access your favorite navigation, media or communication apps on the road and for less distraction.

You can also control android auto using the voice command. Hey, google, bmws ample digital services, of course, also involve keeping your bmw software up to date. Whenever a new software or a new and enhanced function is available for your car, you can download it over the air. You can do that using the mybmw app on your smartphone or via the vehicle sim card and then just simply install it in your car. Meanwhile, your bmw x3 is already at the forefront of keeping you protected comfortable and on top of the traffic situation, with the comprehensive systems of the new bmw driving assistant professional. It includes, for example, lane departure warning or intelligent cruise control with stop and go functionality and for the plug in hybrid x3. Bmw offers all the bmw charging and connected charging solutions. You need right, along with the car, you also get the flexible, fast charger for mobile and flexible charging at home, as well as the bmw public charging cable. Now the flexible, fast charger is an adapter solution, and with it you always get the best charging performance out of your infrastructure. The bmw charging card is part of the package as well and with it you get access to the extensive public bmw charging network. By the way, the app does the same be sure to check for attractive tariffs and local offers exclusively available for bmw customers. Music for convenient, safe and powerful home charging, theres the bmw wall box or use the new smart partner wall box, with which you can remotely control your home charging or use online services for intelligent charging in under four hours.

Thats. How fast you can charge your bmw? X3 xdrive 30e from 0 to 100, with a maximum charging performance of 3.7 kilowatt, either with a wall box or the flexible, fast charger Music. And then there are all the practical and clever charging management features of the my bmw app. The app allows you to program charging and automatic air conditioning and get full transparency of your charging history and, of course, the app allows you to check your state of charge from wherever you are a very rewarding special is when you use the app to collect bmw Points for every kilometer driven electrically.