Basically, a large suv, in other words, then put even a moderate electric drivetrain in it, as this has arguably and still end up with thats, pretty quick, but not that dramatic. You see, if you look at this thing on paper, its big, its heavy. It doesnt necessarily get to 62 miles per hour in an especially expeditious time, and yet it feels like one of the quickest chunky hatchbacks on the road. The responsiveness that you get from a good electric drivetrain really does give you a sense of instant velocity control that you just dont, get in a car with an ice engine, an internal combustion engine engine, its all a moving part of an internal combustion engine. You just do not get that instant response, and in this car you get that sense of instant control at pretty much all speeds and thats. What makes this the best version of the x3, in my opinion, quite a claim that, given that the x3 is bmws best selling car yep, that includes the one series and the three series not together. You see the ix3 here, isnt the first bmw electric car. That was this thing, but it is the first bmw electric car that has a crack at the burgeoning ev mainstream, a cracker tapping into buyers of this, and this and this and this that is unlike the i3, which was based on a custom and very expensive to Produce carbon plastic polymer chassis for this bmw is shoehorn.

Some ev bits into a regular x3. In fact, in the x3 bmw claims it has the only suv in the world which can be specified with petrol, diesel petrol, electric plug in hybrid and full electric drivetrains. Now, thats all helped keep the development costs of the av version down, but it also means there must be compromise somewhere right, not really. Now the boot is 40 liters smaller than you get in a standard x3, but youll only really notice that if youre planning on packing your trunk like a russian video game Music. So, as you can see, it is sizable, but its also one of the most well appointed boots. Youll find lets check it out. So, first of all, it has a bit of underfloor storage. You can stick your cable bag in there, but its also got a specific section for you to put the password shelf in if you remove that luggage cover. Rather, it also has these latches here, so you can get the seats down and a retractable bag hook here, which is nice and a bit of a power supply there. All good so youll see that its about in the middle of the boot size, um gamut, and although the figures you see here, dont include the front trunks of some of these cars. Often portman towed into frunks youll have heard the ix3 here has a boot size that is about where it should be. Also, the ix3 does have a bigger boot volume than the one that you get in an x3 plug in hybrid and thats because of the way its been packaged.

So the battery is sliding along the floor. Sliding is that a word anyway. Its between the wheels slowed down in the floor and the electric motor has been packaged low down underneath the boot and driving the rear wheels exclusively making this not 4×4, and it does make it a proper bmw, a rear wheel, drive car yeah so being a rear Wheel, drive crossover, suv thing is one of the things that makes the ix3 here unusual, but the other thing is that its powered by just the one electric motor, whereas usually these top end premium, electric car things – have two motors one at the front, one at the Back still like, i said its quick enough also, its got plenty enough range. So now were going to talk about metallicas, particular obsession id say in every fifth interview. I do these days, theres a napster three minute conversation in there. No, not that one thats, the one batteries so bmw is oddly specific about the range that each ix3 gets, because it depends on specification because specification determines wheel, size and wheel. Size determines its official lab tested range, but not by much. So the headline is that you get about 280 miles from this car. So what that means is that in real life, where its cold, outside and youve got a human person making human decisions, you are going to get comfortably more than 200 miles day a day. Charging speeds are potentially rapid too, although, as you can see, because of the sheer size of the battery in this thing, if youre just going to plug it into your home wall box, which is probably what youre going to do its going to take about 12 hours.

To get the thing from zero to a hundred percent, so do remember to plug it in as soon as you get home from work. Pretty efficient, though so ive been getting about three miles per kilowatt hour from it driving it all week. Variety of speeds, roads, usual stuff – part of that efficiency – comes from a really clever energy, recapture system that reads the road ahead and then slows the car down accordingly and automatically. So you just lift off the throttle. The car knows theres something in front of you or whether youre approaching a traffic light or a roundabout and itll slow down now, sometimes it does get a bit confused like theres a couple of times when it started to slow down and then picked up speed again When theres nothing in front of it or say a car is turning in front of you or something like that, but generally it is really good and its something you get used to and its something that you kind of enjoy almost because the car feels clever and If you dont like it, you can turn it off anyways. Now, unlike a lot of electric cars, it doesnt have brake energy recapture linked to paddles behind the steering wheels. So you cant quickly adjust the amount of energy recapture you get. But, to be honest, i havent really missed that ive just had it in drive mode most of the time and just let the automatic system do its thing, but you can knock it across into b mode, which gives you a really strong braking effect.

Same sort of thing you get in the i3. What that gives you is that proper one pedal driving thing, so you lift off the throttle and it really does start to slow down pretty quickly and it will also slow down to a complete stop a lot of electric cars, even in their strongest brake energy. Recapture modes dont come to a complete. Stop will just roll very slowly now, to be honest with you, i dont really get along with it, its quite difficult to modulate. You get quite a lot of this sort of effect, where the cost rocking backwards and forwards in a quite unnatural way, but i cant see why some people would enjoy it by almost making a game out of it. You kind of try to get used to it and then, when you do you never have to use the brake pedal. You rarely have to use the brake pedal so yeah. If that appeals to you not having to move your right foot across to the left about four inches every now and again, then you know knock yourself out lazy other than that, though, this is a highly conventional suv experience in the bmw style, and that is what Is so alluring about the bmw ix3 because it feels like an suv of the sportier kind, so you dont get the like sumptuous pillowy ride quality of a mr adc qc. It does always feel a little bit firm underneath you, but the trade off is that its got really good body control and its got a driving experience, thats surprisingly, involving for such a fatty thing.

So the steerings really light, but its very pointy in the way that all bmws pretty much are. Basically, it means you can barrel this into a corner, its not rolling around too much, and you can feel whats happening under the car and you put a bit of throttle on mid corner. You feel the back end going out a little bit and then it just corrects itself sorts itself out. In that sense, it just feels like a well set up tall hatchback, so its that combination of surprisingly good body control and then electric car responsiveness. That makes it a lot more fun than it probably should be and again without ever feeling uncomfortable it doesnt rattle you around a lot this car it actually sits 20 millimeters lower than a normal x3 for aerodynamic reasons, and also because its got a heavy battery pressing Down on the floor, its center of gravity is 70 millimeters lower, so what that does is it gives it this feel that its a bit more planted. It also does all the basics right, of course, so i drive dead easy to fathom to touch screen as well. If you need it to be, there are knobs for the aircon in the stereo volume and there are buttons with shortcuts and for the fans and stuff ergonomically its perfect fantastic driving position. It sits you quite high, so you can see all the way around you theres lots of glass in this car, its just a dead, easy car to get along with to live with low speed.

Refinement is fantastic, as you can probably hear, theres really nothing coming into the car. The only criticism id have a slight one is that it does get a bit windy at motorway speed. You do hear quite a lot of tyre noise, especially quite a lot of wind noise blown across the pillars. It does seem a little bit more blustery than i remember the audi e tron and the mercedes eqc being its not catastrophic, though, and its exactly what you would expect from a car that hasnt got any internal combustion noise to kind of drown. That stuff out. I cant slit out and every ix3 feels like a proper amount of car too, as it should be at this price really but thats, not always a given. Is it so a simple range comprising just two trims, both of them of the m sport, flavor heres the standard stuff, and there is loads of it. As you can see note the digital instrument panel, the big wheels, the blue stuff to denote its electric vibes wireless phone charging. Surprisingly non vegan upholstery. Another thing that denotes this as a normal quote: unquote: bmw rather than being a virtue, signaling one and you get electrically adjustable seats and parking sensors all around Music m sport pro is largely styling stuff, but it does add a proper good, stereo and acoustic glass. The latter, which is meant to improve refinement, but it also has the added bonus of trapping in the sound of you, enjoying your upgraded stereo Music.

The real question is whether all this bmw normality, nice as it is, helps or hinders this car against. All of the other 60 grand ish fatty evs thats a question for you to answer yourself, of course, but for me it helps. This is good to drive, easy to live with and cheap to run and all without having to shout im an eevee both in the aesthetic and conceptual senses and bmw, hasnt, swayed the interior in cheap feeling, eco fabric thats, made from discarded avocado stones and theres. No practicality compromise either really its just a bmw suv that you happen to plug in and one which is quieter than all of the other x3s and feels quicker than most of them apart from the mad m sport ones. Obviously, if you want something really comfortable, i would still go for the eqc. It just feels a little bit more luxurious that car pulse r2 much less comfortable than this on standard suspension anyway, but it is better to drive and arguably more interesting and you can have a poor star, 2 cheaper now, because theyve done a less powerful one. Now this is better to drive a more interesting drive than an audi e tron. Although arguably thats not really a big deal in this segment right, you dont want dynamics, above all else necessarily, and the tesla model x is much more expensive, not that it ever matters. What anybody says about a tesla anywhere? You want a tesla youre, going to get a tesla and the jaguar eye piss now.

For me, that is definitely a much more interesting looking and feeling thing than this, but it too can get expensive once you start going through the trims that is and thats that this is good, but do let me know what youre thinking in the comments about this? I mean, although about anything really just say something thanks for watching ill see you next time, please subscribe the channel.