Electric car thats, cheap, thats, practical and also has great range. Not a lot of cars can tick all those boxes but heres, one that might be able to its the hyundai kona electric Music. When i say its practical, its a small family suv with loads of space, when i say its got good range itll do 300 miles and when i say its affordable, the entry level car starts from 27 000 pounds and online on a pcp. You can pick one up for around 450 pounds a month, which sounds like a lot, but for an ev with 300 miles. Trust me thats a bargain, so its an attractive proposition, but is it attractive to look at well ill? Let you be the judge for what its worth. I think it looks like a crossover, pretty generic in its shape, but entirely inoffensive and thats a compliment who wants an offensive? Looking car, i like the paint finish, which is called smurfy blue metallic and the fact it has a light on the front logo that illuminates to tell you, when its not safe, to touch any of the high voltage cables under the bonnet. Not that you ever would. But im not so sold on the lights which at the front have slim drls and chunky lower main beams. Likewise, at the rear, the brake lights are totally separate to the reverse and indicator lights. I really dont know why they do that, i mean. Is it too expensive to have one set of lights? That does everything anyway, while im back here, let me show you the boot.

It opens manually no electric operation here and its a fairly decent size. 332 litres not massive, but its well shaped there isnt an awful lot of underfloor storage and your charging cable is kept in a bag which does eat into some of the room. Its got a flat load area just here, which is nice and the rear seats fold down fairly easily. So you can get yourself a washing machine in the back of there, so decent amount of space, although to be honest, not that much bigger than say a ford fiesta well im here. Actually, let me just have a word with some of you americans out there every single time i do a review of a hyundai somebody pipes up and says its pronounced hyundai like sunday, no its not not in the uk over here, hyundai taught us to say hyundai Its in all of their adverts, pronounced hyundai, so dont come in my comments telling me how to pronounce that in this country, all right sorted. Where was i oh yeah rear space, its okay, i fit ive got lots of headroom, although leg room for anyone around the 511 mark might be a bit on the tight side. What might be more of a concern? Is foot space theres, not a lot of it. My feet just about fit under the seat in front, but it is quite snug, probably because the battery is in the floor and eats up some space.

Also, our test car didnt feature any rear, usb ports or any rear ventilation, which seems a bit mean, but it does have a fold down armrest with a couple of cup holders, thanks hyundai Music, now whats it like from the best seats in the house. Well, its all right, its all right. Look this isnt, a car thats built to make people say wow, but it does the basics really. Well. I hear a lot of people complaining about the material quality in some hyundais, including this one, but its actually, not that bad. All right, yeah, there is a bit of scratchy plastic going on on the lower section of the dashboard, but just above that, youve got some textured stuff, which i think looks quite premium. I think the main problem is the fact that, on the center console, youve got quite a lot of this grey plastic, which doesnt look amazing. It also appears here on the lower section of the steering wheel, but if you got rid of that and swapped out for some gloss black, i think that would lift the cabin quite substantially but look im not a snob today, and i will say that the cabin To me is all right: a quick word on practicality. Youve got a couple of cup holders. Youve got a big old storage area in the center console. Youve got a little flap just in front of the cup holders, for a wireless charging mat for your mobile phone and also a usb port.

You also get a second usb port, underneath this force floor just below the center console and a 12 volt socket. But i do wish that, given a few more usb ports in this day and age, the more usbs the better something else i have a little moan about is the amount of space you get in the door pockets its, not massive, theres enough space in there. For a drink – and maybe some haribo but thats about it, although having said that those are two of the major food groups in my household, so maybe i shouldnt complain too much. Ive only got positive things to say about the technology in this car as well. Its got a nice big digital driver display, which shows off your speed, your tire pressures and whether youre putting power into the motor or recuperating energy back into the battery youve got a nice big infotainment screen as well, which is really simple. To use a lot of manufacturers go for these flashy animated icons on their screens, but this is no nonsense and everything is nice and easy to find its also got a row of physical buttons shortcut buttons that make it so easy to find the specific screen that You need also look at this: its got knobs knobs, big twiddly knobs for adjusting the volume and also changing the radio station. You got ta pay extra for that in premium cars these days, so its a very welcome sight in this hyundai.

Also look more knobs theres. Another knob for adjusting the temperature controls and the the fan speed just so refreshing, isnt it plus this car also comes with the option of apple carplay and android, auto, so all in all in terms of tech, yeah, decent Applause. Before i talk about anything else in this car, i want to talk about range because its its quite important in the kona electric. There are two battery options: a ‘ kilowatt hour battery pack and a 64 kilowatt hour battery pack. The ‘ will give you about 200 miles of range wltp, and this 64 will give you 300 miles of range wltp or at least thats. The theory wltp is normally not very accurate. Normally you get slightly less than what they claim, but in the kona electorate. Guess what im getting more it is hyper efficient. I did the school run yesterday and i managed to get check this out. Six miles per kilowatt hour multiply six by 64., you get 384 miles of range, which is just its ridiculous. I dont think ive sat in another electric car that achieves those figures, its its frankly unbelievable. I will caveat that by saying that the temperature was 12 degrees c, and i was running between sort of 20 and 40 miles an hour not in stop start traffic, but still very, very impressive. I wanted to do a run in the cold as well, so i did a school run this morning and it was two degrees, so i cranked up the heating to the maximum, and that was what it indicated: 27 degrees in the car, with the heater running full Blast, but i still managed to get three miles per kilowatt hour.

If you do the mass on that, that works out to be just shy of 200 miles so regardless of what temperature it is, what season it is, you could end up getting between sort of 200 and 400 miles of range in this car, its just shocking isnt. It im also quite impressed by the fast charging abilities of this car, its not the best in class, but it will recharge at up to 77 kilowatts, and that means you can go from 10 to 80 in 46 minutes in this car. You combine that with the more than decent range and what youve got is a car that is more than capable of traveling long distances. On the subject of rapid charging, a slight gripe in that area, the charge port makes the front of the car look a little bit weird. It ruins the lines, but the positioning is quite useful when the flap works it lets. You use charges whether theyre on the left or right hand, side of the car, and i must give credit for the built in lights, which make it easier to use in the dark and the battery indicator. Leds are a nice touch also like to drive again more than decent nice and easy to maneuver around town. The steering is quite sharp, quite nippy, quite responsive, but not hyperactive. The gear selector buttons on the center console, make it nice and easy to switch between park. Reverse drive and neutral and the brakes are actually very good as well: theyre, nice and responsive, and you can control them using these paddles behind the steering wheel, which lets you increase or decrease the amount of regen, which allows you to basically choose how the car slows Down when you lift off the accelerator pedal lets talk about power now theres a choice of motors in this car.

If you go for the 64 kilowatt hour, battery pack, youre going to get a motor with 204 horsepower thats enough to take this car from naught to 62 in 7.9 seconds. So its not going to melt your face off. But it does have quite a lot of torque ‘5 newton meters of the stuff, which is thats very healthy. In fact, let me show you what ‘5 newton meters does ill pull to a standstill and if i switch off the traction control just hold the button there for a second theres, a little trick to doing this, you have to lock the wheel all the way to The right or left accelerate straighten up, and it will literally light up the wheels in such an aggressive manner. I dont know why the car would ever need to do that. Not a lot of electric cars allow you to do that, but i like that, gives it some character something else i want to talk about quickly, and that is the difference in price between the petrol, the hybrid and the electric kona, the entry level petrol starts from Around 21 000. the hybrid starts from 23 000 and the electric starts from 27 000 after the government grant so theres a big difference in price between the cheapest petrol and the cheapest electric. But id go for the electric version all day. Long and the reason being is that its hyper efficient, its so cheap to run this car.

I did the maths on it and using my electricity tariff, it will cost me four pounds 50 to fill the battery four pounds 50 to do in excess of 300 miles, which is quite remarkable. If you drive 8 000 miles a year that works out to be 120 pounds a year in fuel costs, which is just ridiculous, i have driven many a petrol car that cost 120 pounds a month, let alone 120 pounds a year. This thing will very very quickly pay for itself, so i guess with all that being said, the question now is: should you buy a kona electric? Yes, dont buy it because its got brilliant range, its got brilliant practicality and it also doesnt cost the earth. This thing takes a lot of boxes for a lot of people.