These look a little like they belong on an 80s era, stereo equalizer, but you can bet theyll come programmed with plenty of audi s animations that play when new, lock and unlock the car Music. The new hyundai 7 concept interior is a very minimalist affair, with plenty of soft fabric and unpolished wooden materials. Lounge, like seats and hidden storage, cubbies its more likely the finished car will borrow parts from the current hyundai ioniq 5 electric car that has a paired back interior design with an almost button free dashboard, a wide touchscreen infotainment system and, most importantly, conventional seeds. Music hyundai has confirmed that the new ioniq 7 will use the same underpinnings as the ioniq 5 and the upcoming ionic 6. This means youll likely be able to get it with a single electric motor or as a more powerful dual motor model. The larger ioniq 7 of may not be offered with the ioniq 5s entry level, 170 horsepower single motor setup, but you may be able to get it with that cars more powerful, 217 horsepower motor and 306 horsepower dual motor system.