However, the amount of criticism that it receives whenever the issue of the design is raised is an indication of the strong level of interest at garners and goes to tell you that there is still enormous demand for such a car thats, because the availability of electric sedans In the marketplace is still far and few between sure there are models like the tesla model, s, the porsche taken and now the highly touted mercedes benz eqs. But these 100 000 plus cars are out of reach for many consumers in areas such as north america and korea, where large sedans still enjoy popularity. Evs like ionic 6, is certainly a very desirable product. Indeed, in the understanding of the circumstances, hyundai is putting the ionic 6 through a last minute revision before the release, which was originally slated to be early 2022.. We have already touched upon this matter in our previous episode, but we will dig deeper into it, along with how hyundai would manage to produce all the evs that they are promising in the near future. So before we go on, we highly appreciate your support by subscribing and turning on the notification bell. If you havent already and please dont, forget to like comment and vote on the question thats presented at the end of the video in our previous episode, we reported that the ionix 6 will undergo a revision and an upgrade that will include the front and the rear. End redesign with longer overall length in an effort to bring the production sedan closer to the prophecy concept, with a distinctive four door: coupe styling that was seen as a threat to the likes of the porsche taken and abby etron gt, and not the 1996 hyundai elantra.

That the prototype seemed to have resembled, as many people in korea has mockingly described. In addition, another biggest change to the vehicle that would see during the revision is the range the engineers at hyundai were busy working to solve the biggest weakness of the egmp based evs. When it came to head to head comparison with the formidable tesla – and it appears that hyundai has solved this very problem, not by increasing the capacity of the battery which is expensive and inefficient due to its heavy weight. But by optimizing the egmps power electric system module the power electric system of an ev is comprised of the motor for power generation, ev transmission for reduction, inverter for energy conversion and integrated electronics, with the improvement that the engineers were able to make the new system is Now more efficient than the original system that was used in models such as the ionic 5, the kia ev6 and the genesis gt60 its not that the original system was bad. In fact, it still is one of the most advanced systems in the world with its 800 volts architecture, delivering the industry leading 18 minute charge time to 80 faster than that of the previous record holder, porsche taken with 22.5 minutes charge time and achieving a 300 mile Range from its 77.4 kilowatt hours battery, which is respectable, if not better than most of the competitions most except for tesla, that is the company that has virtually pioneered the industry.

By offering exceptionally long ranged electric vehicles, tesla enjoyed an advantage over other evs in the market by not relying on the battery size only but making its power electric system extraordinarily efficient. As a result, ionic 6s closest competitor, the tesla model, 3 delivers 353 miles or 568 kilometers from its 82 kilowatt hours battery. With the improvement made in the egmps power electric system, the new range is expected to be in well excess of 311 miles or 500 kilometers. As originally anticipated and reach a figure in the neighborhood of the teslas, the ionic 6 will be the first model to benefit from this enhancement, but it wont be the last, as you may already be aware, from watching. Our channel hyundai has some pretty ambitious plans for its ev future, the sub fifty thousand dollars ionic six is the only beginning of what is to be expected from hyundai next year in an attempt to preemptively dominate the ev industry before others catch up to the lead That it enjoys from successfully developing the awe inspiring 800 volts ultra fast charging, egmp dedicated ev platform and launching the phenomenal ionic 5 and the kia ev6 in succession that immediately became the benchmark for others to follow. The korean auto giant has decided to expedite the release of five all new eevee models in 2022 from the original plan of 2025 to complete the full ev lineup to become a first ever company legacy or otherwise to accomplish such feat.

Joining the 2022 german car of the year, ionic 5c segment crossover. The all new models will include the sonata sized ionic 6 sedan, a fiat 500e sized, a segment crossover, a kona sized b segment, suv, a santa fe size, d segment, suv and a kia carnival sized minivan covering all possible segments with the super hot end model of The ioniq 5, with the expected horsepower of nearly 600 to join the group in late 2022. At this point, the natural inclination would be to ask how is hyundai going to build all these products, seeing that the korean company had a massive supply problem, despite releasing highly desirable products like ionic five this year as the fifth largest car manufacturer in the world, with An annual capacity of 7.5 million cars a year building millions of cars in a short amount of time has never posed problems for the hyundai group, which is comprised of hyundai kia and genesis branded cars with factories located all over the world. In fact, the company has a long term objective of producing 1 million electric vehicles by the year 2025 and as a first step. Hyundai is nearly doubling its production of electric vehicles from humble 166 000 units this year to 300 000 units a year in 2022, which is nearly the size of the entire electric car market of the us. The supply of batteries was the major factor behind the production problem to meet the exceedingly high demand, but according to hyundai, the company has now secured enough batteries to produce all the evs until 2023 through its current supply chain.

That includes sk innovation and lg energy solution and from 2024 hyundai will produce its own batteries from its new joint venture battery cell manufacturing plant in indonesia, in conjunction with lg energy solution to secure over 10 gigawatt hours annually, so its safe. To say that hyundai will be able to manufacture as many evs as it pleases, without having to worry about the battery supply issues. This is in addition to the myriad of r d. The company is investing in to improve the current lithium ion battery to the level of the solid state battery and ultimately, to release solid state battery powered eva after one case in point. Is the plan to utilize the latest lithium metal battery that an american battery technology firm ses, which hyundai has invested in along with the compatriot battery giants lg and sk, has developed by the year 2025.? The lithium metal battery has an energy capacity of 417 watt hours per kilogram compared to 250 to 300 watt hours for the existing lithium ion battery, which would result in a 30 percent longer range on average, also it even charges faster than the current system. At 12 minutes from 10 to 90, so the future looks great for ionic 6 and the rest of the hyundai evs that are on their way in the next few years, with the promise of great design and performance that suits everyones budget and needs. Hyundai evs are already one of the most advanced in the world, with 800 volts ultra fast charging, the v2l and real car appointments with high quality fit and finish that only a top rated legacy automaker is able to deliver and now with the improved range that would Finally, liberate hyundai from being an underdog tesla, which is now one of the biggest companies in the world by attaining one trillion dollars market capitalization that they achieved in just a decade since they sold its first.

Electric car may soon face the biggest threat in its history. As for the end of the video question, with the improvement in the range, which was hyundais biggest drawback, when compared with the industry leading tesla and the increase in the selection of the models with flowing supply, be enough to convince people that are loyal to tesla. To jump ship and choose hyundai electric vehicles instead, please vote and share your views by clicking on the link in the comment section below thanks for watching auto vision, your best source for the fastest korean car news and rumors dont forget to comment like subscribe and click On the notification bell also dont forget to join our forum and share your passion for korean cars. At See you next time with the latest korean car news, ive been fighting everything you say: ive been trying to go the other way, but i cant seem cause everything.