If youve got a solar panel array on your roof, its the eclipse cross, plug in hybrid mitsubishi, has basically rebranded this technology because it believes that theres a bit more cut through when it comes to the words hybrid and ev than there was a few years ago. When the original outlander phev launched, but the big question is whether spending so much more on a plug in hybrid over the equivalent petrol turbo version is worth doing well were talking almost 15 000 in some instances when it comes to this model range. So, are you getting a better car for your money? Well lets find out? Shall we Music, if you want to jump ahead in this video review and find what interests you most you can there are time codes on your screen here? If youre watching on youtube, you can hit the chapter markers in the timeline below and if you are on youtube, dont forget to hit like and subscribe and wed love to. Have you hit that bell icon to keep up to date with all of our latest content? Helps us with the algorithm too, if you want to read my full detailed review, you can find a link to it in the description below and first in this video review were going to take a look at the price and features of the eclipse cross, phev Music. The mitsubishi eclipse cross plug in hybrid models are considerably more expensive than the turbo petrol versions of this car were talking between twelve and fifteen thousand dollars more, which is a massive jump in price, but it is packing a high tech powertrain underneath all of that money.

So the question is whether you really really want to do electric driving that badly or whether you dont for this review were driving the top spec exceed variant. If you want to see what you get in the other grades head to my detailed written review at the cars guide site, choosing the range topping exceed model nets, you leather seat trim a heated steering wheel, a head up display that makes this grade the only one With a digital, speedo sat nav a dual sunroof, a black headliner in the cabin and heated rear seats, well jump inside for a closer look at the cabin soon. But first lets take a look at the design Music. You could be hard pressed to pick this plug in hybrid version of the eclipse crossover one of the less expensive turbo petrol versions, and i think that could be a real problem for some customers. But tell us what you think in the comments section below wheels are different between the hybrid and non hybrid models, and then there are those badges, theyre, big arent they and theyre on the front doors and the boot too. Aside from those differences, it looks pretty much just like any other eclipse cross, but cleverly packaged under the metalwork is an electric motor on both the front and rear axles, as well as a battery pack and a regular petrol engine as well. Theres, a filler cap, either side of the car too drivers side for the plug passenger side for the petrol.

The interior has seen a few compromises as a result of all that high tech, wizardry 2. lets take a closer look. Music were starting at the boot for the practicality section of this video theres 359 liters of cargo capacity in the plug in hybrid versions of the eclipse cross and thats, quite a bit less than what you get in the turbo petrol version. So they get 405 liters and they also get a spare wheel, but you dont get one of those in the clips cross plug in hybrid. You get a repair kit and theres a spot under here where you can store your charge, cables as well, and speaking of charge, cables theres, another one, this one, which is the home charging cable kit which youll need to plug in when you get to your destination. Whether its home or maybe a hotel, if youre wondering what 359 litres looks like when it comes to suitcases well, weve got some and heres what it looks like now. The space in the back seat of the eclipse cross is okay for a small suv, but if youre, considering it against, say a toyota rav4 or something like that, it could be better, and that is because the space isnt that great im six foot 182 centimeters this Seat is set for my position uh, as you can see, ive got enough knee room and pretty decent toe room, its just headroom that really cops it back. Here you set up a bit higher in the plug in hybrid versions than in the regular non hybrid versions of the eclipse cross theres a bit more packaging consideration for batteries and stuff under the seat, so that, in combination with this exceed models, dual pane sunroof, which Handily has a little controller for the shade, which runs back here rather than being at the front.

I like that, but in combination it does feel a little bit cramped. I feel like im a little bit hemmed in thats, probably also to do with the exceeds black headliner and maybe in the lower grade models which get a gray headliner. It might feel a little airier ive, never really understood the black headliner thing, but what i will say is that the amenities back here are pretty decent. You get a pair of map pockets in each of the back seats. Youve also got these bottle holders in the doors youve got a flip down armrest with cupholders as youd expect. There are isofix child seat anchor points three top tether points as well: the seat, fold: 60 40. If you need it and the back seats on the outboard sides, you also get seat heating, which is pretty neat, but you dont get any usb ports. Only a 12 volt outlet down right down the bottom. There, Music, if youve, sat in a regular or non hybrid version of the eclipse cross, then sitting in here, is not going to feel all that different. There are a few subtle changes between the turbo petrol models and this plug in hybrid, but its not overwhelmingly different, and by that i mean the design, is basically the same. Youve still got this screen media system up top here with apple carplay, android, auto top spec gets sat nav and also youve got these screens that you can see for your energy flow and see what is happening with the battery, whether its feeding power or sucking power Back so thats kind of neat, but also youll notice.

This very interestingly shaped uh gear selector and its not just like a press button pull back and forth. You have to push it across and pull it up or down to choose the gear that you want. Theres. Also buttons down next to that theres an ev button, so you can make it run predominantly in electric mode or you can hit the save charge button which will make it run predominantly with the petrol motor and add extra power back to the battery. So youve got battery when you need it in the city, for example, down here, youll also see things like a drive mode selector, but otherwise not too much difference between a turbo petrol and this plug in hybrid version. You still get all the amenities youd expect dual zone climate control in this spec and then theres. Obviously, two usb ports here, youve got cup holders between the seats theres a covered center console bin with a nice soft padded top to it. Speaking of soft, the seats are really soft and quite comfortable, and i, like them, youve got big door pockets with bottle holders as well and when youre looking straight ahead. Steering wheel is the same as the other car. You still get paddle shifters, so you can adjust the braking response, but you also get a different tachometer, which has an ev and charge gauge on it. Theres a head up display in this model, its the exceed, but strangely enough, no model.

Apart from this, one gets a digital speedometer for a high tech car that seems a bit of a weird. Miss Music mitsubishi still seems to subscribe to the notion that the more you spend on your car, the safer it should be, and its not the only brand in the market. That does that. But more and more brands are offering increased levels of safety technology across their entire model ranges and, frankly, you should be getting more safety tech in the entry level version of this car, because youre paying so much money for it heres a rundown of what you do And dont get in each of the grades. All grades come with front, auto emergency, braking with pedestrian detection and cyclist detection, lane departure warning a reversing camera and seven airbags spend extra on the aspire. If you want adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert and the top spec model has a surround view. Camera too, the eclipsecross phev models run the same ancap 5 star crash test safety score from 2017. Now lets take a look under the bonnet. The reason youre buying the phev version of the eclipse cross is because of whats under here and whats under there at the back of the car as well. Because not only is there a 2.4 liter petrol engine, but you also get a 60 kilowatt electric motor at the front axle and a 70 kilowatt one at the rear axle. So all eclipse cross plug in hybrids are all wheel drive if youre watching on youtube.

You might want to hit the link at the top of your screen because thatll take you to my detailed written review on this car, because this next bit of the video might get a little bit complicated. The plug in hybrid ev model uses an atkinson cycle. Four cylinder non turbo petrol engine, but it acts as a generator as well as a backup for the electric motors, and there are front and rear electric motors. With a 13.8 kilowatt hour battery pack, the system can drive the car in ev mode or in series hybrid, where the engine powers the battery pack to drive or parallel hybrid, where it all works together in the next section, well discuss ev driving range recharging and refueling Music, the official combined cycle fuel use figure is 1.9 liters per 100 kilometers, but that relies on a few different caveats. Youre going to have to have your batteries completely full to be able to achieve that and well youre not going to achieve it after the first 100 kilometers either, because the batteries will take care of that first bit of electric driving before the petrol engine kicks in Thats just how this system works, mitsubishi says you should be able to achieve 55 kilometers of electric driving range and thats based on the nedc claim, while the more realistic wltp claim is 45 kilometers and thats, obviously going to depend on how you are driving your car. Theres, a bunch of different modes to choose from, but also, if youre, driving in stop start traffic a lot.

The energy recuperation system that catches lost brake energy and feeds it back into the batteries could actually see you achieve a little bit better than the claimed ev driving range recharging can be done by a type 2 plug in about three and a half hours a home Wall plug in about double that or dc fast charging using the chademo plug, should recover 80 in 25 minutes. The maximum ac charging rate is 3.7 kilowatts, while dc charging is 22 kilowatts for real world fuel use. I recorded 4.5 liters per 100ks after starting off with a full battery and running to the 100 kilometer mark. Then i did another 100 kilometers without a charge just as a yardstick and heres what i got for a bit of context. I drove the turbo petrol versions of the eclipse cross and i achieved 8.5 to 9.5 liters per 100 kilometers in a mix of driving. So there is an argument that if you are really into saving fuel, then the plug in hybrid version of this car is going to be a better option for you. But you have to question that 12 to 15 000 extra outlay when it comes to the purchase price. Next up were going to consider ownership costs. Music mitsubishi offers a class leading warranty plan that runs up to 10 years or 200 000 kilometers. If you make sure you service your car with the brand, otherwise you get five years cover for the car, but the plug in hybrid models get an 8 year or 160 000k warranty for the battery service intervals are set at 12 months or 15 000 ks.

Whatever occurs first, its dearer to maintain the phev version than the turbo petrol, which is a bit weird and again, it kind of reinforces that youre going to really really want the phev to justify the buy. So is it worth it for the drive Music so whats? The drive experience like in the plug in hybrid ev version of this car well ev is what defines the drive experience and if you love ev driving like i do youre gon na get in here and feel like this is one of the best cars you can Buy because it is ev for a degree of the driving experience. I like that. I think that plug in hybrids have a part to play in the automotive landscape, but theres a lot of things that i think could be improved on the drive experience in this car. Well, 50: kilometers, maybe not enough electric driving range for some customers. For me, i couldnt do a commute to work if i was traveling to work and get there on electric only sure i live outside, of the normal commute distance for a lot of people, but its something that id consider, and for that matter i would say that Theres also the petrol engine here which look when it kicks in and youre, using hybrid power or youre, just using the petrol engine alone to help charge the batteries up its okay, but its nothing better than okay and thats. Something that i think could be improved as well other alternatives out there are offering more advanced powertrains for their backup or generator.

I guess the petrol engine part of the equation, but its not just that. I mean mitsubishi hasnt made a really fun car to drive for a while, and i wouldnt say the eclipse crosses fun to drive either the steering is light and accurate enough, but it doesnt really offer any sort of enjoyment or involvement for the driver. If you love driving, then there are other cars out there, which are gon na tick. That box. For you and in terms of the ride and the suspension, i mean the rides a bit wooden. It feels a bit firm and uncomfortable at times, especially over patchy sections, and i wouldnt say that its the last word in refinement in terms of the suspension, either cornering ability, look youre, not buying this sort of car to go out cruising in the country and on Lovely windy roads are you uh, i wouldnt think so. So dont expect it to be any sort of superstar when it comes to carving up a mountain pass, but thats not really what its designed for when it comes to driving like ive, been doing today in city conditions. Stop start. You will think that this is perfectly adequate, its really easy to maneuver around town because of that light, steering because youve got pretty decent visibility around the cabin as well. The over shoulder might not be the best, but you do have in the exceed the surround view. Camera to help you park, which is good, but i would also say that the brake performance is quite good.

A lot of evs or hybrids. Have this really odd feel to the brake pedal that this car just doesnt have it feels fairly conventional in the way that it pulls up to a stop in a lot of instances plug in hybrid cars are well unattractive in terms of the value for money because They do attract a fairly high premium that you have to consider when youre buying a car like this, because for a lot of people, the petrol turbo version is going to be just fine. If you dont need electric as part of your lifestyle, then you dont need to spend the extra to get the plug in hybrid. But if its something that you just really want to have as part of your life, then do the math see if this car stacks up and see if its right for you, because there are plenty of alternatives out there. But if you just love mitsubishi – and you love the eclipse cross – maybe its the look, then it could be perfect for you, Music, the mitsubishi eclipse cross plug in hybrid ev, is able to run on electric only and is more efficient than the turbo petrol version of This car, but im not telling you something you didnt, already know if youve made it this far in the video review. So should you buy this car well thats going to depend on your life parameters? If you think it fits your needs, then it could be perfect for you and, if youre sold on the look or maybe you just love mitsubishi, then theres no real reason not to.

But personally i would suggest there are some alternatives that you should be looking at. Like the kia niro plug in hybrid or the hyundai ioniq plug in hybrid or the mg hs plug in hybrid or if you dont need plug in then look at the toyota rav4 hybrid, because its an excellent all rounder tell us what you think in the comments Section below wed love to hear whether you choose this or something else completely different. Please let us know, and if youre watching on youtube dont forget to hit like and subscribe, give us a thumbs up and also hit the bell icon to keep up to date.