It doesnt look like anything else. They make its all angry at the front, long over the top and pointy at the back. The first thing to point out about this car is that its very big it doesnt look very big from the photos because of how well kia have designed it. But this thing is massive: it is an suv, its not an estate car, but lets get back to that later on. This is the new face of keir its the face of what kia will become. They call it their digital tiger face whatever that means enough. With marketing nonsense, what it does look like is really good. Have you ever seen a kia that looks quite like this, its so aggressive and swoopy its got a drooping bonnet a bit like an f type, its got big angry lights, its even got these blades here, which could easily be from a ferrari f12 tdf and the Clever design doesnt end at the front around the side is where it continues to be excellent, because this is a big car, its an suv, but it just looks long and low its somewhere between an estate and a saloon. Its got feature lines down the side, but theres, not loads of them like so many modern cars today have theres just one its got. What bmw im sure will be interested in here a little kink beside this little three quarter panel, which makes everything look a lot better and round the back well thats, just like nothing, youve seen on anything in this segment before its part, aston martin dbx part something Completely new theres, no rear lights really to show theres this big light bar that moves all the way down.

The back and i know thats a big thing in car design these days, but it moves all the way down the back and then moves all the way down the side and then continues all the way off down there to the front. It really brings the whole car together, theres, no big cluster of rear lights. The indicators are here and the brake lights are here and thats. It isnt just a light as well. Kia say that if you combine it with this rear, spoiler that comes as standard it helps with aerodynamics helps the whole car to work better. It really is something that weve not seen before and under the skin. This is a hyundai ioniq five and they look nothing like each other and thats incredible. Now, its been a very long time since kia made the kinds of cars that certain tv presenters made long segments about. Joking about how oh koreans, cant really make cars, can they things like the karens were a very long time ago these days, but this is the first time that kiera have made a car thats, probably not just another, really nice acceptable family car. This thing is something completely different, not just for kia, but perhaps for the rest of us as well. You see this is the very first kia ev built with a specific platform that makes quite a big difference. You might think all cars are the same. All cars do the same thing, but no an internal combustion engine car needs a lot of things that an ev doesnt actually need.

You dont need an engine. You dont need a transmission tunnel. If its rear wheel drive, you dont need any of the gubbins to do with fuel. So what that means? If you create your own bespoke platform, you can put the batteries way down at the bottom, put the motors on the axles and play with as much space as you want. Kia say that means this is the most spacious car theyve ever made pretty much and theyre. Probably right, the space in here is, quite frankly, ridiculous, its huge it is massive in here i can sit quite comfortably behind myself in this car and that i cant say about many other cars. This floating center console is a thing of beauty, but then theres, nothing below it its completely empty in here. Perhaps the one problem is that if you spec the car with the very nice panoramic roof above me, it does restrict the headroom a little bit. I have my seat at its very lowest setting and i could almost look out of the sunroof to drive like most evs. The interior is completely dominated by its screens, which in this case, are curved and take up most of the center console theyre curved. To give the driver a better view of everything, basically so im, not 100 sure what that helps with passengers, but its very nice for the driver. Everything else in here really has taken a step up from what youd expect from kia, which is, you know, never bad, but this is well.

This is something else, a bit like a pole star its also vegan in here with only vegan leather and while its not as nice a design as the polstar 2. I do enjoy some of the details. This two spoke wheel is nice and the small design line around it. The play for proper sustainability credentials continues here too theres recycled plastics. They havent told me which, but its 107 plastic bottles with theres 490 liters of boot space as standard, but that goes down to 480. If you upgrade to the gt line s due to the rather nice meridian subwoofer, the ev6 can charge at 800 volts, which means you can get from 10 to 80 in about 18 minutes or, more importantly, if you just have that final splash to get home, and You pull up and you have an 800 volt charger. You can get an extra 62 miles of range in four minutes, which is basically the equivalent of the time youd spend at bp getting yourself a sandwich and a coffee it makes an ev seem all the more realistic. If you can do things like that, and it will charge at 400 volts and upgrade the charging to 800 volts as it goes along, every ev6 comes with a 165 kilowatt motor on the rear axle and if you opt for all wheel drive that adds a 74 Kilowatt motor on the front axle as well, adding the extra motor does reduce range, though the rear, wheel, drive car has a usable range of 350 miles and from what weve seen that is a realistic range that you get once you go up to all wheel drive, Though you do begin to lose it, the gt line has 316 miles of range and the gt9s has 300.

. Interestingly, those 16 miles of range disappear, because the gt9s comes with 20 inch wheels Applause as nice. As this gt line, s is, i think, where the real sweet spot will be. Is that base model air with the rear wheel drive because theres, a thing called city range, which explains itself, is how far youll go in a city on the air that is 450 miles and put it this way. If your average commute through a city is five miles a day in a round trip, that means you wont, have to top up your car again for 91 days, while an impressive range will disappear quite quickly. If you keep requesting everything, the ev6 can do its worth. Noting how impressive some of the stats actually are the rear wheel, drive cars will hit 62 miles an hour in 7.3 seconds. But when you add the second motor that drops to 5.2 to put that in context, the base porsche tycoon will take another 0.2 seconds to hit 62 miles an hour and thatll set you back an extra 20 grand who would have thought wed ever be saying: theres A keyer faster than a 75 000 pound porsche. The ev6 has three different driving modes: eco, normal and sport, but it comes on passive dampers, which means there is no change to the ride. Even if you change the settings its all about how much power is delivered from those motors here says its the stiffest car in its class, and you can both feel and not feel that ill explain.

You can feel it when you corner, because you really can lean on the outside front tire. It is a big car theres, no denying that and its got a lot of weight because its an ev, but it doesnt feel like its out of control because its a bespoke platform, unlike something like say, a mercedes eqc. It handles everything well and is designed to handle, but you dont feel it when youre cruising a lot, it handles everything you can throw at it pretty much with consumer ease. It doesnt feel like its an incredibly stiff car when youre just cruising down the motorway, and you hit a pothole. I think its sprung very nicely and theres also quite a thick tire wall on those 20 inch rims, which means its really comfortable. The steering is heavy nicely weighted, but i mean it is a big crossover, its not meant to give you much so dont expect to be going out and feeling like youre a proper wheel master. The acceleration is impressive, especially for something like this, and there is a gt coming that will be even faster. Stick it in sport mode and in reality you can dispatch almost anything on the road. It will follow my neck. It will really go. The ev6s other party trick is that this car can also be used as a big old battery for travel, plug things in and itll power them. Basically, the examples caregiv are a bit hot.

Apparently you could power a 55 inch tv and an air conditioning unit for 24 hours. Non. Stop ive tried to imagine situations where that could happen, but i cant better to say that if you go camping, itll power, your radio and if you have a power cut at home, itll keep the freezer going. The only thing i can really criticize about the way this thing drives is the brakes and its about the balance between regen and actual physical disk. There really is quite a jolt when the brakes come in. If you demand a lot of braking force, it will try and do it with the regen, but then the brakes are coming and you do find yourself pushed forward and suddenly breaking more than you were expecting, so it can be a little hard to modulate the brake. However, you can control the regen using the pedals, which is quite common these days. Well, click on the right will take it down, and click on the left will take it up, which is backwards compared to how youd expect your gears to be if it were gear. Paddles, but you get used to it pretty quickly and they do work quite nicely theres a good amount of modulation and, to be honest, the main thing is that damping, which allows you to push it on a bit and just the sheer traction from that all wheel. Drive system which is really sort of face, ripping at times its incredible and the lack of roll through the corners for something so big is impressive.

Its probably quite hard to say just how important getting the ev6 right could be for kia. It has to negotiate quite a minefield, theres a step up in quality, but also theyre for a step up in price. A loyal fan base of kia buyers expecting super affordable cars will quickly be turned away if theres no argument for value, but we think theyve just about got it right. While the over 50 000 pound gt line, s is possibly too much the entry level models undercut almost everything that might be an alternative. The polstar 2 is about the same price, and that comes with less space.