Welcome to the channel today were checking out this rather handsome hyundai ioniq 5 project 45. So first off well start with how this car looks and even from a distance you can see the front end of this car is just stunning. Now, this being the top of the range project – 45, it has lovely 20 inch wheels, and these, in my opinion, are an absolute work of art. However, i really would not want to clean them running down the side. Weve got these lovely gray, stripes and lovely grey wheel, arches as well, and the car just looks stunning. The rear of the car, just like the front of the car, has lovely, led lights, really square really, futuristic, but not over the top. The interior in the ionic 5 project 45 is very spacious, plenty of space throughout the front and the back of the car. The seats are leather and theyre, really well put together and theyre electrically adjustable front and back and the heated seats front and back and not to the bases of the seats are heated, but the backs of the seats are heated wowser now. Another neat feature of this particular model of project 45 is this center console is adjustable and you can move it backwards and forwards to make space and theres no tunnel here at all at the front, so it gives an even more spacious feel to the car. It really does feel like a spacious car on here.

I cant emphasize that enough on the dashboard. You have twin screens. I know a lot of cars. These days are going for the one screen down the middle. Now me personally, i quite like the twin screens, because the one screen in front of you, you can focus on and i find the cars with the big screens down the center. My eyes tend to wonder from the road quite a lot, which i think is quite dangerous, so i think high and ive done a good move with the twin screens and the same size as well, and all your info is there everything that you need now, just Like the front of the car, the back of the car is very spacious. In the like, i do in every single road test ill show you just how much space is between my knees and the seat in front of me theres, so much space there, and, unlike any other car that ive ever known, the rear seats, are adjustable. Just like the front seats in fact, theyre electrically adjustable in this version. Now that is real novelty right there i car through, were given understand unique features that no other car has got. One of the nice features on this car as well as you can see. Possibly this has illuminated the speaker and the door and also the door. Trims are also illuminated in the same color, which looks really nice, especially overnight time now, as you would expect with the car in this price range, this car comes with a Music electric tailgate, so this car is once again from car and cab care, but this car Is the owners car because car and cab car will not be selling the project 45 as well, theyre all sold out, but they will be selling the assy connect and the premium models and the se connect will be for sale from 35 100 pounds.

Now, as always guys, my favorite bit of any video is: how fast does it go now we know this card is north of 60 or 5.2 seconds ive covered that several times, but lets see what its like, when you put your foot down jesus christ, that thing Goes, oh, my god so whats, the ionic 5 project 45 like to drive well its bloody quick for a starter. The road holding is incredible. The ride is a little bit harsh thanks to those big 20 inch alloys, but its not unbearable, and in fact, at high speed you can barely notice it its more at low speed. You can feel it. The acceleration is very, very impressive, not just from a standing start. Either i mean roll on acceleration is quite incredible. I overtook about three cars earlier on and its an overtake. I wouldnt normally do on my bike, but i did it in this car comfortably, which should tell you all you need to know about how fast this car is. You can tell its got a four wheel. Drive system on big chunky tires because the road holding really is incredible: ive thrown it around some corners today and i didnt bat an eyelid, theres, no understeer theres, no oversteer theres, no anything that just takes the corner happily and bear in mind. This is a big heavy car, thats, very impressive, now guys, if you liked the video please dont forget to like and subscribe.

Maybe you share it with your friends on facebook now. One thing id like to touch on today is how nice it is to drive an ev, especially around town, because not only is there no gear changing theres, no engaging of a clutch, but also its not like driving an ice car with an automatic gearbox youre, not Waiting for it to change gear youre, not putting your foot down and going oh, why did you change gear? Then you just literally point your foot and off you pop and quite often you can drive with just the one foot on the one pedal, because the braking is so good. When youve got regen on the go, which means you can literally put your foot down to go and take your foot off to stop so so easy to drive and when youre in traffic as well again its so easy to drive much easier to drive than any Equivalent encounter internal combustion engine car and taking off from a standard starter super easy because all you do is plant your right foot, theres, no clutch theres! No, occasionally! No! When should i change gear, you plant your right foot and off. You go especially this car with a four wheel drive and the massive grip literally youve got to do nothing plant. Your right foot go so easy to drive, and still especially this car and the key nero 300 of a while back its so rewarding to drive as well.

You think, because youre not taking part as much in the driving experience it wouldnt be as rewarding, but it really really is, and you can pay so much more attention to your steering wheel into your brakes into whats around you because youre not concentrating on changing gear. Youre not concentrating on depressing, the clutch really is an enjoyable experience, so something i want to touch on today is electric cars in general, now theres a lot of negativity around electric cars, and i speak to people every day about cars now, and so many people are Still negative towards electric cars now, first off guys, electric cars are the future, so youre gon na have to deal with it at some point, its its just inevitable hydrogen isnt going to take off. As far as i can see, i dont think anyone thinks hydrogen is going to take off electric cars are the future and theres nothing to be scared of. You know. This is the fourth or fifth electric car ive, driven ive, put some serious mars and electric cars. Now ive driven up to scotland, this one has been to scotland and back in front of me, and there really is nothing to worry about that. Many people speak to say how theyre worried about having a car thats only got a 300 mile range. How many days a year, do you travel over 300 miles and when you do travel over 300 miles, youre not stopped for a coffee? Last time i traveled 300 miles, i stopped.

I had a coffee, i had something to eat. I went to the toilet. I was there for at least half an hour on the services and thats enough time to put some decent charge into an electric car. So i dont see what the problem is. Personally, there are more and more charges popping up every single day and even car and cab care themselves are setting up their own charging bay Applause Music. Now with every car, ive reviewed so far, theres been some things i dont like. This has been a hard hard call with this car because theres just nothing to not like so a few niggly little things right. First, off the buttons on the steering wheel are quite sensitive, so when youre actually turning and using the steering wheel, sometimes you can knock the buttons mildly. Annoying and im sure you put your hands somewhere else and your hands should be at 10 and 2 anyway. But to me, thats just mildly annoying um. Someone pointed out months ago that the aluminium knobs on the indicator, stalks, are a bit cheaper and since hes mentioned that i kind of ive noticed it too and yeah the orbit cheaper. So these are teeny tiny, little annoyances, which really will not put me off buying one of these cars. What i really dont like about this car is the fact that a is 48 grand and i cant afford one and be even if i had 48 grand i couldnt buy one because theyre all sold out yeah thats the bit.

I really really dont, like i cant have one makes me sad, but otherwise, this car borderline perfect. This is gon na, be the car to convert people who are against electric cars. I guarantee.