So this has just been released in the uk now so the q4 e trons been on the block for a short while now. So this is the more coupe inspired version sloping headline and all that sort of stuff. Now i was expecting the sloping headline to pinch bit of headroom im six foot two, but as well see in a moment it doesnt actually theyve done a really really clever job. On the inside of this car, but well have a look at the outside first, so this car starts at 45 775 pounds a couple of options. Tonight, these fantastic led matrix headlights, i mean audi, probably the leaders in the headlight game. They are a thousand pounds, though, as an optional extra, as we can see around here, all plastic at the front. Theres obviously, no need for massive air vents um, some vents around the side there, some fake vents on the side and as we come around another option to note these are the upgraded 20 inch. Five spoke grey alloy wheels. I think they look quite nice. If perhaps a little lost in the size of this car, its got very big tyres on it, but that does result in a more comfortable ride. So, as we come around, as you can see from the sides, the roof line does start to slope, but as ill show you, it doesnt actually steal that much headroom, so jump in the back there. That seat is in my driving position as well.

As you can see, there is plenty of room in here, um thats, really surprising when it turned up. I thought, oh god, youre, never gon na get anyone on the back of this, but actually there is loads of room in here and theres. A couple of usbc chargers down there and you can control the heating and ventilation at the back there as well. Some netting, some storage, very nice back here and one option you might want to consider, though, is the panoramic sunroof. I think thats 1200 pound option would just let a bit more light in here, but otherwise zero complaints yeah, like i really thought i was going to lose a bit of headroom there, but um privacy glass fitted to this. That comes in at 400 pounds. This is the charging point as well type, two charger pull it out for the fast charging um and well get to the charging cables in the back here now. Just i dont know if i shut that properly, so fantastic rear lights on this as well, really really good and plenty of space in this boot. Its really cleverly put together im not sure how theyve created so much space, the one downside and well get to a second actually, the rear visibility out, the back isnt, great um, but youre charging cables and all that stuff theres a separate layer in there for those. So easy enough to transport those around but yeah, as we have a look here so its quite its really good looking car from the back actually isnt it.

I do quite like it, and so youve got a big pane of glass here. But its split by this um by the spoiler at the back, so it does just make visibility out the rear mirror a little tricky, but oh its, not the end of the world. Youd go for this sort of styling. If you prefer this look to the standard q4 each on, and i can see why itll appeal and audi actually reckon that the q4 e tron is going to be their number two biggest seller in the uk after the um after the a3, and they reckon that The sportback version will account for around 16 of those sales, so audi definitely expecting big things from this, so lets see what its like inside. So this is the interior of the audi q4 sportback eachon and i have to say i do rather like it up here and theyve its really intelligently laid out. So youve got your traditional touchscreen audi up here. The the interface very easy to use for easy to change settings navigation, radio station, all that and the navigation with audi is always really good as well. So you can have it up here up here and on your head up display as well um moving down from here, so youve got physical buttons for your hvac down here and quick, shout out to the heated seats as well. These might be the quickest heating seats. Ive ever experienced, they do get quite hot, quite quickly, which im ideal for those cold winter mornings, which are fast approaching at the moment down here again very minimalist by design.

Youve got its all touches down here, so to turn the volume up on the radio and stuff you can do that just by running the running your finger around the outside there and you dont get the gear lever. So if we start it up quickly, press start. So to move it into drive, you pull that down and theres two settings says d and b. So d is just normal: driving, pull it down again b. That means you get the maximum regenerative braking when youre, not accelerating, and although audi doesnt do one pedal driving in the way that some other electric car manufacturers do so have a quick look in reverse, so its going mad because weve left something at the back there. But again you get a really nice clear picture through there as well and thats all very easy to use as well and one other thing you can do here and press that and you can give it a quick clean, which is handy if it gets dirty. If you need a clearer picture, so thats thats really good as well moving across to the view you get here and so on the steering wheel, the controls again theyre touch sensitive, so you can go up and down for your volume there, which is quite nice. One slight downside is theres a mute button in the middle there and theres been a couple of times, because you can use these as physical buttons as well.

To turn the volume up and down have gone from you. So you might listen to one of your favorite songs, its getting to the chorus youre, just turning the volume up to give it full power, and then youre left with the sound of your own lamentable singing. But minor drawback, and this steering wheel in itself is a 295 pound option on this car, so flat top flat bottom, i quite like it and cruise control down here. Steering wheel itself is very adjustable, goes quite a long way in out up and down as well. So um, you know good good flexibility in your driving positions there and one important button to note, as ever with audi this button here on the end of the stalk turns off the lane, keep assist and it is a bit overpowering at times and can confuse itself A little bit as well but very easy to turn off, but also quite useful, to have as a function. If youre, you know using the adaptive cruise control on, say, the motorway um. One final point to note in here as well: im kind of got the camera angle to show you because they do hide it in very well. The augmented reality head up display in this car is absolutely fantastic, and if you want more information on that, audi are very keen to shout about that in the marketing bump um. I can see why i can only vouch for it.

It is very good and its not too overpowering like some of them are, gives you really useful list of information that sort of thing – and it also you know, tells you when it does work in tandem with the lane keeper says when theres a corner coming up. Just go: you might want to consider theres a curve in the road coming up here, but um yeah very nicely laid out, as is the rest of the cabin um. You know its such an easy car to use this hop in press start off. You go no messing around yeah, very, very little to complain about in here and yeah really well thought out, but key question whats. It like to drive so whats the audi q4 sportback e tron like out on the road. Well start with acceleration. You do get that initial burst, like you do with all electric vehicles, but this isnt really built for performance this car um. So as we mentioned, not 60 a lick over eight seconds, so you know, obviously that is not the main focus of this car. Instead, hes much more focused on being a nice refined, relaxing comfortable quiet ride and it is its really really quiet in it. Its almost something quite mindful about it very relaxing experience, um. Definitely if youre, using this car 40 every day for commuting school runs shopping with the occasional long journey thrown in theres. No question youd get on very, very well with this car um.

When you do start to prod it a little bit. There is a little bit to work with theres plenty of traction, actually a surprising amount of traction. You can fling it down a decent b road and it does grip quite well. Actually, surprisingly. Well, um i mean when you really produce rear wheel drive when you really put it, you can start to feel the back end come out of shape a bit. I mean you have to really be prodding it for that um i mean, like i said: thats really not focus of this car at all, but you know there is. There is a bit to work with there and you could enjoy yourself. So this is the 40 q4 sportback edge on 40.. It also comes in 35 and 50 guys the 35 bit bottom of the range 50 being top. So this is very much in the middle um. The range starts, so you get 35 s line from about 40. 000 pounds and you can get the 50 volt sprung for about 66 000 pounds. So you know theres quite a wide range to the q4 sportback e tron um. Also when youre giving it a push, the steerings very accurate um. It places the car exactly where you want it to go. Theres no feedback – and this does seem to be a recurring thing with all electric cars uh that weve been driving theres, just you know its all very accurate and it does what you, what youre thinking and what you want it to do, which obviously is great.

But you know not so much problem with a model like this, which is more relaxed by nature, and you know isnt designed to be fast and furious. But you know a bit more feedback would be nice and would just add to that sort of sense, of driver engagement and involvement and think youd enjoy the drive a little bit more. But i dont think youd enjoy buying a car like this. For that sort of driving, youd very much be getting a car like this for everyday um use, and as i mentioned, i mean you definitely youd get on with it in that setting um other points to note the brakes are: okay, um. You know its quite heavy car, obviously because of all the battery technology in there they do a decent enough job of stopping. I think the drum brakes, so you know not exactly cutting edge technology, but they do stop the car that obviously being the most important thing. When youre considering brakes um other points to note really um, i do quite like it. Its really well put together in here its a nice place to be its relaxing. Its comfortable everythings really intelligently laid out and its just nice and quiet, and everything works quite intuitively, and i quite like that about it and i think its quite good. Looking car as well um id appreciate it might not be to everyones taste because it is essentially an electric crossover, um, so yeah.

This is not gon na be to everyones taste, but um, as i mentioned, audi, are expecting the q4 econ to be their number two biggest seller in the uk after the a3, and i think people who are buying this car arent going to be disappointed. Its going to do what you want it to do, it will fit in with your lifestyle. I mean the other burning issue, but its the same for all of them is the public charging network is that there yet support them, probably not theyre, not getting them in quick enough. But if you can install a charging point at home – and you know you get a decent range in this car topped up – i think they say itll do 316 miles. Obviously it wont do 316 miles. Youre gon na get but youll comfortably get 250 miles. I reckon on the charge um, i dont think thats pie in the sky stuff for this car, and that has been the focus for audi with this next generation of ev car that theyre doing. They want to add to that range, to make the cars more usable. But you know its still necessitate some of the charging point at home. Really, if youre doing london to lead, you can now do it in one hit in one of these, which is great, but you are going to need to recharge before the return journey. But i think its a major step in the right direction as a sort of mid range everyday, family car.

I think this works really well. Um, really impressed with the layout in here plenty of space, its comfortable, its relaxing its quiet, theres plenty of storage space. In here so youre gon na get everything you need in and yeah i mean theres, not really too much default on it, really its not designed to be an outright savage performance car and it doesnt drive like one either. So if youre buying it for everyday use, you know commuting school, run shopping all that sort of business yeah. This really isnt going to disappoint youre, going to be really happy with one of these. I hope you enjoyed this video uh. If you did, please give it a like um, please consider subscribing to the channel as well. Weve already done loads on the channel and weve got loads more coming up as well. So um weve got cooper for mentor. Weve got a kia. Stinger gts weve got range. Rover sv autobiography were hoping to review pole, star 1 and lamborghini aventador, so yeah weve got loads coming up quite a range of cars as well.