4 kilowatt hour, battery its a rear wheel, drive and the range of 528 kilometers In real life that would be around 470 kilometers 229 horsepower unlimited speed of 188 kilometers an hour official time from zero to 100 in 7.3 seconds, but im going to test that Music. Hey guys. If you find our videos interesting, please do consider to subscribe to our channel. It would help us a lot, but before we go in with the review im going to show the most interesting features of this car follow me, you probably know that you can charge devices by using special accessory, but most interesting part is you can use use it To charge another electric car as well to charge another car from zero to ten percent of battery will take you approximately 10 hours. However, if your car has less than 20 battery left, you will not be able to use this feature. The digital dash and the infotainment screen has special coating on it that helps to prevent glares from direct sun. If you lower down the armrest, it has some small storage for small items. However, you can change it like this, and here you have two cup holders. This is a climate unit with touch sensitive buttons. If you press this button over here, you can switch it to shortcut buttons for your infotainment screen and the last one very unusual, reversing light. Look at this. I havent seen something like this on other cars.

Music begin with the back of the car. Look at this tail light. It goes all around and this shape over here, its a turning indicator looks very sharp and interesting over here we have new logo of kia. To be honest, i like this one, a lot more than the previous one and some nice looking elements here under. I think this car looked much cooler than hyundai ioniq 5.. Here on the side we can find swooping, roofline and roof spoiler over here 20 inch wheels. Those are available from 19 up to 21 inches very interesting, very unpractical door handles also nice black elements around the windows integrated turning signals in the in the side mirrors. Here at the front, we have a few fake vents very unusual, futuristic, looking led headlights that comes as standard on every trim, again the logo, and here we have a camera. I think this car looks very futuristic and unusual. I like this one Music. I really do like the interior as well its not most premium one. We have a few places where we can find plastic elements, for example over here, but in general, decent quality and has all the latest technology. Here we can see ambient lights but be aware again that this option comes not as standard in front of me. I have two curved screens: each 12.3 inch big with decent graphics, so you can connect apple, carplay and android auto without a wire here. If you look at here, we can find two usb ports.

One is usb a the other. One is usb c floating central console again very unusual design. We have rotating gear selector over here. A few shortcut buttons here for heating seats, ventilated seats, two cup holders, comfortable armrest, along with additional storage and over here we have wireless charging station very special, looking steering wheel with pedals and it wrapped in leather. Also, the physical buttons on the steering wheel, very easy to operate, lets talk about the seats. Those seats are very, very comfortable. Also, if you look at here, we can find additional storage and we have here 12 volt socket and we have another usb c port. We have panoramic roof here at the back. We have so much space. You can stretch out a lot more than enough knee room and headroom at the sides. We can find air vents over here and over there, for the back passengers seats has reclining function, so i can recline the seats back and forward here. At the side we can find very good location for the usb ports. Finally, they have put it on the side. On the seats its much more practical, if you need to carry three adults in the back, not a problem, we have a flat floor here, because this is an electric car, of course. So i have decent amount of head space and a lot of knee room, its not going to be a problem to carry three adults. We have electric operated tailgate, you can open it from here or you can just use your key.

We have more than enough space here at the back to be exactly. We have 520 liters or 1 300 liters with seeds, folded down. Also, you have an option to lower down the seeds from the trunk. You do it like this, but i dont know where the right one. Ah there we go so now. You have 1 300 liters, some additional storage here under Music for your cables, but we have another additional storage and its located in the front. Follow me here. We have another storage for your cables or for something else, so additional storage in the front. This ev6 shares a lot of parts with its sister company hyundai and if we compare it to hyundai ioniq 5, for example, this ev6 feels much more sharper in the corners. Let me try to overtake this car over here. There we go suspension is on the firm side, but still very comfortable decent visibility, except for the back windows, its way too small, so its almost impossible to see anything. Thank god. We have 360 camera over here. Of course we have the latest technology in terms of safety. The sitting position is more sportier than ionic 5. same acceleration reaction. When you hit gas pedal as ionic 5., its instantly, you just press acceleration, pedal and youre gone, but i guess almost every ev cars does it so, to be honest, nothing new about that thats it for today.