This year, the ev6 is kias flagship, electric model sitting above the east all and the e neuro in its electric car range, the ev6 offers up to 528 kilometers of range from a single charge, depending on which version you go for, while prices in ireland start from Around 50 000 euro, including grants it goes up against other evs like the hyundai ioniq 5, the volkswagen id4 tesla model 3 and the ford mustang machi in this video well show you inside and outside the ev6, and tell you everything you need to know. But before we start remember to check out carzone.e to find kias for sale in ireland from trusted sellers starting outside, there is a lot to talk about, and it really is a big car when you see it in person for the first time, although it shares its Platform and many components with the hyundai ioniq 5, the ev6 is very different. Looking from the outside with a sleeker and sportier design, although its hard to put the ev6 into a certain category, it could be described as a hatchback suv and it stands apart from most other electric cars in the lux department up front. It has sharp daytime running lights with dynamic indicators which looks really nice at time and theres. Also a lowly placed air intake further down on the front bumper along the side. The ev6 has a curving character line and a sloping roof design with this gloss black c pillar.

For a very distinctive look, the rear of the ev6 definitely divides opinion with this huge curving led light bar, which runs the full width of the car, a subtle roof. Spoiler and also a lowly positioned, reversing light cluster. One thing is for sure the ev6 stands out from the crowd in this yacht blue metallic colour scheme, which changes in appearance depending on the light. The entry aired model gets 19 inch alloy wheels with this higher spec gt line test car has a larger 20 inch alloy wheels and a panoramic sunroof. Unlike many of its rivals, the ev6 only gets one long range option in ireland with a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery. As standard entry earth model, with the 19 inch alloy wheels, has a claimed range of up to 528 kilometers, while the gt line spec car that you see here with the larger 20 inch wheels, has a slightly reduced range of 506 kilometers. First impressions, when you sit inside the ev6 are very good. It has a minimalist layout to the dashboard. The seats are very supportive and there is lots of space throughout the cabin. The dashboard of the ev6 is dominated by two 12.3 inch screens, one for the digital drivers display behind the steering wheel and another for the infotainment system, which leans towards the drivers seat. The large touchscreen system is very good to use with android, auto and apple carplay, built in as standard theres, also controls on the steering wheel and also voice recognition too.

The climate control can be adjusted using touch sensors or buttons on the dashboard which does take a bit of getting used to, but there are also some physical buttons for controlling the temperature. Should you need kia describes the interior as vegan in certain places, including the side vultures on the front seats which are made using recycled materials? The entry earth model gets charcoal gray, vegan leather seed upholstery as standard with this high spec gg line model. Has black suede seats with white vegan material detailing in similar fashion to the hyundai ioniq 5? The front seats can recline completely flat for when you want to take a nap while charging. The driving position is very good and its easy to get comfortable with lots of adjustment from the steering wheel and the seats. While there is lots of storage areas, including under the center console under the drivers, armrest and also the glove box, although the door bins could be a bit bigger in our opinion, elsewhere, you get two cup holders. There is a useful wireless smartphone charger as standard here. Further down you get two usbc charge points, a single usb charge point and also a 12 volt socket the overall fit and finish of the interior is very good and it feels premium throughout which you would expect. In the 50 000 euro price bracket rear seat passengers get lots of space. There is a lot of leg room back here, thanks to the flat floor layout, while the rear seats, also recline backwards and forwards for extra comfort.

Rear headroom is good, if not quite as big as what you get in some other larger electric cars, but overall the rear seats are a very comfortable place to spend time in the rear. There are two usbc charge points built into the seats. There are useful storage pockets here too, you get a comfortable armrest with two cupholders built in while theres also a useful ski hatch for reaching into the boot space. Family buyers will be glad to know that there is also two sets of isofix mounts as standard boot. Space is very good in the ev6, with 520 liters of space and no load lip for sliding larger items in and out easily. Although the boot is slightly smaller than the hyundai ioniq 5 falling short by 20 liters, it is nonetheless on par with many large electric cars like the volkswagen id4 folding. The rear seats down gives you up to 1300 liters of space, which is very substantial for carrying flat pack furniture. Although the seats dont lie down completely flat, it is nonetheless a very usable space elsewhere in the boot there is another 12 volt socket and also tie down hooks, which is useful for carrying items under the bonnet. You also get this useful 52 liter storage area for storing your charge. Cables, which is handy to have the good news, is that the ev6s, sporty styling is backed up by a pretty engaging drive and it feels more driver focused than many of its rivals in ireland.

The ev6 gets a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery and a single electric motor that sends 229 brake horsepower to the rear wheels in this gt line. Model claimed range is just over 500 kilometers, which is similar to the long range hyundai ioniq 5 and volkswagen id4. The drive selector is located on the center console close to the drivers arm, armrest, twisting it for drive and reverse. You can adjust regenerative, braking with paddles behind the steering wheel and also select driving modes with this button on the steering wheel, including eco, normal and sport, hold down the drive mode button longer and there is even a snow mode for wintry conditions with 229 brake horsepower. Going to the rear wheels, it feels swift and powerful, especially in sport mode. Acceleration is good with not to 100 kilometers an hour taking 7.3 seconds, but this is some way off what you get in a tesla model 3 or in the all wheel. Drive versions of the hyundai ioniq 5.. Most buyers will care more about range than acceleration times. However, and from our experience, the ev6 offers a realistic 400 kilometer range over varied driving routes. All models in ireland get a heat pump for extra efficiency in colder weather. Overall, the ev6 is very enjoyable to drive its quiet around town, smooth at motorway speeds, and it has enough power for overtaking with ease the steering is direct and a corners. Well, despite being a heavy car, it is smooth and refined even on bumpy roads and with the larger 20 inch wheels fitted in other markets.

Kia also offers more powerful, all wheel, drive versions of the ev6, but unfortunately they arent available in ireland, and we only get the rear wheel, drive models for now. There is even a high performance gt model due next year, which will have two electric motors four wheel, drive and 584 brake horsepower, which will get from not to 100 kilometers an hour in 3.5 seconds faster than a porsche take hand at 4.7 meters long and with A large 2.9 meter wheelbase the ev6 feels like a large car, especially in tight parking spaces with a wide turning circle. But the standard, reversing camera and sensors do alleviate this somewhat. In terms of charging, the ev6 is a star performer with 800 volt charging technology and it charges at speeds of up to 233 kilowatts, which is among the best of any ev on the market. Right now, with an ionity charger and a rapid ccs connector, of which there are only a handful of locations in ireland at the moment, the ev6 can charge from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes. That is seriously impressive, but ultimately there are still very few of these charities available in ireland. Currently, with a more common 50 kilowatt charger, it is possible to charge from 10 to 80 percent in just over an hour. Most buyers are likely to charge the ev6 at home or in work with a 7 kilowatt charger with a type 2 connector and a full charge with this would take around 10 hours overnight.

Like the hyundai ioniq 5. You can also use the ev6 to charge another electric car or to power an electric gadget or device. You can use the battery to send power of up to 3.6 kilowatts for things like charging another car charging, your lawnmower or e bike, or potentially powering a sound system when parked up at a campsite. This feature would definitely come in handy on longer road trips. Speaking of road trips, the ev6 can tow up to 1600 kilograms in weight when extra load lugging is needed. There is lots of safety tech to get accustomed to, including advanced driver assist systems which alert you to use different scenarios out on the road, but in an intuitive way. Our high specification gt line test car is fitted with blind spot view, monitors which flash up on the digital drivers display, and this is helpful for turning in areas of low visibility or watching for pedestrians and cyclists. The ev6 is available in two specifications in ireland, earth and gt line. The entry art model gets the large 77.4 kilowatt hour battery as standard, and it starts from 50 000 euro in ireland, including the sai grant. It is very well equipped as standard with 19 inch. Alloy wheels the dual 12.3 inch screens inside uvo connect premium, relaxation seats, led headlights, a heat pump and an electric tailgate claimed range for the aired model is 528 kilometers from a single charge. The higher specification gt line model, which starts from 54 345 euro, is the one that were testing here and it gets larger 20 inch.

Alloy wheels suede, vegan leather upholstery, front, ventilated, seats, blind spot view, monitors built into the drivers display ar heads up display and a panoramic sunroof with lots of other features. Kias partnership with ionity gives ev6 customers access to 400 ionity high speed charging stations across europe with five locations. Currently in ireland, including atlone gorey, cashel, kill and city north in dublin at ionity charge points. It takes just 18 minutes to charge from 10 to 80 percent and less than 4.5 minutes for a 100 kilometer range top up. All ev6 buyers get a free, 12 month kia power package subscription that offers this ionity fast charging service at just 29 cents per kilowatt hour, which is normally 79 cents per kilowatt hour. So should you buy the kia ev6? Well, if youre, looking for a premium, ev thats fun to drive, offers good practicality, excellent range and good charging times, then it should be high on your shortlist whats more. It has an impressive level of standard equipment, but you would expect that in the 50 000 euro price bracket with a price tag of 50 000 euro, it isnt exactly cheap, though especially when you consider the entry hyundai ioniq 5 starts from around 38 000 0.. It can be a large car to get around town to at times the ev6 isnt to be confused with cheaper electric models. However, this is a premium ev that stands toe to toe with the best models on the market right now, and it is likely to prove popular as a result check out carson.