With this, the new renault mcgann e tec, electric, i say – change tac because of course, up until now, renault and its sister brand nissan have always had their electric cars as standalone models that run alongside their petrol or diesel options. But here i stand next to a pure electric renault again it doesnt get much more of a bread and butter family hatchback model than this now renault is going to continue selling the current mcgann alongside this car after this goes on sale in 2022, so expect both To be on sale until about 2024, but clearly renault is changing its direction and were going to start seeing the pure electric cars in more of its mainstream models. Now the mcgann e tec, as i said, is going on sale from the end of 2022 and its going to get two different battery options, a 40 kilowatt hour and a 60 kilowatt hour, and that is going to offer a range of between 186 miles and 292 Miles before i go any further and talk about the design of this car and have a quick drive in it, dont forget to subscribe to the cargurus uk youtube channel like this video and subscribe, so that you dont miss any of our videos. Quite a striking piece of design, the new megane, some call it an suv but not renaults own design, boss, laurens vandanaka, who we spoke to on this early international launch of them again. He considers it a family hatchback with a bit of style, vim taken from various other sectors and, if thats, what he says were happy to agree.

Certainly the high waistline aggressively frowning, fascia and wide stance speaks to the fact that this was originally designed as the new megane rs, but everyone liked it so much that they decided to make it the design for the everyday megan its practical too. So the megane is based on a brand new electric platform that renault and nissan have developed together, and that means that you get a really sizable boot. I have to say there is quite a big lip up here, but the depth of this boot is really impressive. So youre gon na get a good amount of stuff in there you get your chunky, buggy and all that stuff, no problem and you get plenty of rear passenger space as well. So if i sit behind myself here, theres plenty of leg room the floor. Doesnt feel too high, actually as well, which is another thing you sometimes get with evs loads of headroom and yeah. It feels like a really comfortable place to be back here. I must say the cabin up here is very special too. The large portrait touchscreen has something of a tesla vibe to it, but it has got google maps and siri voice control built in and it also gets android auto and apple carplay charging tops out at 130 kilowatts, which will get you an 80 battery in around about 30 minutes, even in the 60 kilowatt hour again, while a full charge at a seven kilowatt home wall box will be complete in around about 10 hours.

Renault have gone to some great lengths to try and keep the weight down in this car and to make it good to drive, so they keep referring to it as the gti of this class, which i think is quite strong, isnt it uh, we wont mention that, To volkswagen – maybe, but there you go so this battery, that is in this car uh, its quite thin, its 110 mils, which is, is impressively thin by ev battery standards, uh and its also mounted very low in the car. So, in fact, the center of gravity on this car is 90 mil lower than on the combustion engine began, and that is pretty impressive. I have to say – and you know what i think it does tell – we havent had the longest of drives in this car. So far, uh we are out here in france, the roads are pretty smooth, but even just kind of going on this urban drive ransom roundabouts. This kind of thing you can feel that this car controls itself very well and its got quite a light. Turning that you maybe wouldnt expect from an ev its got quite a nice uh, its got a really nice feel to it its got a bit of vim to the handling, and that comes through even just driving it in some pretty mundane roads. To be honest, more than that, i think it shows in terms of the ride comfort, because lightness isnt, just about efficiency and making a car handle nicely its also much much easier to make a car ride.

Well, if it doesnt weigh loads. So having that sort of slightly lighter battery and having aluminium body parts, even the electric motor itself in this car is a new motor thats being developed in house and thats lighter and more efficient, and i really do think thats beginning to tell so something like 1.6 Tonnes this car, which is definitely one of the lighter cars it is front wheel, drive them again and its got 215 brake horsepower and about 300 newton meters of torque and its a bit damp today and i have to say its definitely got a few traction issues. If you do decide to try and make the most of the performance, which is not to 62 in something like seven and a half seconds uh, it does tend to lose traction a little, and maybe it does understeer a little. I think partly because actually its got its got quite fast, steering this car uh. So i think you can go into a corner and you feel the car wash wide, but i would add, it has also got quite a lot of communication. You can really feel whats going on at the front end in this car and im, not sure that you could say the same thing about a lot of other cars, including things like the e 2008, maybe even the id3 that are sort of the key rivals. For this car, we didnt have enough time in the megan e tec electric to get a really good grasp on what its real world efficiency might be, but on the middling temperatures and on a fairly fast rural route that we did, we saw 3.

3 miles per kilowatt Hour, which equates to around about 230 miles per charge in the big battery renault mcgann thats, not too bad at all. Next to its rivals. I do think that the platform that weve got here the brand new cmf ev platform that renault nissan have designed. I think the incremental gains that theyve made in that in terms of the weight saving from the battery technology that theyve now got from this lighter motor. Its all kind of small changes, small improvements, but it all adds up, and i have to say that this car does feel it does feel quite lighter foot for an eevee. I think this feels like the closest thing to perhaps kind of a performance, electric hatch that ive driven – and i really really like that about it, despite the fact that it also feels quite comfortable, very quiet, very easy to drive. I really like it. I even like the fact that the brake regen modes – you can control those on the steering wheel with the paddles and theyre very progressive. So you can step it right down to sort of one pedal driving around town or you can have a much more moderate uh. Brick regen mode, so i think renaults got it kind of spot on really. I do want to drive this a bit more and on uk roads. Before i give any kind of definitive final verdict and, of course, at cargos uk, we will make sure that we get this in the uk as soon as we can and up against one of its direct rivals to see how it really fares, because it has got Strong competition in the volkswagen id3 in the e 2008 and in all of those other sort of you know 35 000 pound family hatchbacks.

But i think when i was onto something here, i think this looks great. I think it drives really nicely. I, like the interior, all the infotainment and everything this feels like a huge step forward for the company. I think that the mcgann could have found a new lease of life. Dont forget to head to cargurus.