How much is that thing? This is the cooper born. It starts at low thirties early thirty thousand euro, including the full grant of five thousand euro from those nice people in the government and the seai. Well, the sei are all right, its the government anyway brand new car. It is essentially a volkswagen id3 in a slightly different dress, but you know what the id3 is probably going to be upset, because i just wondered: does well first of all the copper on the front and that nose its a bit more interesting than the id3. Its got little grooves here, theres no frunk under there, its just cables and washer fluid and stuff. Like that again, big nose under here cooper badge. We dont pass a couple of builders on the way up here today, and they were checking this out big time. Its on 18 inch alloy wheels theyre the standard ones, cyclone theyre called, and that will definitely help the ride quality. But if you want to upgrade, of course, you can coopra will take your money, um, roof and windscreen angle, exactly like the id3 decals over the sides. Half them plastic, half them kind of black polished, so theyre not actually transfers. I get the vibe in the id3 that they kind of are transferry. You get slightly different, color mirror housing, just the divider and the id3 from memory that feels shallower, but i dont know i really love that cooper badge um led lights on your car.

This is an 800 euro, optional extra paint color, but it really works with the grey and the copper. Youve got a 45 kilowatt hour battery 58 kilowatt hour battery and a 77 kilowatt hour battery. The higher performance one has up to 230 brake horsepower, thats more than the id3, and then your 204 brake horsepower so theres, basically a boost function that will give it an extra bit of oomph, but you know what i dont think it needs it now. It still has that cupra, rigidness and sharpness about the steering ive been impressed by that and, of course well, if you know me and any coopers ive had in this channel so far, youll know how much i love the backs of them, and this born does not Disappoint cooper strip thats their signature thing now: cooper dont ever change that please great diffuser here that looked nice against different colors, uh cooper, badge, big ass, spoiler, huge and your extra brake light here and then the boot its like an id3 boot um. There is a massive lip, a little bit of a storage area down here for some cables theres your type 2. im, not seeing it granny hello, granny, no grannys, here, um 12 volts white led light, tethering hooks its just your standard boot. You know its kind of a bit bigger than a golf or a layon parcel shelf. Is here um? This does not have an electric tailgate. I dont know if it needs it because its light, its easy to use it thats quite a small window just for reference, but you do get a camera inside two usb c charger points.

No air vents back here, no arm rest back here, decent head height back here, cut outs in the cupra kind of high shouldered seats. All this material kind of feels a bit recycly, which i suppose it should be in an ev um. The leg room is good. You can fit your legs feet and feet more more than legs under the seat: um theres pockets, here no individual pockets for devices and stuff like you might get on id3. By the way. If you want to watch my original video, the id3 or living with an id3 or any electric vehicle for that matter, ill pop the link up here and also you can watch it at the end of the video flat floor. As you get in this platform of vehicle and the plastics here, theres nice textures to them, but its still quite hard plastic in the back one thing you can really criticize but uh space wise and you know what the seats the back of the support for your Tires comes reasonably far out, some cars fall short of that and it means the back. Your legs arent quite supported in longer journeys. If you get the 77 kilowatt hour battery thats the biggest one, the most expensive, one that can do 125 kilowatt charging, the middle car can do 100 thats the 58 and the smallest battery will do the slowest charging speed 50 kilowatt charger from five to eighty percent. Takes 42 minutes the fastest option: 125 kilowatt charging biggest battery theres four minutes of the difference between the slowest charger.

Im 125 kilowatts charging, but the battery is vastly different in size, so its not actually its four minutes but like yeah its not really, four minutes. If you get me um, the 125 is good, i mean were still few and far between with charges. I honestly will charge these cars faster. Well, reach those speeds, but generally your esb ones, theyre just not there yet and we need to get faster. So your type 2 cable and your ccs go in here, and it also has an 11 kilowatt on board charger. If you go for the mid and higher spec borne so theres some good options a little bit of future proofing going on in there as we film in early 2022., come back to me. Five years later, i may not be saying the same thing on those uh charging speeds and ranges: 340 420 and just over 500 kilometers up to uh. That depends on temperature, how fast youre going but yeah you could do that um its well over 300 kilometers. As i sit here in in this car, fully charged its got 625 kilometers in the clock, so still very new. These are pre production cars as well. So actually, the way this slopes down here on the irish models of the car. This center piece will actually slope up this way and therell be a roller on it to keep everything out of prying eyes. Youll have some wireless charging down here: more storage, more usbs, the same net that you get in the id3 on the front.

Criticism assuming this isnt going to change, uh theres, no height adjustment on the armrest thats kind of disappointing its down here. What isnt disappointing is the cooper steering wheel man, i love them now: uh spoiler alert. They have put haptickie buttons like volkswagen on them. Those of you that arent sure about them, you want to get your head around us because i dont think its going anywhere. I love the screen straight out of any of the other cooper and saya products angled towards the driver. A little bit of a nice finish here. I do think that, actually you know the id3 gets awful abuse for the interior. It really does its not bad, but every so often its cousins come along and do something a bit nicer and its the same with this. Just to touch a copper, the touch of this thats all were looking for id3 thats. All we want, but yeah its its kind of nice now. What is the same, is the controller here for drive, neutral, reverse, b mode for regen braking and your handbrake all controlled by this? That is all the same as the rd3, as is the um instrument display and the finicky control switches for rear windows and stuff like that, but steering wheel god. I love the steering, wheels theyre so nice, very, very nice. The seats are comfortable good boasters on them. Obviously, nicer and leather, but nothing wrong with them. Nothing wrong at all.

Rear wheel, drive powertrain! I do like these 18 inch alloy wheels. They look a bit small in the car, but the ride comfort they give. You is quite impressive and ive generally driven the id3 on the 19th. I dont think ive driven on the 18., so thats noticeably how smooth it is now. Obviously, if you go over a pothole, a cooper setup is generally aimed at being a bit sportier with that. In mind, they have definitely left the sharpness of the steering intact, even with the weight of this car, its still there thats impressive, the regen is just a b selection on your shifter. You flick that down and you can feel resistance when you lift off the accelerator. It works away in the background. It does the job nicely, its quite a low down position um. I know people sort of like this higher up situation. Sometimes you are, you do feel quite low down in this car. Its kind of got a bit of a a go cart feel to it. Brakes are good. It bleeds off any sort of speed that you want. You want to kill off pretty easily and its brisk as well and into a corner. Okay, you do feel the weight of the car, but its all right, like so no real body roll to speak of mind you i wouldnt really expect her to be the ground up eva, so we floor it. You might get a bit of slip out of the traction because, again rear wheel drive its nicely planted, hey yeah, i mean its its funny because ive driven the fermentor, obviously even the full fat 300 brake horsepower version of it, and i do feel like obviously it Doesnt sound like it, but you dont feel like youre driving an alien car to those cars, its actually quite interesting.

The real difference between 18 inch alloy wheels. Its noticeable still have your large, a pillar like the id3 and the glass window, just right at the front of that it does afford you a bit of a view, but could potentially be. I would i dont want to call it a blind spot, but its just there. You know its like having two pillars, whereas most cars are wood and yeah the 204 brake horsepower. I mean the boost idea: thats an interesting one, its nice as well that its there, because again, if cooper is the sportier brand, it should have something else. Um power wise, i dont know. If you can pick up that noise, i mean the it might be insulated on the windscreen, but you do hear in the outside world all right and if you are going to use this car around city environments, it is quite light and do we have any car Mode settings where we can drive profile: oh, we do. Oh, hang on performance, okay, theres, even more rear wheel slip going on there. I dont want to say its a bit noisier because its more of a thing you can individually set up your settings in the car. As well, uh configuration have, we got dampers. Have we got damper so steering comfort, air conditioning because thats, one of the big things about some of the coopers is, is the damper control or the dynamic chassis control? Um, not there, okay performance.

What does range do more range 315 309 lets put the steering into performance mode now, well see what its like yeah im. Okay with that, i do like that about cooper. I have to say i mean theyre all coming from essentially the same place in terms of a car company, but they have done enough things physically to look at, maybe even just ever so slightly to drive that it actually feels like a slightly different product and thats. Probably a hard thing to do for designers and engineers, but cooper seem to they seem to have that nailed. You can of course uh all your e settings are there, so you can time your charging max it to 80 percent. If you dont want to charge it all the time, do let me know if youre driving an electric vehicle, do you charge 100 all the time? Do you just stop at 80. a lot of manuals say you should stop at 80.. What do you do? I really like this and then just when youre getting going a lollipop person stops out in front of you, but you know what im sitting beside a school and im not pumping emissions into their lungs thats kind of cool yeah. I, like the overall feel i think, theyve just got that sporty edge, feel to it whether its in my head or not. I dont think it is, i think, its its the whole package, but it lends itself to a kind of sporty drive.

So the barn is here and uh yeah. It was worth the wait kind of what i expected, but also some nice treats and additions and color and contrast and textures going on in the car biggest surprise is the starting price after grants. Um im just going to read some notes because im just getting to grips with the car, so those cyclone alloys are standard. The bucket seats 12 inch screen interior ambient lighting, which you can change. The color of is nice. Keyless go digital, cockpit is standard, rear view. Camera standard two zone, air conditioning sport, suspension, aluminium pedals as standard wireless charging, heated steering wheel, lane, assist traffic, sign recognition, adaptive cruise control and a three year service plan with a cooper. Welcome pack on this car whats, not to like electric, is getting interesting lads and this is going to really disrupt the market. I think in a good way for cooper. Thank you very much for watching. If youve got comments, suggestions, questions youd like to subscribe or youd like to patreon us uh details of all the links, including the prices when we get them the exact price of the car in the comments below.