First time with the phev lets go for a spin quiet. I heard the gas engine come on yeah. I guess it is a hybrid, after all, andrea. What are we working with here? A 1.6 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine with an electric motor, a combined 261 horsepower and 258 pound feet of torque. It gets 51 kilometers, 32 miles of ev range standard, all wheel, drive and youve got to put regular fuel in it. We have a great question coming up about pricing in questions, coffee and cars, different trims in canada in the u.s. What do you get in canada with the base model trim? The base trim in canada comes with an 8 inch touchscreen and a 4.2 inch instrument. Cluster apple carplay and android, auto a wireless charger, leatherette heated front seats, six passenger seating with captains, chairs heated, steering, wheel, smart power, liftgate 19 inch, wheels front and rear parking, sensors and blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert. So theyve gotten rid of the shifter. The regular shifter in this phev its now a dial shifter. What do we have to put it in? You got to put it in s for subscribe and if you can hit the notification bell, youll be notified when all of our reviews drop and then you can watch them. We do this a couple car review twice a week. The first one drops on wednesday. We put out another couple car review on saturday and please subscribe hit the notification bell.

You can also follow along on instagram, its motormouth underscore andrea. For me, its motor mouth underscore auto, and the links are below this. Video is brought to you by carcass canada. Get the dealers cost list of rebates, plus discounted interest rates, use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches. The link is in the description below the thing about hybrids and electric cars. They all kind of drive the same. They do very smooth quiet, cabin theres, a lot of torque from the electric motor. This thing goes up a hill no trouble at all. I really like how this drives and handles big differentiator between this and the rav4 prime, for example, that uses an ecvt or cvt. This uses a conventional six speed automatic transmission. I like, when this reverts to hybrid that conventional automatic feel, but this doesnt have as much power as the rav4 prime. The rav4 prime has a combined 302 horsepower. This has got 261 and it has a little bit more. Only one horsepower or more than the santa fe phev, i think, thats just a typo, its got to be a typo. How could it have one horsepower more? Why would they do that? I dont know weve seen it in other models as well, where theres a little bit of a difference in horsepower and even torque. So if you really want something with the ev range, the santa fe tv has less range.

If you really want all that extra power, santa fe might be for you that one horsepower more, you might notice you just might so andrea. It was almost exactly a year ago we had the sorrento gas model to drive and we both like the way it looks. Do you see much difference with this, not much of a difference? It still has its rugged. Good looks like the gas model. It has. A satin, chrome, grille and satin chrome accents throughout along with standard 19 inch wheels. It has this little kick up. Chrome piece on the back window that seems kind of out of place im, not sure exactly what theyre going with with that, but its there. It doesnt bother me just a strange kind of design choice. I, like the look of the sorrento. I think its a boxy look that people really gravitate towards, so we have the top sx trim here and they have seats that i find kind of firm, yeah me too, especially your back. It feels extremely firm. I dont find it as much where my butt is, but definitely the back all right now. It still has this faux quilted look on the dash and on the door cards i kind of like it at first, the last you remember when we had it. I thought. Well, maybe because that one had all the diamond stitching yeah this one, its a nice contrast. Well, there is hard plastic throughout and that piece is also hard plastic, but i think that its quite nice, because youve added some more details and the materials work well together.

Youve got some hard plastic youve got different textures and soft materials used throughout now it does come with a lot of standard features, one up from the base model that ex plus trim in canada, its where youll find the panoramic sunroof heated, rear seats and the 10 And a quarter inch touchscreen, you know what im loving over here: andrea, fully height adjustable passenger seat. We had the rav4 prime recently, even on that very spendy top model we had it. Didnt have height adjustable this isnt, just height adjustable its power operated well done. Kia. Now i just want to talk about one thing: there is no traditional shifter. We mentioned that in the gas review that it has a traditional shifter versus santa fe, for example, that has the push button now theyve gone to a rotary dial and the investigating were doing is its really only in this model well for this year anyway, i dont Know if the sorrento gas model next year will move to a dial, shifter whos to know, i do hope that they keep a traditional shifter in one, so that people have the option. I think that would be nice. This top trim that were test driving zach. This is where you get that 12.3 inch digital driver display. I know you dont care about them. I dont care, but you may care about drivers, seat memory and ventilated front seats. Well, not exactly, but anybody living in a hot climate wants ventilated front seats, and if you want a head up display too its all in that top trim all right speaking of seats.

Second row were gon na touch on this more in questions. Coffee and cars is only available with captains chairs in the second row, but theres quite a bit of room back there, its really comfortable and a perfectly flat floor in the second row. Moving to the third row. It is a bit tight back there. I think its good for smaller kids. The issue is, is that the floor sits up a little bit higher. So my knees are up at my chest, which isnt the most comfortable i could handle it for a short trip. Otherwise, youve got to put a child back there. Okay weve touched on that, but when you combine it with the very limited cargo space so carry on in a cooler, as you can see with the third row up its really quite small, this offers 12.6 cubic feet of space back there. Our cooler did not fit. I couldnt close the door, but what you can fit are two carry on bags and i could easily close the door on that. It is pretty tight. So look at this vehicle as a four plus two keep in mind. This sorrento phev has no direct competitors. There are no phevs that offer a third row. Of course, the outlander phev coming next year will have a third row now lets continue the discussion about the inside. With your questions time now for questions, coffee and cars, your questions from instagram i get confused on rebates as best i could see in nova scotia we get twenty five hundred dollars for it.

Provincially does that mean federally? We get that five thousand dollars as well. Not sure when they say electric in general versus phev versus all electric, it is true its very confusing, so lets just break it all down. So yes, if theres a rebate in your province like we have here in bc, good news in nova scotia, you get uh an additional amount, so the federal rebate applies to all vehicles that qualify and how do you qualify? Well, the manufacturer has to have one trim. Just one trim that starts under forty five thousand dollars thats, why youll see all phevs and electric cars start at forty, four: nine, nine five, and if you hit that number um, then you can get up to five thousand dollars in credit. But it all depends on the size of the battery. The battery has to be 15 kilowatt hour or more to qualify for the 5 000 rebate. This sorrento phev has a 13.8 kilowatt hour battery, so it only qualifies for the 2500 rebate, something like the rav4 prime has a 18.1 kilowatt hour battery and the new mitsubishi outlander thats coming out next year, has a 20 kilowatt hour battery, so both of those vehicles Get the five thousand dollar rebate on top of the money that your province is giving you so thats where it starts to stack up, so it looks like the most you could get. Probably right now in nova. Scotia is about five grand federally and provincially added together.

Thats right, my mom just bought a tucson phev and she went through this and she was also confused. She thought that that base price under 45 000 is the only trim that got the rebate thats, not the case. As long as the base trim starts at under 45 000, all trims qualify for the rebate. Are they only offering it with the captains chairs, if so, thats a hard pass with three kids, as we would like to maximize our cargo capacity in the back its tough? You know what its the same problem we ran into with the gas model of this. So if you get the gas model with the turbocharged engine, which is the one we liked, you dont get a second row with a bench seat. You have to go to these captains chairs, which turns your utility into just a six passenger, and the other thing with this. If youve got three kids to be honest with you, this is going to be tight, because the back cargo area with one of those seats or all the seats up, is really small. I do think that this is a mistake and you are not opening it up to all different sizes of families so its not that convenient its very limiting. How does the price compare to others in this class? Well, we do have a segment coming up called for your consideration where we look at the main competitors, the price, their horsepower all that yeah.

But you have some extra numbers extra super numbers. I have some extra super numbers so in the u.s, this price point, because you only get two trims – is quite high um. We have three trims, so we have that base trim its very. Why do they have that base trim andrea because they had to get the price under forty five thousand dollars? You see the game theyre playing theyre using our tax dollars to help you buy a car in the us. It is pricier that s x, trim, thats kind of like your base. Trim, which is more like our middle trim in canada, is higher than the rav4 prime. The santa fe phev, as well as the mitsubishi outlander phev and canada, is quite competitive, but wait wait for it for your consideration still to come, but right now its time for the hot topic whats this one andrea. I prefer a phev over an all electric. It makes sense for me and no range anxiety enough all electric range for daily use. How does this powertrain feel compared to the rav4 prime? Is it as peppy with a regular six speed, automatic and smaller turbo engine? Well, we kind of touched on it already andrea. It doesnt have as much power as the rav4 prime, but its very drivable in everyday situations. I mean you couldnt, hear anything there. The gas engine did come on a bit. We have it in hybrid mode, but it is so smooth and quiet, which is what we would expect from an electrified vehicle and you get the same in the rav4 prime.

This is a great compromise. It has pretty good range. We do find that we really eat up that range quickly, so you obviously have to be prepared to plug it in each time you get home, which i think people who are buying phevs are willing to do. The problem i have with this technology is every year or so theres going to be a new model with more range weve touched on it already. The outlander phev in the japanese testing cycle is 87 kilometers of eevee range. The problem is its like a smartphone upgrade. Do you buy the current phone, or do you wait six months to get the new latest model its the same thing with this? Do you buy this one, or do you wait to get that outlander then the outlander comes out, then the rav4 gets more range like youre kind of stuck in this in this wheel, then youve got to ask the question: what is the resale value going to be On these types of vehicles, with lower range, i mean we dont have the answers to it, but definitely its a conversation to have, and i wonder how this is all going to play out, for example, that outlander we talked about the current one gets 38 kilometers of Range, the new ones going to get double that so whats that going to do to the value of the current one. Is anybody going to want that one i dont know plus its a seven seater and that ones a five seater? So i wonder yeah when we look at the price of a gas model of this sorrento versus this phev top trim to top trim.

There is an 8 000 difference, but with all of the rebates for us, for example, in british columbia and then the federal rebate. We can bring it down to about 50 000. Have we touched on it already? What else can you buy in the phev game for your consideration? Four vehicles for you to consider up. First is the mitsubishi outlander phev. It has a 2.5 liter four cylinder engine with an electric motor, a combined 221 horsepower and ‘ kilometers 24 miles of ev range. It has a starting price of just over forty four thousand dollars. There is a new outlander phev coming out next year with more range. The unofficial range is up to 87 kilometers next is the toyota rav4 prime, with a two and a half liter four cylinder engine and an electric motor, a combined 302 horsepower, but with 68 kilometers or 42 miles of ev range, it starts at just under 45 000. The hyundai santa fe phev, with a 1.6 liter turbocharged four cylinder and an electric motor, a combined horsepower and 50 kilometers 30 miles of ev range. It has a starting price of just over 47 thousand dollars. The hyundai tucson phev, with a 1.6 liter turbocharged four cylinder with an electric motor, a combined 261 horsepower and 53 kilometers or 33 miles of ev range, a starting price of 43 and a half thousand dollars. So there are four plug in hybrids for you to consider all right lets get into the range, the cost, the price, the warranty, vital stats lets start with pricing.

The ex base model trim starts at just under forty five thousand dollars, and the top sx trim is just under fifty five thousand dollars. Jd power has not rated the kia sorrento phev yet, but the gas model gets an overall score of 81 out of 100 and a quality and reliability score of 77 out of 100. car edge states. The kia sorrento will retain 45 percent of its value after five years with a 240 volt outlet. Your charging time on this sorrento is 3.4 hours. This pa gv has a combined city and highway rating of 2.9 liters, equivalent per hundred kilometers thats 70 miles per gallon. Equivalent with the battery depleted, it gets 6.4 liters per hundred kilometers in the city and seven liters on the highway thats 35 miles per gallon city 33 miles per gallon highway. Towing capacity is 2 000 pounds. The warranty is 5 years, 100, 000 kilometers or 60 000 miles lightning round. Two things we like two things we like to see improved. I love the technology in here and the ease of use. I like the fact that hyundai and kia are bringing so many of these new technology vehicles to market. I wish there was an option of having a bench seat in the second row, so you could have a seven passenger vehicle and they cant really change anything about it, but the cargo space behind the third row smooth and quiet this sorrento phev – is a real winner.

In my box, what im most impressed with is the pressure that hyundai and kia are putting on the competition its good for everyone. This video is brought to you by carcass canada. Get the dealers cost list of rebates, plus discounted interest rates, use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches.