Going to take you out for a bit of a drive. Talk to you about the car and lets see what its all about all right so were in the cupraborn. I feel quite privileged actually to have a go in this, because uk cars are not coming until i think its like early 2022.. So, whilst im actually here for the extreme e as a guest of cooper, they had one of these balls lying around. I was like hey. I need to have a go. One of these so yeah lets first talk about what this car is to look at, because for me this is a really really good. Looking car, i really like it. I think what cooper do very very well is that bronze and blue combo. I think it just works, i think its brilliant and, as you can see, with the cooper born youve got kind of the bronze wheels. Youve got the bronze cooper badges and it just contrasts so nicely against the blue and that kind of follows suit. With the interior and bearing in mind that one of these thats going to start from around about 31 000 pounds at 31.5, i mean i dont, know the final uk pricing but thats what they were kind of initially positioned at. I think it feels quite premium in here. You know theres a lot of alcantara in here. Youve got kind of leather feeling here the materials dont feel cheap, which i think is just a great thing now in terms of the drive lets, see performance, its got reasonable punch.

So there are three stages of cupraborn that you can opt for: uh different battery sizes. I think you get a 45 kilowatt hour battery, which equates to about 145 brake horsepower in the car. The one im in right now is the mid range one, which is a 58 kilowatt hour battery. I believe um and then the top of the range born is a 77 kilowatt battery which equates to around about 250 brake horsepower. Now, when you throw in range, it differs again depending on the battery you go for the lower end of the battery scale will get you a range of 200 miles, whereas the top of the range 77 kilowatt hour battery will get you closer to 330 miles, which Is really good going? If you ask me now, in terms of the comfort like i said, this thing is on 20 inch wheels, so youd expect it to be quite harsh in its ride, but actually i am flowing over these undulations and flowing over these little bumps. In the road – and it feels really nicely set up – you know in terms of kind of throwing it around, it doesnt feel to be much body roll im going to attack a couple of corners in a second now as well, but as you can see, i feel That this is actually a really good little platform. The other great thing with obviously evs in general and this born is no different – is that youve got a kind of center mounted battery, so you have a much better center of gravity.

Right lets. Do a little quick acceleration test from zero ive got no one behind me, so we can see what this feels like in terms of punch off. We go its pretty nippy a little bit slow to get off the mark, if im being completely honest, but its 200 horsepower. So youve got to take that into account, but once it gets moving once it stretches its legs a bit, it does have some good kind of mid range punch, really instant power. Is there and youd expect that from all evs, because you dont have to worry about being in the right part of the power band, as you can hear there cooper, unfortunately, for me still have this horrible lane assist, i really dislike it. Lane assist for me is one of the first things that you should turn off, although this is all set in italian right now, because im based in italy – and i dont – really know where that is, but the lane the lane assist, is really intrusive in terms of Its handling its it feels really nice im, not gon na lie and, as i said, 20 inch wheels it. It really takes all of these bumps in its stride, its a super comfy ride. What about brakes lets have a look brakes. Brakes are a bit average. The brake pedal is really soft, actually thats a really soft pedal, oh wow yeah, so you really have to put the anchors down on the brake pedal, but once you get used to it its fine, what about interior comfort? Well, you know what im sitting here right now, but ive got a really nice kind of little center display here its actually quite you know its its, not massive, if im honest with probably about the size of my iphone screen, but it gives me all the information That i need its not you, know an overload of kind of data, but then ive got this huge.

What looks like a 14 inch, maybe 14 inch tft screen with everything on there and actually, once you get used to this screen, im sure its really really good. But for me, if youve got an iphone or an android youre, just going to learn apple carplay, which this does have as standard the interior premium kind of keeps going. As i said, all these kind of materials feel great youve got plenty of storage space in here we do get wireless charging in here and a load, more storage space there too, overall, as a utility vehicle as a kind of nippy punchy. Little thing that you want to take on a daily commute: you cant go wrong loads of boot. Space rear seat is a rear seat. Space is very good. The height for someone in the back of the car is also really good. So as a whole. I think this is a great little thing. The funny thing as well is the more i drive evs the more im getting used to them and i think, as time goes on, the charging network will just get better. It will have to get better otherwise its going to be horrendous because therell be more evs and actual charging networks, but i think that as far as evs go so far, i think from a looks perspective and just as an overall package. I really do like this cooper born. I i i think, like i said, i think it looks better than the id3.

I think its got some really nice lines to it. That, coupled with the styling, the cupra styling, just makes this a really pleasant car to drive. I mean im enjoying every moment of this and, like i said, handling i quite enjoy, i think its got yeah its got good balance to it as well. Look this isnt going to be a super car, its no audi, rs e, tron, dgt or a tesla model s uh performance, however ill tell you what that brake pedal is actually quite bad. Thats. Probably one of the downsides, i think, of this car is the brake pedal. You really have to put your foot down, which is a shame, because the rest of the car actually feels quite nice to drive the seating position as a driver. Again, these seats are extremely comfortable ill, happily do as many miles as i can before. My battery runs out in this super comfy can probably do long distance in this, but im not necessarily sure evs are positioned for long distances yet because, whilst this might have a book value of you know the higher battery 300 odd kilometers. Oh sorry, 300 miles of range. I think that will deplete relatively quickly if youre pressing on a little bit but yeah look. What are my final thoughts on the kubra board. I havent got much time with it, so this is a bit of a speed review. So do bear with me guys, but in terms of my overall initial impressions of this thing, i really like it.

I genuinely really like it. In fact what i like the most of it is the way you can throw this around a corner. It just feels so nice, it it wallows along the corners. The comfort levels are great. It has good balance to it. The brakes are not great, if im honest with you, but the party piece for me is just the way. This thing looks. It looks beautiful, absolutely beautiful, but anyway guys, i hope, youve enjoyed this video on the cooper born.