Now, if you live in michigan like me, this is not a car that youve probably ever seen because it is not sold in michigan. This is a car thats, only sold in 12 states right now. The states that are sort of regulating more electric car sort things i dont know all of the details on why that is but anyways you cant actually get one of these in michigan, so were actually kind of fortunate to be driving it today, not a lot of Michigan people get to experience this car, so how cool is that hyundai is calling this an suv and the the kona itself has actually been out for quite some time now in an internal combustion engine form and now, of course, we have the kona n coming out As well so theres a lot of different configurations, you can get with this car hyundai calls it an suv, but really is it. I mean it. Doesnt really look like an suv to me. It doesnt really sit very high up. The cladding is body color, so that makes it just kind of look like a normal hatchback and hyundai does compare this to the nissan leaf: mini cooper, electric and the chevy bolts, none of which claim to be suvs. So anyways, you know thats just kind of uh kind of the vibe with this car decent amount of boot space here weve got a little cargo net with some styrofoam trays and then weve got all of our charging cables and stuff.

Underneath here, in a nice little case, put that back there no power assist for the hatch, but its a pretty light hatch, so no problem there. I apologize for the wind today, its quite windy out back seat space um. My knees are kind of in my chest. This is adjusted for my driving position: im five foot eleven and uh. I dont really have much room back here, if im being honest, but nevertheless the overall quality of the interior is not too bad, and i would actually have more room back here if there was just a shorter person driving but thats really no excuse for this, but Yeah im im pretty limited on rear leg room here. As far as amenities back here weve got some cup holders. Weve got a usb port right here, but thats about it. Weve got some cubbies yeah ive got weve got leather seats in here, weve got uh some other materials that are not really the nicest well well get more into that once were up front, so lets skip to the drivers seat here. So i can have some leg room back Music all right. So once were up front, we can see that we do at least have a leather wrapped steering wheel, but that sort of goes along with our leather seats. Here the dashboard thats, where it starts to get a little bit questionable um the materials are really just not the best, and this is a 45 000 car, so youve got to think uh.

Is this really acceptable, for you know that amount of money um where, if you think about other cars in this price range that um just have overall nicer materials on the inside, i dont hate the layout of the interior. I think everythings nice, i like the screen here lets, go ahead and turn the car on get our nice little hyundai greeting i like cars that play a little song when you start them up. I like the screen. We do have wireless apple carplay standard. I do have my phone plugged in in here, though shifters down here with the parking brake drive modes, heated seat, controls, climate control panel is right here, though, when you do mess with the climate control, it does come up on the screen, though i like that we Do have some physical controls here to control the climate control and though the materials arent really the best. It is still a very light and airy open feeling. Cabin weve got a good amount of headroom. Weve got a light, colored headliner, not the biggest fan, but it helps everything feel a little bit more breath of fresh air in here seats. I have some cool little blue stitching here on the seats and then this nice perforation through the middle, because of course we have cooled seats in this car, so pretty cool stuff. Other than that, though, this interior is pretty simple. Weve got a harman kardon sound system. In here stay tuned, if you want a more in depth, look at the harman kardon system, because charlie will be doing a full in depth.

Review of that, as well as a range test and a comparison to his tesla model y. So lots of good content coming on the kona so make sure to stay tuned for all of that, all right. Well with all of that. Out of the way lets go ahead and take this thing out on the road, because thats, where it really shines, is in the driving experience. Theres our little push button shifter here you can hear the car makes a noise im actually gon na im. Gon na show you what noise it makes in reverse too and crack the window here, so you can hear it Music. I hope you can hear that its actually quite a pleasant sound. Of course we have our reversing camera here as well. That turns with the steering wheel, so thats, pretty cool. All right lets go back into drive here. Speaking of noises, the car does make a constant noise. While you drive, i think its just to kind of warn civilians, so you dont run them over its. Not a super noticeable sound, especially if youve got the radio on, i really dont, see it being irritating or even for the driver, like i said, i think its really just a warn of your presence, so this kona ev has 201 horsepower and 291 foot pounds of Torque and it weighs about 3 800 pounds, so its a pretty quick car. You have to remember with electric cars you have that 201 horsepower and that 291 foot pounds of torque instantaneously and all the time.

So, though, those dont really sound like big numbers, especially for this, so called suv. This thing feels properly quick and thats. What i love about electric cars is, you can get so much out of so little, and i love that about the nissan leaf. It was a hoot to drive, and this car is the exact same, although i think this has even less grip than the nissan leaf. This car has no grip at all, so were gon na pull out of here. Ive got traction on keep that in mind. Okay and theres 55 – i mean this thing really gets up and goes it really really struggles for traction on these little eco tires and its just hopeless. If you turn traction off and well turn that off, for when we go around the next corner, this things an absolute riot. I love electric cars that are front wheel, drive because with your instant power and instant torque theyre, just so much fun, they remind me a lot of hot hatchbacks that just like dont have any grip. Okay, so this is with traction off Music. I guess it. Didnt spin that bad its just so much fun. It gives these cars some character, which is what i feel like. A lot of people were so afraid of with electric cars that we were gon na lose all of our driving fun. But we do have quite a bit of fun similar in this car to the mazda mx 30.

The paddle shifters are used for our regen braking Music. Okay lets turn traction back on, so the left paddle is used. If you want more regenerate, i always struggle with that word. I should really just say: regen. The left pedal is used if you want more regen braking and the right paddle is used. If you want less – and you can see, thats displayed on the right hand side of our digital cluster here so as you can see as i let off ive got no regen one regen two regen three regents, and actually, if youre coming to a complete stop, you Can hold the left paddle and it will bring the car to a complete stop within reason. You know you cant just hold it. I guess maybe it would bring me to a stop from speed, but ive only used it when sort of coasting to a stop, because if you dont hold the paddle, the car will not come to a complete, stop yeah quite a bit of noise from these tires. But its all part of the fun that was the whole fun factor of the first generation uh toyota, 86 cyanfors subaru brz – is they had no grip, so they were fun to just kind of sling around same case with the electric kona. Here i was really not expecting this car to be as fun as it is. I was expecting a little bit of fun just coming from you know the nissan leaf and seeing as this is a similar car, but this is quite a bit of fun.

Its very playful and its its quite nimble as well. You can really really toss it into corners and it doesnt mind at all. As far as ride goes thats good as well, really really smooth ride, actually thats, where i dont really quite get why they call this an suv, i think its, so they can sell more because people read suv and theyre like oh, yes, that is exactly what i Want, even though this car could totally pass for just a hatchback, because it doesnt really appear to be an suv, it doesnt drive like an suv. I think our sort of elevated roof line might be kind of what sells it as an suv, but i honestly think ford could have said to all of their customers. Yes, the focus is an suv. The focus, hatchback thats, an suv and people would have just continued to buy it and they wouldnt have had to make the echo sport um, which is an abomination but anyways enough of my rant. This. This car is actually quite good to drive and if it is indeed an suv um, it is one of the more fun ones that i have driven its just we dont have so one thing i have noticed is we dont have quite as much torque steer as You got in the nissan leaf, i dont know if thats, due to like sort of the differential tuning or whatever theyve done with this car, but the nissan leaf had tons of torques.

Here this cars got a little bit of torque steer, were definitely not immune from the torque steer in this car, but its not quite as severe as the leaf now merging on to the highway. Here i dont suspect well be able to take this at speeds really above 55, with how crappy these tires are well, not crappy, and you know their eco ways, because that is of course, their intended purpose is to be eco, but theyre not set up for handling. Were going to let these people get a little bit of a lead here, so we can um see what this thing will actually do. Im going to guess, 55., i can feel traction control cutting in there. Oh thats a lot. Oh, were understeering there we go 50. 54 is the limit yeah, okay? Well, there we go. I was pretty close with my prediction: there 55 was the limit. That was a little bit frightening actually, but i think that this car, i really cannot wait to drive the kona and charlie, has driven that. If you want to see a quick little sneak, peek a little first drive on the kona and charlie has done that so be sure to check that out. If youre curious, i cant wait to drive that car being that this is a hyundai. We do, of course, have our steering assist as well as our radar guided cruise control and being that its a hyundai. It works better than pretty much any other system.

There we go and it will steer for me. Mondays, usually can go a little while without yelling at you as well see how long itll, let me go. Music still has not yelled at me. All right, well, im gon na have to take over now because were turning right, all right. Well, it didnt yell at me that whole time that is excellent, go ahead and turn this off here got our maximum regen on its so funny how you can hole shot this thing out of corners at like 30 miles an hour and it still manages to spin The wheels its hilarious steering feel overall is also very good. I feel yeah its the the car is very predictable in what you want it to do. All right lets see if i can make this stop with just the paddle here im going to demonstrate yes, okay, so this is me holding the left paddle and, as you can see, itll bring you to a complete stop and then sometimes, if youre, on an incline. Itll do this thing where it rolls back like a manual car but then itll catch itself and itll itll apply the brakes, but kind of scared me the first time it did that. So i guess now is probably a good time to discuss price the base. Kona ev limited, which is what this car is with leather and everything, starts at about 42 000, and i think that this one is standard, but just with sort of shipping and destination and everything this car comes out to be just about 44.

. I know i said 45 earlier i was i was wrong, its 44. and in fact its a hair under 44, its like 43.9, but you have to keep in mind that you get the 7 500 tax credit. So if you take that into consideration, youre quite a bit under 30 000, in fact youre right around 37 grand or less like 36.5 – and this car has a 260 mile range. So if youre, comparing it to other cars, it does fit in right about there. The mustang machi is right around 260 as well, and so are quite a bit of cars. That are, i mean, really just evs, theyre, all kind of around the 250 to 300 mile range, so this fits into there. Just fine youve just got to think do i want to spend 36 000 on a car with really no rear leg room and they call this an suv, its really not its a hatchback. So the range is great, the simplicity of having an ev, i mean, depending on your lifestyle. I mean you know if an eevee is for you or not, if youre someone that does a lot of driving its definitely not going to be for you, but this car is quite a bit of fun. I think just in its normal form. It would not be this fun to drive. I think if it were me, it would be this or the end, and i havent driven the n yet so im excited to drive that i think its cool.

How many different forms you can get this car in though it is a shame, you can only buy it in 12 states and michigan is not one of those states, so you cant actually buy this car here, which is a bummer, and it would be a hassle To like go somewhere else and and purchase it, but if youre that committed to the eevee lifestyle, then i guess you could do it. Sometimes i find myself not having enough time on this test shirt. I didnt even show off the drive modes, this ones a little bit silly. This is sport mode. It just gives you a little bit quicker, throttle response and it defaults you to the maximum region setting. I dont really like the look of the gauges in sport mode, which kind of deters me from using it. I like having sport mode, but i dont like looking at silly carbon fiber gauges. I dont really think they fit the vibe of this car, though that is just the style across the board with hyundai, you always get. Those eco mode looks actually its the most visually pleasing. As funny as that is i like the how the gauges look in eco mode and then normal mode is just kind of our white face gauges there, that we have in all of our normal hyundais, all right and as far as the infotainment goes, its normal hyundai, Which means its good hello, i guess you cant adjust that, while youre braking yeah, this is all just standard hyundai if youre familiar with hyundais infotainment, its pretty good uh hyundais infotainment is nice in the way that it just reacts very quickly, everythings sort of where youd Assume it would be – and you have this cool home screen here too thats, just like kind of a nice chill background with your map on the right.

These look awesome if youve ever been inside of a genesis. I love the genesis sort of chill screen its very very nice, easily get back to our apple carplay there and you can turn those beeps off too. If you dont, like the beeps Music, all right. Well, i think thats going to conclude our drive today of the kona ev, quite a surprisingly fun car, to drive its crazy. How so many of us, myself included, had such a negative outlook on electric cars. You know three four five years ago, when sort of all the hype was spawning for electric cars and tesla was making their appearances and the nissan leaf, and whatever else was happening. I just i hated the idea of electric cars and now that ive gotten behind the wheel of a good amount of them, theyre quite a bit of fun. Of course, theyre not as fun. As you know, your focus rs, civic type, r type of hot hatchback, but theyre their own type of fun and im glad that theyre still quite a bit of fun to drive so lets. Take one more look around this thing i did want to show you guys. The charging port, because its in a little bit of an odd location over here on the front of the car its here and then youve, got to remove this as well. To do your charging, you cant just say open butthole like a tesla and expect that to open for you but yeah the kona ev! Well, thanks everyone! So much for watching! I had quite a bit of fun driving this thing today, make sure to stay tuned for charlies other videos on this car.

If you want to know more info on this kona ev, if you live in a state where you can actually purchase the car all right. Well again, thanks so much for watching and as always, this has been christopher brower with daily motor.