This is the corner: electric Music. The world is going electric and in five to ten years, well be driving cars with electric motors. No more internal combustion engines and that will be the new norm. Hyundai has been working with electric cars since the 1990s. In fact, as early as in 1991, hyundai already had an electric car based on the sonata a few years ago. Hyundai introduced the ioniq here, and that was a hybrid, but at the same time hyundai also offered elsewhere in the world a plug in hybrid and a fully electric version of the ioniq. But of course we never saw them here. This means that hyundai is in the forefront of the development of electric cars and pretty soon that will be followed by the ioniq 5, which is going to be something really special, the kona electric. In fact, this particular car came in here in 2018, in conjunction with the kl international motor show and after the show it stayed here for data gathering and testing, and today we are very, very fortunate to be able to take a closer look at this one. We do know that hyundai will launch the new kona electric very soon, but we asked for this vehicle because we wanted to know what its like to drive and maintain this vehicle. Especially me with my range anxiety. An electric car is not like a normal car with an engine where you can just go into a petrol station and pump out when you run out of gas or like a hybrid, where, if you run out of battery, your engine still runs the car.

So, with an electric car, if you run out of juice, youll be just left there. High and dry, an electric car usually has a few major components and the battery is usually put underneath the floorboard in order to keep the center of gravity low and also to maximize the use of spacer. And in the front where there is an engine. In a normal car, they would have an electric motor that basically drives the car through electricity and a control system that distributes the energy to where its required, and the last thing they will have is a cooling system very similar to to the normal car. But this cooling system is to basically cool the batteries alright, before we go for a drive, lets, take a quick look at the car and some of its features well, starting from the front, and of course you know that this is built based on the corner itself, But the front is slightly different because i think electric cars require less cooling. So therefore, this is a more closed front and of course there is one extra feature which is the lid for charging the battery so thats in the front. And, of course the headlights are the same, these are the led headlights and they are the two level. So at the bottom you have the under bumper and theres a little bit of gap here for some cooling to get to the radiator. So apparently, this looks like thats all the cooling it needs for this car, so bearing in mind that cooling system for the car is mostly for the battery only in terms of size, this is a b segment suv with a length of 4180 mm, a width of 1, 8 0.

0 mm a height of 1, 5, 7, 0 mm and of course, the wheel base is what matters is 2 600 mm. So you have the traditional gray cladding. That signifies its suv and, of course, this blue drive that actually denotes that its an electric car, so the hyundai electric system is called the blue drive system, and here is the front suspension and the tires are 17 inch and this yes, its a back person strut And inside there you have ventilated disc brakes now. One thing i noticed about electric cars is that they actually have very little space in between the rims. I dont know why, but i think, maybe its just to cover up the regenerative braking system which actually helps to charge the batteries as you lift off or when you step on the brakes now moving along the sides. If you look underneath the car, you will see that this is actually where the batteries are so for cars that are built on parallel models. That means a normal engine model, together with electric motor for electric model. They put the batteries underneath the car to maximize the use of space inside now for the ioniq 5, which is coming its a purpose built electric car, so the i think the bottom of the frame will have a recess in it for batteries like what porsche does With that icon, okay, so this is the battery section and moving to the back, you also have yes, i see uh, solid, disc and, of course, the same type of rims and i see a shock absorber there.

But lets have a look at the suspension Music. Ah, its different okay, so instead of the torsion beam, this one has got a multi link arrangement for the rear suspension. So from the back, you have the double level rear lights and, of course, remembering that this is the 2018 version. We dont know what the new corner electro is going to look like, but it will be a lot more like what the current model is, so it will be slightly different from this. Okay lets have a look inside yeah inside here. It is like the other corners, except that you have this cable, and this is the cable you use for the ac charger. This is what takes about eight to nine hours, to charge up your car and inside here. There is no spare tire but theres your tool. Kit and also theres another yes spare tire, but you can pump up your air with this and theres a tire repackage. This is what fills your tire with some glue or sealant and theres. Another cable here lets take a quick look, and this is the emergency charger that you fit to your 13 amp plug. Now this will take about 11 to 12 hours because uh they want to keep your house wiring safe by not loading it too much, so they actually restrict the amount of current that this thing can carry. So this is your emergency charging kit, and this is what i will use to charge when i park in my house, because this car is on loan and i dont have that ac charger fitted on my in my house.

Of course, i can go to hyundai and plug it in to the ac charger using this so thats the boot and, of course the rear seats will split like okay, the key sorry, okay, so the rear seat will split Music like normal and it falls flat like This so its a 60 40 split, okay, so uh built in the normal way that people build cars. Hyundai has got this gap underneath the seat. So you can put your shoes. You know your feet with your shoes inside. That gives you a little bit more space and the seat is actually quite slanted back, so you can be more relaxed and me room is about five five and a half inches between me and the back of the front seat, so my height is 164 centimeters. So therefore, maybe a guy 180 centimeters can sit in here, just barely if youre any taller than that. Maybe you want to sit in the front now, sitting is actually for tree at the back. There are three headrests, but i think in the center you can only put a very small size person because actually they meant for you to have this uh little center partition and you can put your drinks here so for longer distance driving. I would say that you can take about four people that would be about right, okay, so the floor here is quite flat: theres a small little hump here and it looks like the electric uh part of the corner has not beaten into the space.

Maybe they raised the floor a little bit, but they have done it quite well, so there is not much intrusion into the cabin space now. On top of that lets see, i have no idea how many airbags there are. Yes, i can see one two three four. So there are four airbags that i can see there could be more, but it doesnt really matter because well check out the new one when it comes. Okay lets take a look at the inside of the kona ev and where is different from a normal car. So the first thing i noticed about it is of course there is no gear lever. There are only these four buttons you have your p or which is park which we are in now. Then you have a d for drive, r for reverse and n for neutral. So we got to get used to this im so used to having a gear shift lever and now theres no gear shift lever. You can also see the remaining range or your battery condition from readout on your instrument panel. So on the right here it shows how much battery you have left and how far you have traveled, how much power you are consuming and, of course, theres a speedometer. This is the information screen and also the infotainment screen on the corner ev. But the most important button here is the eevee button to press it, and this actually shows you that you have 97 battery left so thats a very important piece of information, and you can actually go into further detail press this button and it tells you you have 458 kilometers of range, the corner electric, has got a set of pedal shifters, but theyre a little bit different from a normal pedal shifter, because these are actually meant just to determine or set the rate of charging.

And there are three levels: one two three sooner or later well all be looking at electric cars. So what are the concerns that we should have so what we will do is we will use this kona electric to check out some of those concerns. I think the most important thing we need to look at is the range when we are buying the car. That is how far it will go. Maybe what we really want is a nuclear powered car. You know like those nuclear powered submarines that are the subject of controversy right now they can go forever without refueling, so the range that you require will actually depend on your needs. So if you are a person who just drives 20 kilometers to work in the morning and 20 kilometers back in the evening, so maybe you need a car that has a full range of only 60 kilometers. But what about weekends or during the weekdays? Do you need to go out at night, maybe for a drink or to go to the supermarket? So how much range do you really need 200, kilometers, 300, kilometers, 400 kilometers and also is the range reel. Therefore, we must test the range of this corner and besides, we also hear that electric cars are very powerful. So therefore, a power test is also a must law ready. Go Applause were smoking the time okay. Well, we will put a clock against this uh. We start from zero and we ended up a little bit over a hundred, but we were spinning and the tires were smoking.

Okay, so we know that the talk is really great. Music. The corner ev comes with a 3 pin charging cable as standard, but you can buy the optional cable to plug it in to external charges. The charging port is found under a little cover at the front of the corner and dont worry. It cannot be removed if the car is locked Music.