According to the latest internal report, after the very successful launching of kia ev6, the korean companys very first dedicated ev, based on the advanced egmp electric vehicle platform, kia is now unveiling the concept for the second dedicated ev model called the ev9 kias. First, large suv will be developed alongside the sibling, hyundai large, electric suv likely to be called ionic, 7 or 9, and will be based on the same dedicated ev platform as the ev6 crossover, which boasts 800 volts architecture, thats capable of charging the vehicle in 18 minutes 20 to 80, or gain 100 kilometers or 62 miles in just five minutes. Unlike the ev6 that took on more of a crossover, shape and functionalities, the larger ev9 will be a traditional suv with an upright body style. It will also be a three row model with a six or seven passenger seating arrangement. Much like the ice telluride suv, however, from the concept unveiling. The bold and distinctive styling of the ev9 seems more like a progression of kias other flagship, suv, mojave or also known as borrego before it was discontinued in 2019. In the us, aside from the striking design, there wasnt much information divulged on the ev9 concept unveiling, but kia promises more information next week on november 17th, when the vehicle will be shown at la motor show, the estimated starting price is 65 000 and would come in A variety of power electric system options, including a 320 horsepower all wheel, drive setup derived from the ev6 long range model expected to be powered by a 100 kilowatt hours, lithium ion battery, which would be good for a range of 300 miles or 482 kilometer.

The anticipated release date will be in 2023, after viewing the following official unveiling check out our feature presentation to find out more about the kia ev9 Music. It all started from nature through natures inspiration. We discover new and creative solutions to innovate. The way we move – Music, plastic waste and discarded fishing nets that threaten our oceans are upcycled and reborn with a new purpose and with the serenity of nature. The kia concept dv9 comes to life. Now, what weve learned from nature takes us back to where it all started for a more sustainable future innovation inspired by nature, the kia concept ev9 Music? Again, we acknowledge that we are part of the problem and we take our responsibilities seriously. That is why we design with the future in mind the concept ev9 represents our vision, its a preview of the second model in our dedicated ev lineup and the first all electric suv, following in the footsteps of the kia ev6. But there is much more behind our latest concept vehicle. Creating a purposely designed electric suv is simply not enough. We want to make a product that not only takes you to your destination but creates meaningful human experiences. They are meant to enable you to feel an emotional connection to our products and our brand and maybe even to nature. We believe our collective efforts must have a positive impact on the world. The concept ev9 serves as a clear sign of kias commitment to sustainable mobility.

In the future, the world presents us with a multi, dimensional and rich balance of opposite and often contrasting concepts. This idea is reflected in our design, identity, opposites. United. As for the concept ev9, we believe the tension that lies in the contrasts between nature and machine can actually lead us to a better and more sustainable way forward. The concept ev9 is inspired by what we call bold for nature, for kia. Nature is where we start. We are not superficially copying nature, but learning from it. We embrace all that nature has to offer and try to understand the laws of how it works. We aim to apply what we learn in all the materials we use and the ways we use them. Therefore, our mission is to provide the most rewarding experiences to our customers from the first to the very last step of our customer journey. Discarded materials such as ocean waste pose serious threats to marine life, but we know they can be turned into purposeful and sustainable materials. We want to not just simply recycle what we find in our oceans, but rather upcycle and transform such waste into tactile fabrics. Since we look to water for inspiration, we use recycled fishnets for the flooring, while the seats and fabric were made from recycled plastic bottles and wool. Fiber remaining true to our commitment to sustainability. We chose vegan leather for the interior to reduce animal skin processing and create a smaller carbon footprint.

As a matter of fact, we at kia intend to completely phase out the use of leathers in our vehicles, as you can see, beginning with the concept ev9, we are trying to live up to our responsibilities. I welcome you to come along as we embark on our journey towards sustainable mobility, so please join us next week at the la auto show to learn more about the concept ev9, as well as experience it in person from all of us at kia. Thank you. We hope you enjoyed the presentation. As for the end of the video question, how did you find the design of the concept ev9? Would you say that it was the most striking kia ever please vote and share your views by clicking on the link in the comment section below thanks for watching auto vision, your best source for the fastest korean car news and rumors dont forget to comment like subscribe And click on the notification bell also dont, forget to join our forum and share your passion for korean cars. At See you next time with the latest korean car news, been fighting everything you say: ive been trying to go the other way, but i cant seem to get you out of my head out of my head.