It is mobility. It seems that everything is about mobility. These days, every car show this year has been renamed to be a mobility show, and it just annoys me a little bit cant we talk about cars and motorbikes and scooters anymore. Everything has to be a mobility solution anyway, this is the siat mo technically. I guess this is an e mobility solution, because its an electric scooter badged up as a seahawk. You know the spanish company that makes cars its part of the volkswagen group. This is a smidge under five grand its an electric scooter for urbanites lets. Go for a ride and see if its any good Music. Yes, this is it and all its orangey ready glory. This is technically the say, mo e scooter, one two five and its called one: two five, because its said to give comparable performance to a one. Two five cc scooter, of which there are millions and millions in the world, so we can make an electric version of all those, its probably a good thing for planet earth isnt it. So, yes, four thousand nine hundred ninety six pounds on the road. After the uk governments, electric vehicle grant – or you can pay 95 pounds a month for four years, but then you actually own it thats higher purchase, not pcp. This party piece really is a removable battery which well get onto in a bit uh. You can do 59 miles an hour flat out and its got an electric range of 85 miles in eco mode, but realistically kind of more like 50 or, if you absolutely spank it kind of closer to 40.

youre going to be able to buy these through 24 Sail dealers here in the uk – and it is just designed for urban life and to give scooter riders and owners of which there are so many an electric option, lets talk about some of the technical bits. It comes in red, it comes in white and it comes in aluminium, which is kind of gray. Youve got these drls here around the headlight and its got integrated indicators as well. Its got a side stand down here and its got standard and its incredibly easy to get up onto those. It is a bit hefty for a scooter, its 152 kilos, 40 kilos of which is that removable battery, but actually, when youre on it, when youre riding it. As well find out that weight does sort of disappear should also show you, because its a scooter, you can pop the seat up and theres a whopping, great storage space under here for two full face helmets and yeah, and the charging cable. Now, in terms of the battery and the electronics on this bike and the power train, i suppose its a 9 kilowatt motor, which is about 12 horsepower, which is the same as an average 125 cc scooter. Obviously this is a lot heavier, but this has got 240 newton meters of torque, which is 20 times the torque of something like a honda pcx125. So it is massively torquey for a scooter or do not 31 miles an hour in four seconds, which sounds fairly slow.

Actually, its quite quick when youre on it battery charging is a little bit slow. You can only charge this off for 240 volt 3 pin domestic socket and that can take anywhere between six and eight hours from empty. It only charges at 600 watts because the company that actually builds this, which is a spanish company, called silant. Their name is down there its silence, if youre not putting on a dodgy accent. They say this is built to be durable and to last thats. Why it doesnt charge a ridiculous rate because they want to keep it running forever and ever and ever basically so its not a disposable thing in terms of chassis components, its got. This single sided airfield shock at the back single side swing arm and its got a three piston caliper at the front gripping a 260 mil disc theres, a 240 mil disc at the back, obviously, because this is heavier than a regular scooter, its got slightly beefier brakes Now it doesnt have abs, but its got combined brakes so three piston front caliper two of those are used when you use the front lever and one is used in conjunction with the rears when you use the left lever, and that also gives you regenerative braking. So you get some battery energy put back in when you use that left lever, which is quite cool. There are three riding modes ill just rattle through those now i dont know if you can see that the screen doesnt actually look like thats, just a filter.

On my camera, youve got sport, youve got city and youve got eco and you get different levels of regenerative braking in those in city mode it actually just coasts. When you let go of the twist grip, otherwise its fairly simple motorbike controls, you hold the left lever and the mode button to turn it on and theres a key down there as well youve got an indicator switch which beeps so its a reminder that youve got It on which is quite handy because you dont want to be an indicator knob and it all feels perfectly fine. Actually the levers are nice and chunky. Theyve got adjustments here i mean it. Doesnt feel like its being built down to a price up here, really and youve got a little curry hook as well down here now, im going to put my gimbal down and show you the removable battery, because that is quite cool right to remove that 5.6 kilowatt Hour battery, you need to pop the seat up which you can do by turning the key back on itself or if the ignitions on the side stands down, just pull both the levers in that pops up theres a little latch in here. So you pull this up. The handle for the battery and you lift a little flap up, oh and out it slides its 40 kilos, so its pretty heavy but its on wheels and a little stand flicks down at the front of it.

So you can walk away and leave it there. Now, if you want to charge it its got, a three pin kettle lead on it, so you can take it into your house and charge it thats kind of like the sort of plug that you use to plug into the back of your pc or theres one On the other side of it, so you can actually charge it while its in the scooter, its quite clever, its quite neat and its got this little ring of lights on it, which you can punch. No, if its in the bike, you can hit that, and it shows you a ring of light to show you how charged it is. So you dont have to go out and turn your scooter on. You can just kick the side of it and it will say its empty anyway. Lets stick that back in and go for a ride. Am i going to be able to do this 40 kilo trolley and you go? That is actually really really easy, so yeah well done. Sealant say that anyway, lets hop on go for a ride and see what its like on my little private test track. That ive got here. Okay, lets jump on the stay at mo and go for a ride. Ive got this entire private kind of learner driver facility to myself so uh cant. Take it on the road for the very simple reasons, so it cant register them at the moment because its a new thing, its got to go through all sorts of government boring agency processes.

Before i can stick a registration number on it, so yeah so its off road review at the moment, but off road just on a little road course here. So key on pull that in hold that – and it was on already fine and im in city mode ive. Just switched to sport because ive pressed buttons while getting on it because im an idiot anyway ill show you the screen. Hopefully you can see that you get a battery readout 94. You get a range read out. You get your two trips, you get an odo and all that kind of stuff and a little power graph lets start in city mode, because thats, probably where most people are going to use these and the initial impressions are. This is as easy to ride as any other scooter look. You can write this down to whats. That lets see we can just go along. Can we do one mile an hour yeah one mile, an hour thats how good the balance is? Not my balance, but the balance of the scooter so yeah, obviously no moving parts, no gyroscopic forces other than the wheels itself uh, but yeah dead, easy to posture about on the mirrors. You can move them about theyre, pretty easy. They are on those annoying mounts with two nuts that lock against each other, so that ive just made that one go wobbly. But you know thats happened on ducatis to me in the past point out the thing that might go wrong and then it goes wrong.

Thats, a classic isnt it there we go right, fine yeah. So what i would say is that the throttle feels really natural. You dont really think about the fact its electric, if youre coming from a twist and go scooter other than youve, got a lot more torque. It just feels really natural to ride in terms of the way it accelerates. I would say the friction brakes the front brakes. Theyre theyre all right, but you can sense theres a bit more mass than a regular scooter to stop. So you have to squeeze them quite hard. On the other side, youve got the rear, brake the joint brakes and regenerative brakes, which are almost too strong. If you brush that lever, it can give you a lot of braking that you might not be expecting so that one squeezed harder than you think that one squeezes less hard than you think is that scientific enough im, not sure thats scientific at all, but yeah the Regenerative breaks in the wet ive been using the left one because i know thats giving me linked breaks, whereas the right one just gives you front brake and because its joined abs, you can lock the front wheel up and theres lots of wet leaves over there and You can get some slightly dodgy front end skids going on if youre not careful. So this is something to bear in mind and i think most electric scooters have the similar issue where they dont have a full on abs system.

Theyve got uh joined, cavs or its a combined abs, so all this grit on the middle of the road. I dont want to hammer the front brake in that, but ill use the left lever and i can skid the rear. Instead, it turns out so yeah im. Obviously not going to be able to give you the definitive handling verdict, but i would say it steers really nicely its very light, its very flickable, its very agile, so youll be absolutely fine. Threading this through urban traffic hopping up onto pavements. That sort of thing, i would say the rides pretty decent, as well with small scooter wheels, often over potholes like that, its just horrible. This you get some jiggling, you get some patterning im aiming for the worst ones and its not uncomfortable its, not kicking me out. The seat or anything like that, so i just dont, think youre going to really notice the extra mass on the move other than, as i said, through the right brake lever. We not going to be getting my knee down. Sadly, some decent ish pirelli tires. So its not had corners cut there, we should probably talk about the speed of it as well, because because its electric, you might be thinking – oh my god, 240 newton meters of torque and a scooter from zero rpm is gon na feel like a bit of an Animal lets try and do a dodgy. U turn here and ill show you why that isnt the case yeah again that balance three more night? U turn couldnt! Do that on a ducati panigale right lets.

Stick it into sports mode. There we go so the power is managed nicely. So you never get a surprise when you twist that its not going to take off and terrify you once youre up to speed, you can twist it youll go quite quickly but away from the ghetto thats full throttle. So yeah thats 30 miles down already pretty quick and thats 45 50 miles now, and it will get up to about 60. So we see if we can hit 60 down this next straight yeah. Top speed is 59 miles an hour, but i imagine that if youre sitting at top speed on dual carriageways is going to absolutely rinse the battery range so yeah i havent, tested that. But a word of advice is dont. Buy this. If youve got a lot of 60 limit stuff, all right, what were going to get to uh its 57 and ive got to break because the breaking zone is mostly leaves up here, but i dont want to slam the brakes on that so yeah i mean it Gets to its top speed pretty quickly, and it just feels like its got a normal throttle on it. Its nicely connected and its got more mid range shove than a regular scooter. Look its just picking up and its going theres no noise, theres. No histrionics lets see how quickly we stop. This driver. Oh yeah, little slit little sliver to the side. There is the back end locked up so yeah.

My scooters are kind of around on arent they theres some more experienced bike. Journalists here have said: theyve had some nice little slides out of it. I wont be doing that, but yeah as a little tool for nipping around. I honestly cant fault this. I love the fact its silent its electric. What i should also say is you dont hear anything rattling around in some early electric cars, you kind of dont have an engine to mask the noises that you get and this doesnt have any nasty, plasticky rattling so yeah, bravo, sealants and sayots for paying silence to Make you one its pretty cool thing. This is a pretty cool thing, yeah little skids, its fun, its a fun joyous thing, and i guess the whole point of saying doing this is that their brand is all about being joyous, fun and blah blah blah immobility. Anyway enough waffling, hopefully that was vaguely interesting back to you tim for an outro im going to have a bit of cake from that van over there. Just before i park up here. Obviously, im not going to nose in because im not a reprobate, and i did pass my gcses but theres a little reverse switch by my index finger so theres a little green button. You hold it, it beeps it beeps like a truck, and then you use the twist grip to back yourself in its got a reverse gear. Well, its just a motor spinning backwards, isnt it but thats very handy and thats very easy to use and its very soft and its not scary.

You just have to keep it held in while you twist the twist grip, its a cool thing, complete package now lets. Do an outro, while i play with my curry, hook and get some cake. So in conclusion, what do i think of the saiya mo e scooter? 125? I probably said the wrong words there, its really good its really good there arent that many drawbacks other than battery range could always be better, but i think to be honest, 50 60 miles. If youre doing urban commutes is probably enough and also you can judge at home because you can whip the battery out, so even if youve got on street parking, you can still take this into your house and charge it and its not going to be any slower Than charging it in the bike so yeah its quite a compelling thing, its obviously not much to go wrong on it, because theres no real oily bits, the ride is pretty decent. It doesnt feel too heavy. It doesnt feel too leaded. Only slight criticism is, i wish it had proper abs, because that combined system will still let you lock the front wheel. So you kind of get used to using the left lever a bit more than the right one, but i really quite like it its a smart. Looking thing, i think, say its probably done quite sensible thing by getting into this market, because theyre, a cool spanish brand and lots of people in spain do have scooters and people like the say that brand over there, i dont know if it will sell in huge Numbers over in the uk, but certainly in london youve, got to think theres a market of people with five grand to spare who want electric, futuristic things that they can use for getting to work in the shop.

So there we go pretty decent thing. I would have one if i lived in london and could insure one, because my insurance, the mother, always used to be crap anyway enough waffle. Thank you so much for watching.