So as that brand new electric flagship, the kia ev6 needed to be very good, and it is, i am driving it today in germany, where it has already picked up a lot of buyer interest. Now the six in the name of course, tells you that kias family of born electric vehicles will all be called eevee. Something – and this is the ev6, which also tells you that theres going to be a bunch of them because, of course, theres going to be a lot of them going forward, Music built on the hyundai motor groups, new electric global modular platform or egmp. The ev6 shares a lot with its hyundai alter ego, the ionic five, its looks are its own, though the design team went for a crossover look and which is why many call this an suv to me, its more a large hatch or yes, a crossover, a modern Face smooth flanks and a rear that is especially expressive. The flared out fenders at the back, are inspired by the luncha stratos from the 1970s. It has deployable door handles that sit flush with the body overall. This is the first car that displays kias new opposites, united design language, and you really see that in the rear, tail light, housing and styling, but along with that new design language, you still get some familiarity because kias tiger nose, grille, is here its been reinterpreted, but Its very much here – and it is also the first model to have the new kia logo right from word – go.

We do know that logo well enough. Now the car is just as sharp and modern. Looking on the inside clean cabin design, dominated by dual 12.3 inch curved screens up front, the graphics are very nicely done, and the car gives you the right blend of information that you need and a techy cool quotient connectivity head up display ambient lighting. All of that is a given, i suppose the floating central console is also cool and gives you wireless charging for your phone. The two spoke steering wheel, looks really nice and houses, the paddles to set desired levels of regeneration and another button down front. The cars drive mode button is here on the steering wheel. I like that its very convenient usual drive modes, theres eco, normal and sport, and then, if you long press that button, you get the snow mode not using that today the names are evident, but, interestingly, the eco mode. Well, the car also takes into account its own onboard cameras, any obstacles in the way it also tracks whats happening with the navigation system, even if youre not following a destination just to know what sort of topography lies ahead and then gives you the most efficient use Of the battery and and the throttle so of course, saves most power. You put it into sport mode things, get mental and thats nice. It also stiffens up, which is also good, no change in damping. But you do have a nice stiff steering in that sort of a scenario, but what is nice is that it also sounds a little bit different.

I kind of like that. The sport mode is indeed very responsive. It is pretty much where i stayed the entire afternoon. I had the chance to take the car out on two runs, so i did try the other modes too. The ev6 has a claimed range of ‘4 to 528 kilometers for the models sold in germany, drive in city mode alone, and that goes even higher. The top spec ev6 gt with bhp is coming soon. That has the lower end of drive range, but highest end of the performance with me today is the gt line variant. It has a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery and a 320 bhp output. Torque is 605 nm. A two motor setup means all wheel. Drive is standard. The entry ev6 in germany gets a 58 kilowatt hour setup with the same output, but reduced driving range. Top speed on both is 185 kilometers per hour, so the gt will have 260 kilometers per hour. Some markets will get a 225 bhp rear wheel, drive single motor variant, though not here in germany at least not yet the ev6 handles well and has a terrific weighted steering. The car feels engaging and keeps you interested all the time and, as i already said, the sport mode keeps all your senses hooked now being the very first dedicated ev from kia. This car had to be a flagship. It really had to stand for everything that the company has achieved in terms of its r d in terms of its capability, its technology and so its really loaded with everything from driver assistance systems to, of course, safety and even very fine detail on things like material Quality screens, all of that has been paid a lot of attention to and thats very obvious.

The big question youre asking is: why should you care? Will the ev6 come to india? The simple answer is yes, but it wont happen for at least 12 months kia. India is looking at the introduction of an ev model and we know it will be a born electric car so that rules out the likes of the soul. Eb, the ev6 makes the most sense from the point of view of shape, size, segment, attribute and levels of luxury and tech, and also what it will do for the brand image. But it will remain a niche flagship, as it starts at over 45 000 euro.