So far as we can see now, mgs now launched this. The new face lifted version, some striking differences on the outside, particularly the grill youll notice, is completely different, were going to talk. You around the car show you some of the differences and show you what makes what was a very good ev, even better Music. So the most obvious changes we can see at the front on the original version. We had this very much petrol car derived grill with ventilation at the front that was semi blanked on this weve gone to a model which completely smooth at the front and sort of stippled effect, giving the overall effect of a grille, but in in fact much smoother. Much better for aerodynamics. Moving on to the headlights, this one had halogen projector headlights. This now gets led with a new signature, led daytime running light as well. The charge flaps are different. This one is a big gate that swings up this. One simple push here and weve got two charging flaps, underneath the side opening much easier to access, so the wheels have changed on the old model. We had a 215 50 17 tire. Its now changed to a 215 55 17 tire and the wheels are changed as well from a diamond cut finish to an alloy wheel, which has got a aerodynamic wheel, trim over the top of it at the rear of the car. You can see theres been some definite changes made.

Weve got changes to the tail lights on both on both sides. Weve got leds now running around here. Weve got new redesigned rear bumper as compared to the previous version, its metal trim. That goes around looking a little bit like a diffuser and the mg logo itself is now a flat logo, rather than the raised one. We see there and weve now also got reversing camera mounted under the rear. Bumper same as the previous one, weve also got cameras under each wing mirror and at the front of the vehicle as well. Getting a 360 degree view when parking, which is great so overall theyve improved the aerodynamics. Theyve improved the improved aesthetics and we can see these new led lights and everything bringing it right up to a modern design, its all changed on the inside as well. All of these textures are different to what we saw in the previous model. The biggest difference really on the inside is this screen so previously an 8 inch touchscreen. This is now a 10.1 inch wide screen touch display vastly more responsive than the previous setup. So all of these buttons instantly change to completely new graphics, which look really clear, really easy to follow. Weve got access on here to all of the battery conditioning things so in terms of setting charge limits for the battery in terms of setting charging timers preheating timers thats. All done on here weve got the navigation system, which now is much more responsive.

Much quicker to use actually id say on a par with sort of google maps and that sort of thing that you find your smartphone. The climate control is all done through here or weve. Also got these toggle switches down here as well. Um weve got a new display for the dashboard for the driver display here um with these virtual dials that go around the outside and then this large screen in the middle, which again very clear, much more information weve got a percentage gauge. Finally, for the battery, so we know exactly what battery percentage weve got um and when we uh move around the display, the cabin it all fits and feels a lot more premium in here, um the controls, the roof, uh change slightly, so theyve got these toggle switches. Rather than the rotary dial that we saw in the previous version um, but apart from that, weve still got the same three driving modes, so weve got eco, normal and sport and on our kers mode, weve got one two three and the battery toggle switch. When you press that loads up a display on here which shows you you can set how fully charged you want the battery to go to, so you can choose uh anywhere from sort of forty percent up to eighty percent for a sort of normal charge or eighty To a hundred percent, if you want the full maximum range of the vehicle and the range of the vehicle, this is now a 72.

2 kilowatt hour battery, giving you up to 273 miles of range on the wltp test. Our current drive is showing that that look seems very achievable today. Its 12 degrees outside weve had the air conditioning on and weve actually driven over 20 miles so far and used six percent of the battery. So, overall, it looks like its matching up with what it says on the tin everything else in the same place, all the buttons on here the same as the original, so it feels very familiar as well here in the back. Things are much the same as they were in the previous model. The difference being weve now got usb a and usbc inputs down here for rear passengers. Devices weve also got an armrest that folds down with some cup holders in here and weve got that all important middle headrest as well, which was emitted from the previous model. Headrooms good im, 511. im comfy enough in the back here when i say weve got three headrests, so you can probably call it a five seat vehicle now isofix in the outer two seats. Uh, electric windows in the back obviously got the sky roof as well, but its all very comfortable – and you know plenty of leg room here so yeah, overall good, just building on from the previous model, with a little bit more comfort. Perhaps some of these materials change slightly from the previous model. All very soft touch all feel very comfortable, very nice inside the boot, its exactly the same size as the previous model.

Weve still got. The multi height boot floor still got 470 liters of boot space with the seats up uh. Obviously you tumble and fold those down you get up to 1500 liters, so very practical, very usable family car under here weve got space for your charging, cable and your tire pump, etc, or you can actually get a spare wheel. That goes in the back as an optional extra Music Applause, so having a big battery is great because it means youve got loads, more range and say the range on this is up to 273 miles. There will be a uh, smaller battery option with a 51 kilowatt hour battery thatll be launched early 2022. pricings, yet to be announced for that one thatll have a range up to 198 miles, which you know might be adequate for your needs, in which case you can Probably save you know a thousand pounds or two for going for a smaller battery, but i think the majority of people choose the freedom that larger battery gives you um, because it just means that you know if youre doing a long journey. You choose to stop when you want to recharge you. Dont have to be tied quite so much to the next charger is 80 miles from here. Ive got 120 miles per inch ill have to stop on that next charger, so um its. It gives you more freedom. Having a larger battery, having said that, if youre only ever going to use it around town, fair enough, go for the smaller option, so in terms of charging theres a seven kilowatt on board charger um for your type, two ac charging rapid charging.

Ccs is up to 90 kilowatts um. That means that on 100 kilowatt charger its to take from 10 to 80, its gon na take around 40 minutes if youre on a 50 kilowatt charger, its probably going to take an extra 10 minutes or so um well test. The charging capabilities properly once weve got the actual car in as a demonstrator. This demo today weve only got it for a few hours and its currently got 75 battery left, so its not an ideal test to rapid charging capabilities, because batteries do tend to charge faster when theyre low below 50 battery state of charge. So charging the car is easy because youve got this side. Opening flap with two flaps inside so weve got rid of the rubber bums theres, nothing to sort of hang down in the way. These click out the way to the side here and then weve got the charger display indicator on the side, so four blocks there so for every 25 percent uh they will light up to show how fully charged the battery is. So, at a glance when youre walking past the car, you can see whether its 25, 50, 75 or indeed full and thats, where we plug in the adapter for the vehicle to load, uh connector as well, so that vehicles load adapter is an optional extra that you Can buy through uh umg dealership, we havent got any price details on that its going to be announced in the next week or two, but that will then now allow you to plug in any device up to 2.

5 kilowatts draw. So you could charge another electric vehicle from this using the granny charger, which is limited to 10 amps, plug that into the adapter on the front of the car. Then you can effectively siphon off some of your electric and charge up your friends car, which could be useful if youre staying somewhere remote or if your mate breaks down on the side of the road. So, overall, i think mgs made some really nice modifications to this car. Over and above the original version um, i think its really going to make it a lot better choice, a lot easier choice for many people with the extra range i think its going to give a lot more freedom to people who want to use this as their First main family car, but let us know in the comments below what you think so one of the good things about the new mg zsc v is that it comes with mg pilot as standard on all specifications. So if you go for the se or the trophy or trophy connect, you get the same: full suite of safety and self driving capabilities, as as you did previously in the top model, so weve got uh mg pilot, so we can set the cruise control now to 70 miles an hour uh its got. The lane keep assist, so it can steer to keep you in lanes which were doing at the moment on the m40 and its using a radar to control our distance to the car in front.

So if the vehicle in front slows down our car will slow down and keep us a safe distance apart and thats all done with this little stalk down here same as it was in the previous model. But i say the new thing is that, rather than having to specify the top level uh the exclusive, as you used to have before uh, this is now available in the sc, which is the equivalent to the x sight. Um. This motors got slightly more power than the previous models. This is 115 kilowatt motor, its about 156 horsepower and it picks up really well theres a good level of insulation within the vehicle, so it actually seems ever slightly quieter than the previous model and uh. The top speeds have been increased from uh. It was around 86 90 miles an hour in the previous model. It now goes up to 115 miles an hour in this one uh, if you see fit in the uk, obviously well lift it limited to 70 miles an hour anyway by law. So that makes less of a difference, but if youre going to the continent, if youre going to, for example, germany on the autobahns, then that extra few miles per hour might come in useful um, but no the car is, it drives great. It drives very similar to the previous model, with just slightly more refinement, uh slightly more comfort, but mg pilot just takes the strain on these motorway drives, makes it so much easier Music.

So back at the end of the test drive today, weve done 83 miles and weve used just less than a third of the battery. The car wasnt fully charged when we took it and 96 in and its still 66 percent left now, which is fantastic, shows the range really holds up in the real world were taking it on a securities journey all the way over to the childrens and back some Motorway on the m40, some food urban traffic in london and its really shown that it can do the mileage if youd like to test drive this for yourself get in touch with the children group today well book you in as soon as the car is. Thank you.