I will still make the review and i will do the voice rover like on the old times. I will give you the technical data and all the information. I still hope that the video will be useful for you guys also as soon as i get the car, i will make a proper review interior exterior, as i do with all the cars i didnt want that this video to to go to trash and thats. Why? I still im still going to make it and im still going to show you the car um. I have to tell you here that i have the long range version um of of the kia ev6. The long range version comes with a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery. Also, it comes with a rear, wheel, drive motor and also with 228 horsepower in terms of design. I have to tell you that its quite beautiful i like very much the new design, the new lines and shapes and the way they do it its so new, its so refreshing. I should say modern and, and it looks, looks really really lovely also by the way, the range of the car. The long range version of the car come with an estimated range of 510 kilometers. This is the vltp estimated range uh. As i said before, 228 horsepower 350 newton meters. You can see it has kind of a compare look um and i like very much this spoiler right here on the upper side.

It looks just incredible: nice im super surprised to see it kind of copied. The the ioniq 5 in terms of the spoiler up here, but it looks really really interesting, really sporty and futuristic and its for the first time when i see the spoiler extended on the on the right side and on the right and left side. I, like also this glossy plastic around the windows. The tinted windows and the black between the windows fit really well with the car, and even if you look at those uh rubbers around the window, um they they kind of look premium and they they put a lot of work in the car. I, like also the handles that will come inside the door quality its also good. Here i was showing you the way its it sounds, but i cannot uh. I cannot show you right now. I will do it in the next video. Then you can see around the edges of the the wheels here. You have this um piano black plastic and it looks really interesting the same as new kia sportage, the the choice to add a lot of black glossy plastic around the edges of the car. Even on the down board down here, you have even this chrome design, its really interesting. I mean this dont get me wrong. It looks really beautiful, but i think in time you will get a lot of scratches around here and there because of the ice because of the winter because of the rain stones and different stuff.

But the the main point is that this plastic can be changed very easily also, as you can see here, um this car, that i present you come with 19 inch rims and also these aerodynamic rims, look really good with the car and ventilated brake discs in the Front ventilated, brake discs on the rear in comparison with volkswagen id family, where you have the drum brakes, um kia bring ventilated brake discs and i was like wow, i mean its a big difference, a lovely front, a lovely part here in the back. The way they they blend in this black glossy plastic and the spoilers and the design of the car look really really nice uh. In reality, i have to tell you guys that the car look much better than i was imagine when i see it on the internet. Also here in this area, you have the the blinkers, the turning signals and its just lovely lovely, the way they design it its its incredible i mean i was impressed to see this car and yeah. Also in the back here, you have the ev6 logo. You have um led lights on the number plate and even here on the number plate you can see behind the number plate. You have the same: glossy plastic, its just lovely its something new. I like that reverse camera down there as well. Also you have some light. Reflectors on the down part, some plastic down here is the fog lamp in the middle um lovely.

I mean its something new, its different, its its its i dont know i like it. I like the design and you you will probably like it too, when you will see it in real. I mean in real look much better than in the videos. Even the mirror. Look how interesting it is, and they add kind of this signature with those lines in piano black. It looks nice, it looks really premium if you see the car from from from close up. Also the car comes with 360 degrees camera the same as hyundai use. These systems are incredible when you want to park the car here, we have some sensors for raining and light, and also the camera for lane assist and reading the traffic speed limit the front of the car, the same plastic here in the middle on the grill. You have also the front camera led lights. The latest technology led lights right here in the front. Also, if you see right here, you have six parking sensors in the front, even on the down part of the bumper in the front, you have the same piano black plastic and you have the radar right here in the middle, the rather for adaptive, cruise control, emergency Brake and all that safety features and then also here in the middle, you have a pedal that will close and open uh depend uh. If the battery need to be cooled down so yeah. This is a technical stuff.

Overall, the car, the exterior design, look really nice, futuristic new and also this. This part here remember me of a very aggressive, sporty car, um, really nice, really nice car. Now guys, you can see the handle right here, its very simple to open the car and then once you open the car on the upper side. If i remember well, you have soft material in this area on the front, then you have here leather, the handle the buttons for the seats. You have to position to save your seats because it comes with electric adjustable seats. You have electric adjustable mirrors, heated mirrors, storage, space down here, some kind of stuff material. There you have the speaker again, then the pedals normal pedals, plenty of storage space. Here on the on the legs, i mean plenty of legs room and also you have that ambient light that looks lovely electric adjustable seats. Then we have those leather seats that looks quite nice and they are also comfortable. If you didnt see the test drive with the video with the with the car check it out guys, because i have already the test drive uh here, you have also the electronic handbrake traction control on and off, then the buttons for open the the charging port open. The trunk automatically and then look at the vents. They look really good and they feel also good quality. And if you see there, you have an ambient light in the interior of the of the vents.

So the ambient light inside the car, its quite beautiful, im going inside the car and the visibility around the car, because you have kind of a strange design here on the a pillar uh its quite good, also the a pillar here i know how can explain you Its a little bit closer to to the head. I noticed that so i think you have to adjust somehow uh the seats, so you can go a little bit downer. You have plenty of adjustment in the seats uh, so youre not staying so close to the a pillar but yeah, maybe its just my opinion. I have to test it again. I have to make another review, so i cannotice better uh the steering wheel, its lovely, like hyundai uh, improve and come with something new. Also kia come with this new uh steering wheel. Also, you have that pedals to regenerate the energy. You have the buttons for cruise control here on the right side. You have the multimedia system, then you can adjust the steering wheel forward backward up and down very simple from here from behind the steering wheel. Also, you have some chrome insertion like a range rover. Quite nice, and also even this armrest look at this stream. Look how interesting it is guys. Also, you have some storage space here where you can put different stuff, its quite big, the storage space. Like an suv, you can charge your phone wireless. You have two cupholders some storage space there.

Then you have also down here under the center console a lot of storage space. Look at this! How big is this space? You have also some usb down there. Look at this two usb right there, one one actually its one usb and one 12 volt port. Then you have the other usb 2 and then usb c down there. So plenty of ports, plenty of usb ports in the car um. You have almost everything you need. The latest this technology – and i like also this insertion of ambient light, look really really lovely look at this on the dash as well. Even even there on the on the doorbends. You have that ambient light. Then you have this gear shifter gear selector. I should say right here: where you can change the different modes you have auto hold. You have 360 degrees camera, you have parking sensors, you have star, stop engine button, then the car comes with ventilated seats, heated seats, heated steering wheel and then the glow box, its relatively big yeah here, usually guys. I dont know. If you see the test drive here. Usually come the chromatic system where you can change and adjust different function. Im not able to. I was not able to start the car because they say somehow its in they dont have battery or somehow its in just project mode, and they are not able to turn it on. But i have a test drive with the car and there you can see a little bit better, also the multimedia system.

I will make a separate video with it. The same story here guys sorry about that. Also, i like very much how big are and how nice they design the dashboard and also how nice they integrate the multimedia there. Overall, it looks nice also the car come with a head up display the same header display. You can see it in the test. Drive the mirror, look, nice, quite good visibility. Also, here you have a huge mirror. The only downside is that you have a normal bulb light on the upper side right there. So overall um, let me go outside. I want to show you also the the the back part, so yeah lets go outside guys now here in the front, i want to show you the front uh, also by the way here on the rear, wheel, drive version. You have much more space than on the all wheel, drive version. You still have a space with the all wheel, drive uh version, but not as good as you have it with um this one right here, so you can see um yeah the storage space in the front, not as in the other evs, but its very close to What tesla model 3 have – and i think this is one of the the greatest competitor for tesla model 3 and even in the future – and i see the all wheel – drive version come with around 585 horsepower. This is the top of the gt uh.

The gt version of this ev6 and that that would be impressive, im really curious to test drive it. You see the charging port its on the right side in the back. There really interesting how they choice it. Now here going in the trunk, you have the button electronic lift gate that thats nice. I like that then going forward. The entrance in the car was impressively big. I was really impressed to see the the entrance its huge. That way, i go a little bit backward and i was like wow, i mean its kind of a coupe shape and the entrance is so big at the entrance here. You can see you have also a 12 volt board inside. You can actually fall down the seats from those handles right here on the right and left side. Then you have the medical kit there and under the floor you have another floor where you can put your stuff, i think around 10 centimeter and then you have another floor for cables. For example, by the way talking about the trunk, you have 520 liters guys in the trunk, its its incredible spacious, and if you fall down the seats completely, you will have 1300. Liters is just incredible. Also, you can fold this little small part down and you can carry long items like skis or whatever its very practical, really really practical. Something that i forget to know to to tell you about the cars is that the car come with independent uh, mcpherson suspension in the front and on the rear.

The car come with multi link, independent suspension, um, something quite important for those of you that are interested to buy this car. Anyway, you can see right here with the seats folding down the way. It looks 1300 liters, its super spacious. It has for the shape of the car. I was like wow, i mean where you get that space in this kind of coupe shape version of the car design, its crazy. Even the the entrance in the car here, its its super big, also have a big window here. So that means great visibility. Here on the upper side, you have plastic, then you have some glossy plastic uh. You have soft material in this area. Where your arm is resting, you have leather, then you have heated seats on the back and also you have the speaker down there. Now you can see one more time from this angle. The way it looks and then you can see also on the legs room, you have a super flat floor typical for electric cars, so plenty of legs room for all the people, even for free people in the back there um sorry about the video guys. I know its not the best, but i try my best to make the voiceover for you actually by the way, the same as on the hyundai ioniq 5. You can actually choose how you like to have the seats in the back. You have you can have it straight or you can have it all over the back, so thats great for long distances for the passengers in the back.

They will have a great great comfort right there. Also, you can see right now, the leather, the same great quality. You have two easelfix. You can install two child seats in the back. You have an armrest here. You can change to have two cupholders, so you can have some storage space there very practical, very practical, a lot of great stuff um that i find out in this kia iv6. I was really impressed and when we talk about the space and the seats you can see down here, you have kind of a free fingers. Your knees will stay up a little bit because the battery is under there, but when it comes to the leg space, its just wow, i mean look at this a lot of a lot of space right here: um plenty of space plenty of space, and even on My head, i was impressed. I was like wow how much, how can it be so much space here in the car with that shape on the exterior uh great visibility, as i tell you before, if i remember well, it was a very good visibility. Only if you stay on the on the back side, you dont have such good visibility outside. But if you stay, you should stay straight. You have a gorgeous gorgeous visibility. You have a handle up here, hooks led lights on the upper side here, uh the roof quality, its very good. I tell you i remember well and its really really good.

Also you have a flat floor in the middle. You can go really easy there. Even your legs, you can, you can have it without any problem plenty of space, its a super super spacious car. I have to tell you its much more spacious than a tesla model 3 in the back here, its its perfect and i think, its also much more spacious than id free and um cupraborn, for example, uh. If i can compare these cars, even though um this is, this is quite similar with with those so anyway, guys um yeah. That was the video guys im sorry about the soundtrack. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope it was useful. Dont forget to subscribe.