Lots of people have been waiting for its a big suv with loads of room, a massive range and a competitive price from a popular mainstream manufacturer. But there is another ev which has already been on sale for a few years and also ticks those boxes so which is better kias trailblazing well established e, nero or skodas newcomer in this review were going to compare these cars across their lineups in every key area. To decide, but before we start, if you want to see lots more new car reviews, then please do subscribe to our channel and go to watcal.com for a great deal on your next car Music. So lets cover the basics first and talk about whats available with both of these cards and well start with the inero, because this is the card that the enyaks got to be and its been around for longer, hasnt it. So, with this car theres a choice of two different batteries, you can get a ‘ kilowatt hour version in one trim or you can get this 64 kilowatt hour version with a longer range and a choice of three different trims. Now, if you look at the pricing theres a pretty clear answer as to which one you should go for isnt there, because just two versions of the e nero qualify for 2 500 pounds off its cost. Thanks to the uk government plug in grant, that is the ‘ kilowatt hour version in the one and only trim that you can get it in and its the entry level trim with the bigger 64 kilowatt hour version as well.

Now that is the one to go for, because there really isnt much of a difference in price between those two versions, and you get a big chunk of extra range with it as well. The car that weve got today is the four plus the enyak is skodas. First dedicated modern electric car and its bigger overall than the e nero its also very similar, and very closely related to the vw id4 and the audi q4 e tron. And if you want to watch our q4 review. Click on the link at the top of the screen there. Now when it comes to pricing, just like the inero, there are two batteries to choose from in the enyak theres. This 60 version, which is eligible for the uk government, plug in grant and theres. Also, an 80 version which is more expensive, doesnt qualify for the grant, but gets you a longer range? But you can see from looking at the price list that the 60 is very competitively priced, even when you do compare it against the inero, which itself is very good value and smaller than the enyak, but which of these two cars do, you think, looks better. Tell us in the comments below inside the e nero it isnt bad, its, not amazing either, but it isnt bad. The materials and the finishes are okay, but you do have some harder plastics on show around here. The storage is pretty good. Youve got a lot under this armrest here, another big storage compartment just in front of that with two cup holders and a big open tray down there, as well as room for some wireless phone charging at the bottom of the dashboard down.

Here you also have a big digital driver display in the inero, which is actually bigger than what you get in the enyak and as for the infotainment system, its pretty impressive there. So you get a 10.25 inch screen unless you go for entry level, 2 trim, which gets a smaller 8 inch screen and its got an easy, simple layout. Youve also got some helpful shortcut buttons too, and even if you do go for the smaller screen, its still simple and easy to use it, the enyak gets a much bigger 13, no matter what trim you go for and its really easy to see really easy to Reach but it isnt as good as the system that you get in the e nero. So the software itself is a bit. Laggy can be a bit kind of slow and not that snappy in its responses, plus weve had quite a few enyaks on tests that have been quite glitchy and have crashed. This one seems to be behaving itself so far, but you still dont really trust it, especially because this system isnt a million miles away from what you get in the vwid4, which is just full of glitches and really really poorly laid out. This does have a slightly simpler layout, its easier to get your head around, but its still, not as good as what you get in the enero and as always having climate controls within a touch screen itself is always going to lose out to having physical controls.

So with the enyak, its very frustrating having them on the screen, whereas in the enero it couldnt be simpler, with the digital driver display in the enyak, it looks tiny, because this screen is absolutely massive, but really its big enough. It is smaller than what you get in the enero, but you can easily see what speed youre going its got quite a nice design to it as well. The only problem is that this battery gauge is really quite small, and the amount of miles that youve got left is quite small as well. So you do need to put your reading glasses on, to be able to see it properly. But aside from the text, skoda has done a really nice job up front in the enyak. Its got a real good feeling of quality throughout nice materials. Nicely finished all put together really nicely and youve got to say that for an ev at this price point, there really isnt much else, thats better than what the enyak is, and it does beat the e nero in terms of interior quality. It also has a slight victory on storage space as well. Not that e nero is small or stingy in what it offers, but in the enyak the spaces are just a bit bigger. So under the armrest here, youve got this massive cubby hole. All of this on the center console is massive plus youve got this huge tray underneath all of it as well, plus the door bins are a little bit bigger and carpeted.

Now weve already said that the e nero is the smaller car overall youll still be able to get a few tall adults in the back here relatively comfortably im. Just under six foot drivers seat is in my driving position and it doesnt feel cramped at all. Ive got a good amount of leg room there. Headroom is also pretty good, although if i was a bit taller, it might just then begin to feel a bit cramped, but overall pretty good. Really. You would, of course, be more comfortable in the back of the enyak, though, because its the bigger car, so tall adults will have plenty of leg. Room and headroom to spare really is amazingly spacious back here. It feels really open, plus theres no hump in the floor, and there is a small one in the inero plus as an optional extra. If you spend 330 pounds on the family package basic, then, as part of that you get two usbc ports in the back of the enhance you cant get any usb ports in the back of the inero. Another thing this gets which the e neuro doesnt is a ski hatch, so no great shock really, but this massive suv is more practical than the inero. Now there is no competition when it comes to the boots. Put simply, you will get five of these suitcases below the parcel shelf in the inero, but in the enyak you will get nine, but the e neros boot is still a good size relative to its rivals.

You also get a decent amount of underfloor storage for the charging cables and when you drop the rear seats, theyre flat, all the way to the front seats. So it is still reasonably practical but sure the eniacs boot is massive. Its got a wide opening its got a relatively low load. Lip you do, though, want to add the transport package for 260 pounds which gets you a height adjustable boot floor. So what that will do is give you a little bit more room for the underfloor storage area. It also helps flatten out the step that you get when you lower the rear seats, but even without that, you still get some storage underneath the boot floor, which is just about big enough to fit a couple of charging cables and really this boot is absolutely massive. By the way, lovers of frunks or fruits will be very disappointed with these two cars, because theres no extra storage under their bonnets lets talk about range next and, as we kind of already alluded to, we wouldnt really bother with the ‘ kilowatt hour version of the E nero because if you stick in that entry level trim and for not much more money, you can get the 64 kilowatt hour version which gets you loads more range. So, to put some numbers on that, the ‘ kilowatt hour version of the inero well be able to get you around 140 miles from a full charge, but for the 64 kilowatt hour version the one that were in now, you will definitely be able to get 250 Miles in genuine real world driving – maybe even a few miles more as well, so even by modern electric car standards, that is very impressive and were talking about a car thats quite a few years old now.

So what are the other manufacturers been doing? Well, skoda have given it a pretty good go and the 60 version of the enyak. You should be able to get 220 miles with the standard 19 inch alloys that the car comes with. But if you go for the 80 version, then that means youll be able to get around 260 or 270 miles from a full charge in real world driving conditions. But its got a bigger battery, so youd hope it would go further and when you run out of juice, the ‘ kilowatt hour e nero charges at up to 50 kilowatts from a public ccs charger. The kind you find at motorway service stations, the 64 kilowatt hour battery can charge it up to 77 kilowatts. So if you can find a faster charger, youre looking at about 45 minutes for a 10 to 80 charge, but that maximum charging speed is quite slow, the 60 version of the enyak can charge at 100 kilowatts, while the 80 can go up to 125 and at Those speeds youll get a 10 to 80 top up in around half an hour, but if the charging and the range seems a little in favor of the enyak, the point to make here is that the e nero manages its battery reserves more efficiently. So you can expect to cover around four miles per kilowatt hour, compared to something around 3.5 miles per kilowatt hour in the enyak. Those figures are for the big battery versions of both, all of which means the actual cost per mile for electricity is likely to be higher in the enya.

In the same way, youre likely to pay more to fuel a big heavy suv compared to a slightly smaller one. The e nero is the quicker car with the fastest version going from naught to 60 miles per hour quicker than you will in any version of the enyak by quite some way as well. But the enyak is the more comfortable car, its also quieter as well, but thats, not to say that the e nero is uncomfortable, but the ride, and the noise in here is just generally calmer and more relaxing than the experience that you have in the inero. Its still, not quite as impressive as the best riding petrol suvs and i suppose youve got the big heavy battery pack to thank for that and the impact that that has on the suspension setup required for the car, but still by electric car standards. Its a really comfortable car to do some miles in the steerings, also more progressive and naturally weighted than it is in the e nero. But because this is the bigger car, then yes, it will lean, ultimately a bit more in the bends. But there isnt night and day difference between how well these cars drive compared to one another, its just that things in the enyak are a bit smoother. The other thing to factor into this battle is safety, but its difficult to fairly compare the two cars. The enyak has been crash, tested and recorded really impressive marks gaining the full five star verdict from safety experts.

Euro encap, the inero has never been put through the same process, but the regular fuel powered kia niro has and it scored well. But that was way back in 2016 and the tests have changed since then, when it comes to reliability. The e niro has proved pretty reliable in the years since its sale and kia overall has a better record than skoda on that front. Plus the eniro gets kias outstanding 7 year warranty as standard while the enyak gets just 3 years, but the batteries in both cars are covered by separate 8 year or 100 000 mile warranties. The bottom line is these are two fantastic electric cars, but if we absolutely have to pick a winner, then the enyak is more comfortable, quieter, more practical. If you go for the 60 version, thats the pick of the lineup, because for most people itll, do your regular journeys, no problem at all and even manage the odd family holiday with the range that its got as well. If you are regularly going to be doing longer, trips, then its still worth looking at the 80 version mode for the e nero we wouldnt go for the smaller battery option, because for not much more money, you get a much bigger battery with a much better range And this 64 kilowatt hour version of the ion hero its been around for a few years now its not a particularly new ev, but it is still a fantastic electric car.

So really, whichever one you choose, youre, getting a great ev for lots. More new car reviews make sure youre subscribed to our channel. Please tell us in the comments below as well which car you would have and if you want a great deal on your next car go to whatcar.