It has decent real world range and performance, and it looks the goods inside and out. Lets. Take a closer look: the polstar 2 arrives in australia from february 2022 as the first of four anticipated ev models from the swede car maker that are set to grace local roads by 2025.. It makes no apologies in setting sites on the tesla model, 3s growing, aussie audience with an identical, fifty nine thousand nine hundred dollar starting price and three different models to choose from the flagship being the seventy thousand dollar. All wheel, drive long range. Dual motor here were driving the mid level. Polstar ii long range single motor priced at 65k. It finds itself within proximity of both the tesla model 3 and the hyundai ioniq 5. in person. The polstar 2 makes quite a striking first impression with its raised ride, height and crisp lines all over, and when you do take a closer look. The attention to detail is strong excellent paint, work, consistent panel gaps and quality materials on the inside and out made in china. The polestar 2 feels every bit as sturdy as its volvo stablemates. The long range variant rides standard on 19 inch, alloy wheels and features led lights all round, as well as frameless wing mirrors at its core is a 170 kilowatt 330 newton meter, electric motor that drives the front wheels feeding energy from a 78 kilowatt hour battery pack. Polstar claims that reaching 80 of charge using a 50 kilowatt fast charger will take about 1 hour and 20 minutes that time increases to about 8 hours when using an 11 kilowatt wall box.

Connection at home, just like the outside the interior of the polestar 2, makes a huge initial statement with its build quality, furnishings and technology. Now this car is based on volvos existing cma architecture, and for that reason it has a few internal combustion legacies like the big transmission tunnel and the foot wells at the front, if im honest its a little bit of a missed opportunity in terms of maximizing this Cars layout and space – and there are other evs that do a much better job. The hyundai ioniq 5 is one that immediately springs to mind. With all of that said, the materials are top notch and the driver is causated by quality furnishings all round with a high set window line, allowing you to sit low in the cabin the polstar 2 uses, googles, android, automotive, os system with google play google assistant and Much more, the thinking being that the system goes a step further than apple carplay or android auto by actually allowing you to adjust vehicle settings. So, for example, you can adjust the fan, speed, hey google turn on the fan, okay, turning on fan there, you have it one more way to continue driving without taking your hands off the wheel or taking your eyes off the road. Our test vehicle didnt feature apple carplay, but polstar assures us that it will be fitted to the first customer vehicles when theyre delivered early next year, courtesy of an over the air update safety, isnt, so clear, cut for the pulse r2 in part because adaptive cruise control Rear cross traffic alert and blind spot monitoring are not fitted standard.

You can have them fitted, however, if you opt for a five thousand dollar pilot pack which bundles in some other inclusions. The pulse dart ii does include all other expected safety systems and is backed by a 5 star euro end cap rating. It is yet to be crash tested in australia. A 405 litre boot area offers enough space for a couple of full size suitcases, but not a lot more on account of its narrow width. The pulse, r2s, lift back design does allow easy loading and unloading from the boot area Music. So if the tesla model 3 is all about raw speed performance acceleration and doing everything in relative silence well, for me, the pulse r2 is more conventional. Will its feeling and feedback and a lot more linear with its acceleration thats, not to say that the pulse r2 doesnt get up to speed easily? It does its very rarely fast getting up to highway speed or around town passage, but its definitely a lot more linear and nowhere near as explosive out of the blocks as a equivalent tesla model 3.. Im a big fan of the three stage regen brakes on the pulse r2. They give you everything from neutral, like rolling resistance through to pretty much one pedal driving where you really need to engage the traditional brake pedal thats. How strong the level of regen is im. Also, a big fan of what polstar calls the creep function, basically at low speeds, so between intersections or traffic lights, when you just need to crawl ahead, a few meters youre able to engage that setting and it kind of its kind of akin to an internal combustion Automatic car that you basically just take your foot off the brake pedal and it rolls ahead under its own power, its a very natural, organic feeling thing, and it means that the pulse r2 feels kind of like an internal combustion car.

In that sense, its just one. Less foreign thing about this latest electric car, all in all, im going to say the polestar 2, does everything quite well from the way that you sit down low in the cabin its outward vision, its assortment of switch gear and the way that everythings placed its a Car that youre able to jump into pretty quickly and feel right at home, especially if youve driven anything volvo related in the past three or four years. Both front driven pulse r2s offer a naught to 100 time of 7.4 seconds, which is hardly a headline figure in electric terms. Instead, it is the smaller details that define the pulse r2 drive suspended by a mcpherson, strut front and multi link rear. The swede makes no apologies for its on road tuning on the road. The pulse r2 feels inherently sporty. The steering and all the key controls are quite reactive to driver inputs and theres, a decent level of poise and grip on offer for a front drive car. You throw it through a corner and its pretty well sorted with its front to rear balance, just the way that it conducts itself through fast changes in direction with all that said, though, it is unashamedly heavy at about two tons in kerb weight on billiard table smooth Roads that translates to a little bit of busyness over pitter patter style imperfections, but then, when you take the pulse r2 to a more rugged b grade country road like im on at the moment, it is noticeably firm with the way that it dispatches obstacles.

I think the biggest most pronounced feature of that weight is just the amount of vertical movement, if be it through larger, drawn out undulations or sharper bumps in the road theres a lot of movement up and down, and you constantly feel it. The car just lacks that key control that youre really looking for, especially for a sportier tuned vehicle on harsher obstacles, theres a lot of thudding, quite a bit of crashing as well, and then over the more drawn out undulations. You just notice it kind of gets to the bottom of its compression and then rebounds quite harshly, so certainly not as polished or refined as the technology in this car might have. You believe its not a deal breaker so to speak. But for me the ride is simply too firm for aussie conditions. Noticeable road noise is another detractor from the polestars on road poise rumbling through the cabin on all surfaces, but becoming particularly pronounced on coarse chip bitumen. In every other respect, this car feels well sorted. You sit nice and low in the cockpit the door sleeves seem quite high, so you really do feel as though you sit in this car, rather than on top of it, which really does buy into that sporty kind of premise in terms of all important efficiency. Our long range test car displayed 430 kilometers worth of range at 100 charge well short of its 540 kilometer claim we average 19 kilowatt hours per 100k within reach of the 17.

4 kilowatt hour claim. The polstar 2 is backed by a 5 year. Unlimited kilometer warranty in australia, while its battery is backed by an 8 year, 160 000 kilometer turn first five years worth of servicing are free, reaffirming the polstars consumer friendly appeal. The polstar 2 is an impressive first effort from the swedish car maker and sets an exciting tone for the rest of its model. Lineup. For me, its internal combustion origins, its cabin fitment and its firm ride are key detractions, but this is still a welcome addition to the ev class.