My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the cooper born weve got our first impressions of it. Its a left hand drive so lets get started. Music video is sponsored by our insurance partner, as well as excellent rates. They have specific cover for electric vehicles and are great for company cars too. You want more information or to get a quote. Click on the link in the description and also on the screen. Music. Those that know your electric cars and e glide will go. Thatll look kind of familiar, so this is based on the mbb platform. Its part of the volkswagen group, cupra was the sporty side of say it, but now its its own standalone brand still sporty with the styling. It has been styled in barcelona and then is manufactured in zika in germany, so theres a lot of idt 3 in it, but like at the top working way down, youd think id3. But then, once you start getting to the bonus, youve got these lovely creases. Youve got obviously the cooper, copper badge um, which is really good. I was just filming there and there was a guy pulled up beside me, goes whats that and so youre going to get asked questions, but the styling is gorgeous. Youve got the cooper name in underneath here and then youve got this copper splitter at the front, with this aurora blue and its another 800 odd euros of an option absolutely gorgeous.

But the front really like it, aggressive something different on the road and fair play to cupra and say that for taking that chance and doing something different with it. So really like the front. Um lets move down along the side, so we can see down along the side, so youve got um two different trim levels, because this originally was called the elborn based on a area in barcelona. But the chain take the l out of it, because the l bourne stands for the born, as in the name of the place. And then, if you named a car after it youd be calling it the el elborne, the the born. So that i said lets just call it: the board um two different trims, the board and the born e boost in ireland and then theres three battery sizes, 44, 58 and 77, and so between trims and battery sizes. Youve got about six different variations. 18 inch wheels and 19 inch wheels as options, and you can go 20 inches as well, so theres six different rooms, some of them are gray. Some of them are black and silver gray and silver, and then theres the copper, accentuated ones as well. So really nice led lights and has this nice detail along the side of it as well? Youve got your retractable wing mirrors side on its very id3, except for this bit at the bottom and at the back then, on the id3. It has a decal, whereas this is actually molded into the body, work same charge and flap, but the front is nice.

I think the back is even nicer. It is slightly lower than an id3 and it is ever so slightly longer than an id3 as well. So body shape is slightly different, but not by much youre youre playing on that sportiness. But lets have a look around the back and see what we think of down there down along the back is where i think it looks. Even better youve got the same spoiler. I think its the same spoiler as the um id3 are very similar. This might be actually a bit longer and youve got some uh side walls on it as well, what they call the coast to coast, rear lights, youve got the cooper detailing um, copper, nice, big chunky, letters and youve got that carbon effect on the boot hatch opens Really nice, its the exact same boot as the volkswagen id3, so 380 liters decent size, but youve got the cutouts again very much like the id3 and youve got this rear diffuser down here as well. Really nice. Looking overall lets have a look on the inside see what its like and how much change theyve made from that id3, but so far i think its a winner, whats it like inside the cooper born very similar to the id3 in some areas, but then cupra has Stepped up so you have the nice um good, solid door, but you have some really nice fabrics, some copper accents. Some nice detailing on it.

Youve got the same touch panel uh for the lights, but on the dash itself, youve got this kind of um threaded effect. Uh same as the steering wheel, haptic buttons are still on here. You have the movable instrument cluster on the binacle or the movable binacle uh in and out up and down on the uh drivers, column, uh, steering column, youve got your gear selector and on the remember correctly, on the id, its glass where this is a match, then You have the uh a 12 inch screen, which is bigger than the id3, some nice detailing on the actual dash same size, glove box, some copper accents in this model, its not the model that were going to be getting. Ireland were going to be getting one that has a roll over top, so you can hide stuff into it. Youve got your wireless charging pad youve got your armrest huge pocket down here as well, and seats are really comfortable. Its got those really cooper bucket seats. A lot of sustainability in here as well fabrics used and manufactured by recycled plastics that have been taken out of the mediterranean, so the seat covers and the other side, walls of the actual seats itself and the car mats. You can see theres badges on on stuff steering wheel is, is the id3 steering wheel with a cooper touch to it and with the e boost version youre going to get those um e boost buttons on the steering wheel as well? No panel sunroof and this one and great size looking forward to doing a full review on it.

When i get it for a number of days, because today, its only for a short period but and the interior as much as the haptic buttons are still there. That bigger screen is lovely and the quality and the fit and finish of the materials is above the id3. So really nice space wise, is going to be the same, but lets set this its up to the setup. For me, im 187 centimeters six foot two lets have a seat in the back and you can see uh what kind of space we have there. In the back of the cooper barn, those really nice bucket seats, you can really see them now. Um its got a small magazine, pouch got two usb type cs: three isofix one on the front and two in the rear: um really comfortable seats in the back as well flat floor, so that central passenger would you fit three adults in the back three small adults. Yeah but youve got two full seats and then that center seat um no arm rest in this, but you do have um the ability to knock some seats down its got 60 40 split on the door, decent sized bins. Youve got your um electric windows and youve got your lights in the back here as well, that you can just touch on or touch off, yeah good lets. Take it out on the road. If you think this car may be for you, you can submit a eb specific insurance quote by clicking the link on the screen or in the description whats.

It like driving the cooper born very similar to the id3 um, but the suspension is supposedly set a small bit firmer, so uh just for that sportier feel its rear motor electric motor and it is rear. Wheel, drive, there wont, be an all wheel, drive version of it. This is say its first all, electric sorry. This is coopers. First, all electric offering they have a couple of uh plug in hybrids, but this is the first time theyve gone in and they will be bringing an suv, a beautiful, looking suv um in a couple of years, all going well. If this is what they have to offer, its obviously based on volkswagens meb platform, so itll be tried and tested, but just that the design element really nice. I really like it um a couple of different battery sizes. As we talked about 44 58 and 77, i had the id3 twice in the channel now and it is um. The 58 is probably the most popular one and thats the probably the most popular one in this as well. It comes in six different colors with six different wheel, trims uh. The gray is the base color and then theres an added premium for the um other five, and this is the top of the range color aurora blue um, very nice. With that copper accent in it. As well, the 12 inch screen is a nice upgrade on the id3 as well. Ranges for the battery is what theyre saying is witpp 350 for the smallest 440 for the medium and then 507 for the largest or over 500.

There are a couple of optional extras that you can get so you will get the heads up display. Um there are, there is a beats stereo system, so this is obviously targeting that generation where audio is important to them. So big stereo system is a nice partnership to have for cupra dc charging. Itll base level is 100 kilowatts and then it will be 120. Kilowatts, then, for the um born e boost version and then on ac itll take 11 kilowatts, because cooper is known for its sportiness. They have slightly tweaked the suspension theyre supposed to be small with tighter. I cant feel it now because i only have it for the guts of an hour, but i will test it out a bit further on the um, hopefully theres an e boost version of will. The one were going to get for for press reviews, but overall ie3s, very competent car is that i had it on the channel when it launched, and i also did a coast to coast in it as well, and that was the 58 kilowatt. I did bombullet to don leary and it had, i remember correctly – over 100 kilometers spare and so very capable, and it was coming in around its wltp, a bit lower but its in 440 and the the run that i did was uh just over 300. So having 100 spare worked out about right coming into ireland in um, taking orders probably february of next year 2022, with expected deliveries end of march april kind of times on mid.

The 2 2 1 reg play it here in ireland. Um prices are starting at 31.5 thousand um for the base level, uh lowest battery lowest trim and then for the biggest battery the 77 kilowatt hour, with the um e boost trim. That is going to be around about 42 and a half, so there is going to be. That is including the grants so very competitively priced um surprisingly, so because usually cupra because its that racing element of say ash, i thought it was going to be a bit more expensive than the id3. But if theyre smart about it theyre going to get no volumes of this on the road, so people understand what the cooper badge is all about. Let me know in the comments what you think of the cooper born artist, formerly known as the elborn id love to know. I really like this island. I think theyre going to do very well with this Music. One thing that volkswagen group do very well and that is their indicator sound. I was recently doing the um ford, mustang mackie gt review over in croatia, the media launch, and it was the most silent indicator noise ever, whereas with this one, you wont forget that its on anywhere and thats, what you wanted, an indicator that you dont want to Be giving other drivers the wrong information, whether youre going or not? Overall, i really enjoyed my time with the cooper born today. As i said, i think its going to be a good success for them, looking forward to seeing them on the road.

Just a reminder that todays video was sponsored by ev insurance, daddy, who have excellent rates and specific cover for electric vehicles for more info click. The link on the screen, and also in the description for a quote thats, my first impressions of the cooper born volkswagen group, have its going to be interesting. This is going to take some people that were potentially id3 buyers and im sure theyre aware of that bush. It will also take other electric vehicles that are out there in that price point and coopers going to take some of that market share. If you like, the id3, and i like the idt, i think its a great car one of the best selling cars so far in in um in ireland in the uk in europe. If cooper can get these cars theyll sell them. Let me know in the comments what you think: would you pick this over on id3? What else are you looking at if you werent looking at the cooper born like the video, give it a shirt, somebodys thinking about buying an electric car and remember, if you think, an ev is for you leave it to me and ill review thanks.