The ev9 is boxy and adopts a virtually flat roofline. It appears to be significantly larger, which explains the jump from six to nine, as were expecting the production model to be much bigger, to earn its name being a concept it has the usual design traits like large, wheels, side, cameras and high tech lighting with leds flanking. The closed off grille, a typical concept rate, the kia ev9 lacks door, handles for a sleeker side profile and comes with a massive sunroof shaped like a hexagon muscular character lines extending from the fenders to the a and b pillars, as well as downwards, lend the show Car, a more imposing look to match the sheer size of the zero emissions, suv, Music, Music, Music, so Music, so Music, Music, Music. Stepping inside the electric concept hints at a minimalist look with very few conventional controls by incorporating most of the functions in an ultra wide screen dominating the dashboard illuminated in white touch. Sensitive buttons are mounted below, while to their left is a retro futuristic. Steering wheel, albeit its shape, is far from being an actual wheel. A full length center console separates the driver from the front passenger and incorporates a long arm rest featuring what seems to be a split opening layout. It remains to be seen whether that whole center console slides forward and aft, as seen in the hyundai ioniq 5. Music. A teaser for a teaser thats one way to describe the image published by kia a few days ago to announce a live stream for the ev9 concept: thats, because the fully electric large suv isnt debuting today.

But we do have the opportunity to see several preview images of the ev to ease the wait until next weeks, premiere its set to make its full debut on november 17th, at the 2021 los angeles, auto show. Naturally, kia is remaining time lipped for the moment. Regarding the technical specifications only saying the ev9 adopts an ultra modern, exterior design, thats, certainly true as it makes existing production models, look rather outdated by comparison, and we are also surprised that futuristic suv is a significant departure in terms of appearance compared to the ev6 Music.