This is a big day for subaru. The companys first foray into the all electric world is a big one, and we mean that literally co developed with toyota. The subaru sulterra is a full fat ev wrapped in a five passenger suv body. That certainly stands out in the crowd that is provided. The crowd. Doesnt include the toyota bz4x more on that in a bit. The solterras world debut is here, but, alas, theres still quite a bit. We dont know about this new model. Subaru will sell the soltera in global markets, but this debut focuses on the japanese spec model. Well get a taste of what u.s buyers can expect next week ahead of the los angeles auto show, but you can bet any differences either aesthetically or mechanically will be. Very slim, if they exist at all that said, heres what you need to know. The solterra puts power to the ground through a pair of electric motors one for each axle. Each motor generates 107 horsepower 80 kilowatts for a combined output of 215 horsepower 160 kilowatts and with subarus pension for all wheel, drive vehicles thats the only configuration available on the soltera. It utilizes the companys awdx mode system for use on a variety of surfaces which is further enhanced by the new grip control feature that provides extra stability at speed. The soleterras electricity comes from a 71.4 kilowatt hours, lithium ion battery pack, giving the suv a range of approximately 285 miles.

460 kilometers for japans wltc standard history shows epa. Ratings are generally lower, however, so expect to see that number drop for the sole terrorism, a debut as for charging subaru doesnt offer time estimates, but the suv can charge at 150 kilowatts that should translate to about a half hour to recoup 80 percent of range. The solterras exterior styling shouldnt be a surprise at this point. Aside from numerous teasers leading to the debut, the solterra is a near copy of its brother from another mother. The toyota bz4x subaru changes up the front fascia to create a subias mouth, where youd normally find a grill and the lower fascia is a bit more aggressive. Looking with its prominent intake and round driving lamps, the sol terras tail light design is also a near copy. With the lenses on the rear, liftgate being specific to subaru 18 inch, wheels are standard with 20 inches optional inside youll, find more familiarity with the bz4x right down to the same center. Touchscreen in digital dash layout, minor trim updates should help differentiate the subie from its toyota twin and, of course, youll see. Subaru logos of plenty with all wheel, drive being standard front wheel. Drive is available on the toyota expect a more rugged outdoorsy flavor, with soltera compared to the bz 4x dimensions, are a match to toyota as well. Checking in at 4690 millimeters 184.6 inches long 1860, millimeters, 73 2in wide and 1650 millimeters 65 in tall the solterra tips.

The scales at four hundred fifty three pounds, two thousand twenty kilograms subaru – will offer the soltera in numerous markets around the globe. Starting in mid 2022. pricing will be announced closer to its on sale date and, as mentioned previously stay tuned for the solterras us debut.