That means mustang the golden gate bridge the statue of liberty of american car icon names, and they put it on electric crossover. Well, you got a bit annoyed, didnt, you and possibly rightly so so four to try and earn your forgiveness. This gives you this the mackie gt, the fast one and theyve hidden it all the way in sunny croatia in southern europe, where you cant find it. So i thought that before you get ever so salty in the comments well have a good look around it and then well go for a drive and we can have a think about whether or not this is a good car. And then we can decide whether or not its a good mustang right lets go quick, a mackie gt. They claim goes from naught to 62, yes, 62 miles per hour or 100 kilometers an hour in 3.7 seconds, and i want to give that a go were not doing. One foot roll out were not doing a drag strip with glue on the surface. Ive just got a nice quiet stretch here: im going to go into untamed mode foot on break jump on the throttle, yeah that is quite powerful, really just rear up actually thats quite old school. My saying oh thats, 100 already by the way that was thats, 100 ks in very very little time at all, and it really did sort of pitch the nose up quite interesting. I dont know if theyve left that in deliberately as i kind of hey youre still in something that deserves to be called a mustang.

My only suspicion is that, with that deeply impressive and somewhat sickening acceleration, i might have just experienced 95 percent of what the mackie gt offers. What i do find strange about that is that the fastest mustang you can currently buy in the uk the fastest kind of proper old school mustang, something called the mac one. Now its got a five liter v8 engine, its got 460 horsepower and it will do naught to 60 in 4.8 seconds, which is really quick where it was in the olden days kind of funny isnt it that that sporting muscle, car kind of coupe would get absolutely Smoked by a five door, hatchback school bus – and this one is painted the same color as a school bus, very, very strange new world. We appear to be living in ah beautiful isnt it. No, not the scenery. Look at this. Allow me to talk you around. What makes this a mac egt the main difference, of course, big old filled in grill on a normal mackey thats, the kind of mustache motif that suggests a mustang grill shape. But here you get an actual fake, grille, obviously its all filled in for aerodynamics, because it doesnt need any cooling, and the same goes for these vents here. They create whats called an air curtain, nothing to do with cooling, apparently its all there to offset the extra drag caused by bigger, wheels and tires. So these are cast aluminium, theyre, 20 inches.

You get a larger, wider, pirelli tire and then look inside here, massive brembo brake caliper 18 inch discs properly upgraded braking system, which is kind of odd really, given that for an ev, you tend to trust the regen to do most of your braking. For you, okay, come with me down the side this. This is called cyber orange, its a color. You can only get for the mackie gt. It is the most metallic paint ive ever seen. I think if you look at it for too long enough, your eyes will actually turn into glitter um whole car rides 10 mil lower, no door handles, of course, thats still on these buttons and then the doors electronically pop out, given it is so minimal its down. The side a bit of a missed opportunity for me for some disgustingly, 1970s larry, stickers, graphics and stripes, and then coming to the back theres, only two real differences here, a suggestion of a rear diffuser, which i think aerodynamically does the square root of jack or, and Then some hallowed letters in the space where you normally get a horse badge gt. You can legitimately tell people. Look. I drive a ford gt sort of okay. You join us now on an unbelievably smooth croatian motorway. Its probably the smoothest road ive ever driven along were having a cruise now and a mustang should be a good cruiser, but im not sure about the range see they claim 310 miles for a mackie gt.

Its got the big battery 88 kilowatt hours usable. But when we got in this one this morning it said 460 odds, kilometers of range, because youve got to speak european in croatia, but thats about 280 285 miles. I think, and that range is now well 296 kilometers thats about 180 miles. I mean real world. This is a 250 mile car and thats fine, but last week i drove a tesla model y and that, albeit not quite as quick as this in the long range all wheel, drive spec. You want a performance to go as fast as this, but that is a 300 mile car in the real world, even when youre using the air con, even when youre showing your mates, how quick it is so its interesting isnt it if youre after an electric crossover Right now well done your timing, couldnt be better. There are loads of them, high end eyes and volkswagens, and a ford and teslas and all sorts, but theres. Only one thats going to take you well over 300 miles on a charge and it happens to be the same. One thats got its own dedicated charging network and its the tesla and as desirable as a mustang image. Is the mackie its not the rangiest of electric family cars? So i guess you have to kind of choose your priorities, dont you. So what do we think about this interior? Because lets not forget? This is a 65 000 pound car, a 65 grand ford at that, and i know people pay for cars monthly rather than the big retail price.

But that is a pretty scary number to be confronted with on the ford websites. Youd expect to get in here and be impressed um, not sure. Obviously, you get the same 15 and a half inch massive great touchscreen kind of like a telly thats landed on its side smack in the middle of the dashboard. Doesnt seem to have got any faster from any of the other mackies driven its not like theyve turbo charged the chip in the gt, so thats a bit laggy and then otherwise theres really not a lot. I mean theyve written gt on the armrest theres, some white stitching, but you havent got like a flat bottom steering wheel or any alcantara and ford are usually the masters of making a sort of hotter version of a normal car feel a bit more special inside youre. Getting a fiesta st you get fantastic recaro bucket seats and different gear, knob different steering wheel, a few st badges thrown around, maybe some different graphics, and it just makes the car feel special. But you dont feel like theyve spent the money in the wrong place in here. The main change is these big? I think theyre called the performance seats as you might be able to see behind me. Theyve got theyve, got bigger shoulders than dwayne johnson theyre, absolutely enormous, and you get anything. Oh yes, im clasped in ive got loads of support. I can actually hold this thing around, but the problem is because the mackie gt is a crossover you have to climb up into it and, as a result down here, the bolsters that hold your legs in are quite small, so that, as you climb up into the Car you dont give yourself a wedgie every time you get in and that just means that, while the top of your body feels really kind of hunkered and held in the car, your legs dont they kind of slop around and you feel like you might fall off.

The car, as it goes round a roundabout, so its just another way that the mackie gt – yes, its the flagship, yes, its, the most expensive one, but does it feel ultimately that different to the standard car i dont think it does? Ive got a theory about electric cars id like to share with you. If you dont mind, electric cars have lost the element of surprise. I mean fast electric cars that is, whereas 10 years ago, people still made jokes about milk floats and fundamentally thought that nothing could possibly be quicker than i dont know something with a v8 in it. I think weve realized now havent, we, a million youtube drag raters, have proved that a tesla can take on a hellcat that a rimac can see off a lamborghini electric cars can definitely do straight line, speed its not in doubt is it and as youve seen the Mackie gt can do speed. It will do naught to 60 with no wheel spin, with no burnout needed in under four seconds its a funny mix really because i actually prefer the gt the fast mackie at low speed to the standard card. Its actually on these magnetic riding dampers. So that means that when you fire different electrical currents through it, you get different levels of stiffness and at low speed, despite being on bigger, wheels and more slender tyres, the gt, more comfortable car, much better controlled ride and a quieter ride than a standard mackie makes It feel more expensive great, but then, as you go faster and you start to hurl yourself around – oh theres, so much inertia and i mean no feel no sensation, no rewards im sure they can do clever stuff and send more torque to the rear motor.

But do i really want to come out of this corner and have to catch a tail stepping out i mean no, absolutely not. I just think that people who make electric cars are going to have to work a lot a lot harder to convince us all in the future that you want or you need the really fast one is an abandoned petrol station a bit of an on the nose Place to end the day with an electric car yeah, maybe it is but come on. This is the future that the electrics they promised us this one though i dont know i mean you – should lust after the hotter mustang shouldnt you, the gt350s, the shelbys, the king, cobras, Music Applause. Those are the mustangs that become legends. I dont think this one will, though, i dont think its very entertaining to drive in corners its competent, but not exciting, its not very titillating inside. I just dont think that ford, like every manufacturer, really has quite nailed. That idea, yet of how to make someone purchase the most expensive, the fastest electric car. What is the reason? What is the motivation for going for the top model? I mean dont. Get me wrong.