Now, if you stay up to date in the car world, you probably can already guess a few things about the 2022 kia sorento. Fifth. First of all, you can actually charge it via grid electricity, which means it should have a larger zero emissions autonomy and also a larger heavier battery pack. Secondly, the sorrento is an impressive car. We should all know that by now, but while factoring in these things, i also need to mention the price. The sorrento feb starts at 82 000, and that is a premium price tag. If youre up for a plug in hybrid, the sorrento offers just one trim level and its pretty packed with feature goodies, but does it justify the price, especially with some of the competition in mind? But before i tell you more about this sweet sorrento, i need to mention our channel partners. Oz loans. Do you need a car loan with over 40 lenders and low rates? Oz loans is a fast, easy and smart way to get instantly approved for finance now? This sounds ridiculous, but with every new sign up using cartel tvs, link oz loans will include a holiday valued at 2 000. So as if getting the best rate on a car loan isnt enough, theyre, actually adding an amazing holiday to it so check out our socials. For more info and decencys now for the design, i checked out the sorrento when it first launched here in oz a year ago a year on and im still loving it, it still looks modern and sharp and fits in well with any new vehicle.

You would want to buy in todays market just check out this list of exterior features and everything you want. Is there cool, grille, sculpted, bonnet, modern angular shape, hands, free power, tailgate roof rails, led lights all around and actually pretty good. Looking headlights design, privacy, glass panoramic sunroof, roof spoiler. I really think the kia hit the nail on the head with this design. It just feels so familiar and i feel like it suits its target. Marker perfectly were already familiar with the 3.5 litre v6 petrol and the torquey 2.2 litre diesel that power the sorrento. The fev adds the option of a 1.6 liter turbo petrol with 132 kilowatts of power and 265 newton meters of torque over a wonderfully wide range of 1500 to 4500. Reps sure that isnt enough for a body of this size, so the electric motor adds 67 kilowatts of power in 304 newton meters of torque from a standstill to 2100 reps. All this translates to 195 kilowatts and 350 newton meters of torque for the combined system output, and that is nice. The battery weighs 140 kilograms and is located under the second row seat. A slower ac, single phase charger of up to 3.3 kilowatts gives you a charge from 15 to 95 in just three hours and 25 minutes. This powertrain is also mated to a six speed automatic, rather than an eight speed that helps the diesel or petrol variants. So why would you buy a plug in hybrid these days? I mean why not just go full ev.

Well, i guess for the everyday person you know. If you keep this charged overnight, then you can get most of your day to day things done running on pure ev. You get a 68 kilometer range on a charge, but if you want to go on a holiday and you dont want that anxiety about, you know the range in a full ev, then you can go. Youve got the petrol and engine to back you up and you can just relax. So it actually does give you the best of both worlds, and i should probably further clarify that when youre, not in ev mode youre in a hybrid which is far better fuel economy than any internal combustion engine, its by no means a powerhouse. But it gets up to speed with reasonable ease now dont expect the pool like we had on something like the ionic 5.. I mean that thing was a rocket that is a full on ev, and this is a hybrid where the electric motor gives some ev only range and provides a nice boost to the 1.6 litre turbo. There are three modes called auto, hybrid and electric, all of which are pretty self explanatory drive modes are eco sport and smart. While terrain modes are mud, sand and snow? Yes, they do help a lot, but this is not a proper off roader kia claims combined fuel efficiency of 1.6 liters per 100 kilometers and, unfortunately thats not the case. In reality, however, it is realistic to get well under 4 liters per 100 kilometers, so thats actually decent.

However, consumption of fabs greatly depends on how and when you drive it drive it with an empty battery a lot and that little engine has to work really hard. Using loads of fuel so much that the diesel would actually be the better option, drive it in the city when charged and keep it in the ev mode. Only and you basically wont use any fuel the setups a bit softer on the sorrento, which translates to a nice drive in terms of comfort, although there is a little bit of body roll if youre going through a turn a bit faster. The weight is also noticeable. So i think its good, they did not try and behave like it wasnt there now. This is a heft of an suv but its great that kia actually used its size to its advantage. This suspension tune is another great sign of what kia was aiming for with this version of the sorrento. You know its not fast, but its not slow, its comfortable and high quality. It has good tech and it can actually drive you on an electric power. Only to summarize this car, its kind of a hybrid of many things, a jack of all trades, shall we call him jack the sorrento Music or not. Im really enjoying the interior of the sorrento, just like those tail lights inside also has a vertical theme, and it really suits this car. It makes it feel a bit more rugged and utilitarian without diminishing the class or comfort, just like many other key and hyundai models.

Nowadays, you get twin screens 10.25 inch for the infotainment and 12.3 for the digital instrument, cluster, the infotainment one comes with apple carplay and android auto, and i have to give a nod to the physical buttons and knobs on the side. Well, yes, the all screen setup does look cool. The most important thing is being able to use that system while youre driving easily. I should also point out that both phone mirroring options are wired and android. Auto is not full screen, while apple carplay is um prejudice. Still apple carplay works, fine and obviously looks better had some issues with android, auto, though, if youve seen our previous reviews of large hyundai and genesis models, youll also know that this infotainment system has that passenger talk function where your voice is sent to the third row And quiet mode that lets your kids sleep in the back, while you can still enjoy music up front, there is also the 360 degree camera feature with a bunch of modes. Of course, you get some features that come with hybrids and ebs. Things like battery charge, info and navigation shortcuts to the nearest charger very easy to use another electric vehicle feature. Is this driver only button on the dash? Here knows that, most of the time you drive in the car alone, so this awesome feature allows you to be comfortable while neglecting the negative space around you and saving on energy. The 12.3 inch driver display is customizable and crisp, and it also has that camera feed when you turn on the indicators once again, loving that feature make it an industry standard.

There are soft touch materials everywhere, including the dash and theres. This lovely brushed aluminium feature and that diamond kind of pattern continues on the comfortable seats. While i love wood look features in luxury cars, i have to say these brushed aluminium details, look really nice. In this setup, the central console looks massive, and these elevated bits add to that ruggedness. The sorrento puts a lot of emphasis on so there are enough storage spaces, starting with these cup holders and a small bin behind them, which can take most phones nowadays. Bin under the armrest is big, as is the glovebox. The wireless charger tray is pretty big as well, while door pockets are nicely sized, but not as large. As i expected now lets check out. The back did someone say: brunch club. The second row offers heaps of space. As expected, you get rear events and charges armrest with cup holders, additional cup holders and doors and awesome materials that you also get to see up front, including napple leather. On these seats, some unusual features about this car are: there are usb charging points in the seats and the seat actually moves forward with buttons on the side, which is handy, but there are actually eight usb charging points in total in this car, like theres, only seven Seats very nice, if youre an adult sitting in the back, who wants to stretch out a bit while on a trip not so much if youre a parent up front with a bored.

Kid in the back. Other comfort features include heated, outboard seats and sunblinds to keep the sunrays out as well as this awesome panoramic sunroof to let those rays back in the second row of the sorrento is pretty awesome for two passengers in every way. You could imagine, though, understandably a bit cramped for three. The third row can be accessed by pushing a button here or a button here, which is handy. If youre, an adult you will struggle a bit to get in there. Also knee angle is among the worst ive seen for anyone. Whos, not a kid. One redeeming circumstance is that the second row seats can slide forwards to try and make a compromise between the space in the second row and here in the third now back there. They also get storage, space, climate control cup holders and usb points. Of course, with all seven seats up, the boot is tiny with just 175 liters of space have them in their more common 5c configuration, and you get 604 liters with a flat floor and virtually no load lip youve got these handy buttons to drop the second row For a fully flat boot and thats awesome, but now just when are they going to make the buttons that pull them back up again expectedly? This sorrento is pretty safe with features like electronic stability control, vehicle stability, management, trailer stability, assist, kill, start assist, downhill, brake control, front and reverse parking sensors with dash display blind spot collision avoidance, assist blind spot view, monitor rear cross traffic collision avoidance.

Assist lane keep assist with lane change assist lane following assist autonomous emergency brake with forward collision warning system, parking collision avoidance, assist driver attention, alert, intelligent speed, limit assist 360 degree, camera and safe exit assist okay. So, as mentioned, the price of this feb sorrento is 81 990, and you were getting pretty much every feature you could wish for. You can own it with repayments as little as 290 dollars a week with ozlones, while some people might see these kinds of plug in hybrids as an unnecessary compromise. Personally, i see them as a stepping stone a way to get a lot of the benefits every day of an ev in reality, while not the most entertaining car in terms of driving dynamics, the sorrento fev is actually the sweet spot for the majority of buyers. Looking to electrify their driving experience, it gives an ev range that would suffice for most commonly used day to day distances, while still having the security of the internal combustion engine. But you can also go on a long road trip, using the benefits of having petrol stations at every corner and have zero range anxiety. Add to this the amazing quality and comfort, as well as keys, warranty and cap price servicing, and the sorrento fib actually becomes the perfect blend of the familiar piece of mind and most of the benefits of having an actual ev. As i said it earlier, its not a sports car and its not a proper off roader and its not an eevee talk monster, but its pretty much everything else, and that makes it a great choice for a lot of drivers.

The only thing is that price, but with that being said, it does seem like the sorrento is worthy with all those extra features, but at the same time there are a lot of competitors in that same price bracket. Direct competition like the new kluger, which is a pure hybrid only so you dont get that ev range. So, in my opinion, the sorrento is well worth a look at.