My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the mercedes, benz eqc, so lets get started. Music todays video is sponsored by easy go as well as being irelands largest ev charging network easygo supports over 10 000 irish ev drivers to find and use more than 1200 charge points active on the easygo app. This works across the island of ireland, north and south. The team at ezekiel also provide home workplace and public chargers, together with fleet management and payment service solutions ideal for businesses, transitioning their fleets to electric vehicle driving Music usual formula on the channel. We look around the outside from front to back and then we go on the inside. Then we take it out for a spin youve got your sensors up at the front, rain, etc and then huge big bonus really wasted space because theres no front inside in it. I was at the irish eevee owners meet up yesterday and people were interested theyre, like surely theres a frunk in the inside of that just some plastic gladden and bits of gubbins and stuff like that. But otherwise, because this is based on a combustion engine kind of a platform uh based on that glc, it doesnt take the advantage of the uh having a frunk in the front of it, moving down stunning lights and that side to side light bar across it. And you have the led matrix, um lights, beautiful you have your glass black grille and by depending on whether you go for the eqc or the eqc, with the amg exterior package will dictate what you have here on the grill.

So you, if its the amg package, youll, have two stripes. If its the standard one itll be multiple stripes on the glass black front and then also at the bottom, the diffuser at the bottom or sorry, the um front spoiler at the bottom. It will be a different, so youve got the air cushions on the side here. I think it looks great that bar at an item looks phenomenal and as much as its not a uh, a full blacked off grill. This one is looks really well so lets take a look alongside that. A lot of the companies use this kind of a blue to identify that its an electric vehicle, and i think, its nice, the eyebrows within in the lights. So these are the amg because its the amg kit on the outside of it, so you can get 19s 20s and 21s theres about eight or nine different uh variations. This one has the amg but theyre aero wheels. So its got that second ring on the inside of it really nice um and looks great and the fact that they are only 19s the 21s. There is 121 model thats, the multi spoke one i think, looks even better, but i think these look great youve got your eqc badging on the side uh, which is obviously uh, just identify the fact that it is the electrified version. Youve got your retractable wing mirrors. Youve got this chrome strip down along the bottom.

Youve got your keyless entry, not that tall of a car actually and based on the mercedes c class or glc version, and then the charging port is on the other side. Well, have a look at the charging port. Otherwise, with that chrome around the window frames as well, i think it looks well a number of different colors as well. I think its like 12 different colors and the black is the entry level no cost and everything else then theres a theres a charge to it. But lets have a look at the charging port and then around the back. Charging port is ac, 11 kilowatts and dc 110. Kilowatts and theyve got those nice covers on it as well down along the back. You have your protruding spoiler, your high level brake light window. Washer youve got those side to side light bar on it as well. Youve got your eq c400, its 4matic, which indicates its a four wheel, drive and electronic tail lift and then inside 500 liters of space exact same size in a round as the bmw ix youve got your tonneau cover. You have some hot hooks: youve got the buttons to knock down the seats as well: electronically 12 volt, some storage, either side and then underneath youve got some storage for its, not huge, but its not bad. Youve got a pop up. Crate youve got the two different types of cables: youve got your warning triangle and so bits and pieces youve got that nice and scuff guard and its flat floor all the way through and button to close put it like inside the mercedes, benz, eqc, beautiful and even Though a couple years out at the stage, still very refined and still very well finished, so as you come in the door, you have the eqc and kick plate at the bottom: good, big size, chunky doors, uh, heated, seats, front, uh, left and right.

You have this design language where you have these kind of, like fins, going all the way along the dash and over to the other door. And then you have your lock unlock, retractable mirrors, adjustable electric wing mirrors, and then you have your four buttons and the ability to lock it. You also have the option of opening the boot from the driver door then as well. If you want to drive up, get your shop and left in the back and drive off again as youd expect good sized chunky door, you have a multi function, steering wheel, start button, its keyless entry and keyless goal, but you have that start button there. If you want it on the steering wheel, you have very similar to the eqa that i recently reviewed. You can put that up on the screen and in the description, but you have um voice and um controls on the left hand, side on the right hand, side youve got your cruise control, which is adaptive. You have your regenerator braking. Well, talk about that when were out driving and then you have your window up wipers and controls on the left and on the right hand, side you have your reverse, neutral drive and perk bonnet releases way hidden in underneath that we had trouble finding it yesterday. Uh two landscape screens front of the driver. You can change how to look like but speed on the left and on the right. Then you can change where you want it efficiency, whether you want it um, whatever stats you want to display and in the center, then it lets you know whats going on in the car, whether theres a door open, etc.

Uh. The vents um have on this version that i have have a rose gold tint to it absolutely stunning, and then you have a lot of glass, not plastic, but a lot of glass effect uh throughout the car. You have this shelf here, uh, just underneath the infotainment system. You have a big speaker. Sound in this car is amazing as well big speaker in the middle of the dash, and then you have your man made um leather rose. Gold highlights big glove box over here. Then, as well moving down youve got two well positioned vents. You have your um hvac climate control and underneath that then youve got some shortcut buttons like telephone, etc. And then you have your cup holders which are a decent size and they will take the evie review. Ireland bottle one usb type c, and then you have your drive mode selector, as in how dynamic sport normal and sorry, individual sport, comfort and eco cameras off or parking sensors off whats the state of charge, quick button on that which is good. Your volume rocker your on off button for the actual display and then your parking cameras, and you have the mbux um system like a kind of a mouse pad, and it has a haptic feedback to it as well. Good. So many ways to interact with this car touch screen voice. Youve got the um thumb, sensors kind of like little mini mouse pads or touch pads on the steering wheel, and then you also have your physical buttons and the touch pad behind that.

Then youve got your armrest with the double opening doors and inside here youve got two usb type cs. Seats are great. It has fully electrically adjustable except um for the sliding forward and back thats manually, adjusted, but otherwise a gorgeous ver up here. Youve got your um head unit and youve got your sunglass holder in there as well. Seats are very comfortable, well talk about the driving position and the steering weight, sorry, the driving feel suspension, etc when were out for the drive, but otherwise it is really nice what i preferred over the e tron, its very close at the moment, still havent tested out The jaguar eyepiece still um and ive just recently done. The bmw ix ix is uh. It is luxurious, but probably luxurious, leaning more towards technology where this is definitely um. Theres tech in this as well of a very good standard. But you just feel that its more about the luxury in the mercedes benz, this is set for me. Im 187 centimeters six foot two lets have a seat in the back to see what were at no panoramic sunroof in the eqc, and i couldnt see an option for one either. This has the black headliner in it, which uh i would prefer a lighter headlighter. Just to give that sense of airiness lets have a seat in the back. If you think this car is for you, you can contact easygo and register for the app by clicking the link on the screen or in the description sit in the back of the mercedes benz eqc and very smart designers.

Theyve taken the seats and theyve put two um indents in it, so that my knees arent touching it theres about half a centimeter um between me and the seat. Youve got your magazine. Holder youve got a vent system in the middle of the console, but its i think its either on or off. There is no option for changing the call, so its dual zone not try zone two usb type cs in here and also a traditional 12 volt nicely hidden away. Youve got two usb sorry, um iso fixed seats in it and decent size, probably wouldnt fit. Somebody in the middle, if you have two large adults in the back here um, you have your armrest. You have your cup holders and youve got your storage area in underneath here as well. This has a 60 40 split or no, it doesnt as its 40. 20. 40 split: you can knock that all the way down if you need to put stuff along through uh reading lights, um handle and then on the door. Youve got that nice brushed aluminium. Look with your speaker very nicely fitted and decent sized pockets large transmission tunnel there, for if there was a center passenger thats just because you have the um youre carrying over that legacy from the combustion engine. What i will say about this is because the floor isnt packed up with batteries. The seats then have a really good nice angular position, sometimes youll get it on your.

Your knees are above your ears, but it is um nice, its its nice in the back here. Yeah plenty head room, as i said, my im six foot two so and that seat is set for me. Lets take it out for a spin whats. It like driving the mercedes, benz eqc youre in a very exclusive club, because theres probably theres about 37. From what i could see between 20 2019 and 2021, so far, registrations on in ireland and then theyre, probably a couple brought in from the uk as well so theres only about 40 of these in the country and yesterday i was at the irish evie owners um. There was a meet up in junction 14 and lots of great cars. There um a mustang mackie. There was a tesla model y and a lot of people were interested in this as well, because you dont see it every day, its obviously on the premium price side of things. But in my opinion, you pay what you get for. You get what you pay for. You pay what you get for. You pay what you you get, what you pay for, and prices. Okay, lets get this out the way so um entry level or, if you just wanted to walk in and buy one without any bells and whistles its around 84 000 euros, its all above the 60 000 euro limit for the grants, so theres no grant on on This premium level of electric vehicle, this one is the amg line exterior and the electric art interior.

So this one is nearly 94 and a half thousand, so its a lot of money, but beautiful, i think it looks stunning outside. I think its well finished inside to that mercedes, benz quality and feel um. The only thing that lets it down is its uh efficiency. In my opinion and thats, not just my opinion, everybodys opinion so im getting and it states it on its website. It says between 22.3 and 25 kilowatt hours per hundred kilometers, and what does that mean? It just means its a heavy car, its about two and a half thousand tons two and a half thousand kgs 2.5 tons. It is and just the fact that it was developed and it was released in 2019 – the battery composition, how efficient it could be. The newer cars are going to be more efficient, but if youre spending this kind of money on that three pointed stair, maybe you dont care about the efficiency. It has a wltp, which is a standardized rating system for all manufacturers to use of 412 real world range. Ev database put it in around about that 370.. I was getting around about that 360 370 range, so that range does yet, and you want the comfort and the luxury it is super smooth. It is super quiet, uh has acoustic systems, it has double glazed uh, double paned windows uh. I had blake boland down with me to the eevee, meet up and yeah no problem.

Having that conversation and um being able to listen to each other um. Very nice 19 inch wheels are perfect. I wonder what the ride quality would be like on those 21s weve covered price colors you get theres 12 different colors and the entry level or the standard price is uh or the um included. Color is black, and everything else in after that is, is an optional extra, so yeah 12 different colors. There are five different trim levels and eight different upholstery options. So what i mean by trim, it means, do you want metal? Do you want wood upholstery? Obviously, is the seats and then theres a couple of different packs, then advanced premium premium plus advantage uh. If you go for the amg line, youll get one of those packs included, theres, not a lot of extras, but theres enough theres a tow hitch on it. Um that you can, you can get its a retractable one as well: um, unbreak, 750 kgs and then braked, i think its 1800 or 1500. Otherwise, whats it like to drive were driving along here. Im shouting stats at you and driving is what youre interested in potentially. So it is, as i mentioned, super smooth great driving position. Its an suv, so youre high up um steering wheel is well weighted. There are some adjustments that you can make within the settings. Um super spritely zero to 100 in 5.1 seconds, so for a big 2500 kg car.

It can move and thats down to that 300 kilowatt motor, its all wheel, drive motors combined, and that gives you 408 brake horsepower and 760 newton meters of torque. So it can move, even though its battery is a 80 kilowatt hour, usable battery, going to take it down onto the n11 m11 and just to get up to 100 kilometers an hour and 120 kilometers an hour. So you can hear this here or not here, whats. It like with the road noise bush, as i said yesterday, i did my m50 and then m7n7 no yeah and down to monastery open and no problem. Absolutely no problem. So here we are on the m11 uh speed number 100 kilometers an hour im at 71. thats, a hundred, absolutely no difference in the acoustic and the sound like mad for the ability to move such a large vehicle along so quickly, beautiful, very comfortable. Just wishing out a bit more range and thats, why they havent brought this to the united states in this version, but they will be bringing a version to the united states just because the distances in the u.s are um so much greater. They need bigger ranges than the 350 or 60 real world that this is getting just not enough anymore, thats perfect for a lot of people. A lot of people were very happy with that kind of a range some people dont need the 400 to 500 kilometers now were at 100 up to 120 120.

There just a reminder that todays video was sponsored by easy go, who are now offering a years free driving when ezco installs a charger at your home or business for more info or to submit for a quote click the link on the screen or in the description. Thats my look around the mercedes benz eqc beautiful car, beautiful price, but i think it looks great on the outside stunning on the inside, so smooth so luxurious, not the most efficient in the world, but it came out in 2019, so things have moved on the efficiencies Companies have under are understanding battery efficiency now and what they need to do about it, going up against some the likes of the bmw, the jaguar, the audi e tron, so its in around that this is probably up there. I was a fan of the e tron, but i think this is just small bit more luxurious and then im a huge fan of the bmw ix, just because its how technology is in it. This has some technology, but just not in this spec there is the augmented reality. Let me know in the comments what you think a friend of mine laura calls, these champagne problems if youre in that market for all of these different types of electric vehicles, maybe the price is not the thing youre worrying about or how efficient it is. Hopefully, youve enjoyed todays video, make sure you like it share it to somebody that may have won the lottery at the weekend and remember if you think an eevee is for you leave it to me and ill review thanks.