4 million dollars, the ferrari laferrari is a downright bargain compared to some of the other cars on our list. First released in 2013, the hybrid la ferrari offers 950 horsepower and tops out at 220 miles per hour, making it ferraris fastest production model. To this day on the used market, however, examples are now selling for over twice the original sale price. Like the la ferrari, the original pagani huayra was released in very limited quantities and offered at 1.4 million dollars when it was new produced between 2012 and 2018. The car was assembled completely by hand and powered by a twin turbocharged, mercedes, amg v12, capable of 720 horsepower. The mclaren elba is one of the latest additions to the british supercar makers, storied legacy, even without a proper windshield or roof to rely on the elva. Still pumps out 804 horsepower and 590 pound feet of torque from its twin turbocharged 4 liter v8 originally announced just ‘9 units and later limited to an even more scarce 249 units. The elva will cost customers 1.7 million dollars. Much like the ruthless mclaren elva the ferrari. Sp1 and sp2 are all about alfresco motoring, as the name implies. The sp1 is a single seater, while the sp2 has just enough room for you to bring along a friend with its two seat configuration the cars are powered by a 6.5 liter. Naturally, aspirated v12 engine capable of 809 horsepower and 530 pound feet of torque. Unfortunately, for us buyers, neither of these models will be street legal.

Of course, if you have the funds to afford the cars, 1.7 million dollar price tag, getting onto a track probably wont be an issue with just 12 units produced in total. The bentley baccolar makes some of these limited cars on the list. Look plentiful by comparison, although the cars opulent design may be the first thing to grab your attention, the bakular is no slouch in terms of performance with bentleys signature, 6 liter w12. The car delivers 650 horsepower and 664 pound feet of torque. If you have a spare 1.9 million dollars lying around and youre thinking about buying one well youre too late, bentley states that every example is already in customer hands named after the companys founder batista farina. The pinum farina batista is set to deliver the kind of performance and price that would have made its namesik proud revealed with 2019 geneva motor show. The batista is all electric putting out 1827 horsepower if a normal supercar, 0 60 time sounds too leisurely for you. The company says that the batista will take you there in under two seconds, pinum farina plans on building just 150 examples of the batista costing 2.5 million dollars each. The mercedes amg 1 is unapologetically a formula one car for the road originally teased in march 2017, and followed up by a concept. The one appears to be finally getting a production model in the coming year. When it does, the car will feature a turbocharged 1.

6 liter v6, derived straight from lewis, hamiltons championship f1 racer over 1200 horsepower and a price tag of 2.7 million dollars or both part of the deal. The folks at aston martin know a thing or two about exclusive vehicles and the victor might just be the most exclusive project. Yet, based on the 177 platform, the victory uses parts from several donor astons, including the track only vulcan and the upcoming valkyrie talking about limited production. The victor is one of one and rumored to cost nearly three million dollars. Although many of the cars on this list could be considered works of art, this is especially true of the ultra avant garde, bugatti boleed. While this cars, incredible styling with x, shaped headlights and tail lights might be the first thing to jump out at you, its designed to be an absolute monster on the track using the bugatti chirons infamous w16 engine, the bolee produces just under 1500 horsepower. This track only weapon costs, 3 million, even agent 07, might find himself with a bit of sticker shock from the aston martin valkyrie, which is projected to sell somewhere between 2.6 and 3.9 million dollars were kidding, of course, but even if he could scrounge together the cash. The valkyrie is already sold out, despite not even being on the road. Yet the aggressively styled hyper car will feature a 6.5 liter v12, capable of 1160 horsepower and 664 pound feet. The valkyrie will be limited to just 150 cars for the standard edition and the even scarcer amr edition will be limited to just 25 examples.

Hailing from dubai and established in 2012, w motors unveiled its first production vehicle, the lycan hypersport in 2013.. This car certainly justifies its 3.4 million dollar cost with titanium led headlights, housing, 420, individual 15 carat diamonds and the holographic display in the center console performance wise. The car showcases a twin turbocharged, 3.7 liter, six cylinder producing 780 horsepower and 708 pound feet of torque joining the huayra featured earlier on our list. The pagani huayra roadster bc is unsurprisingly a ruthless version with even more speed. The car is powered by an amg source twin turbo v12, capable of 800 horsepower and 774 pound feet. Naturally, this italian convertible features an equally monstrous 3.5 million dollar price and its limited to just 40 units worldwide. The bugatti chiron is already one of the most coveted hyper cars on the planet and the puresport variant takes things even further engineered with the focus on aerodynamics weight reduction and power distribution. The heart of the puresport is its quad turbocharged 8 liter w16 engine. The cars peak output remains the same as the standard ship run at 1 500 horsepower, but the redline has been taken from 6700 to 6900 rpm. The bugatti chiron puresport began production late last year. At a price of 3.6 million dollars with many automakers moving toward an electric future, it only makes sense that supercars follow a similar path. The lamborghini cn is the companys first electrified option based on the aventador svj powered by the same 6.

5, liter v12. The cn adds a 48 volt mild hybrid system, with a total output of 819 horsepower, making it the most powerful lamborghini to date. However, all of this performance comes at a price 3.6 million dollars to be precise. The bugatti chiron makes another appearance on our list with the super sport 300 plus, this car celebrates bugattis announcement of breaking the 300 mile per hour barrier with a modified test car, a road legal version of that car. The super sport 300 plus is limited to 277 miles per hour, thats a difference of 23 mph that you and hopefully the local highway patrol will never get the chance to notice. The super sport 300 plus is limited to just 30 units and cost an appropriate 3.9 million dollars like the cn. The lamborghini venino is also based on the aventador, with a similar price and limited quantity to match, with only 14 units ever produced, the veneno was fitted with a souped up version of the aventador 6.5 liter v12, putting out horsepower and 509 pound feet of torque. That gave it a 0 60 time of 2.9 seconds. The veno also takes the crown as the most expensive, lamborghini ever standing at 4.5 million. Although the styling of the bugatti devo could be considered more conservative compared to the wild baleed its clean lines, carbon fiber, intercooler and lighter overall weight 77 pounds worth compared to the charon still make it an incredible hyper car. The devos power remains unchanged from the chiron at 1, 500 horsepower, but its sleek styling isnt, just for looks the improved aerodynamics help it beat the chivron by eight seconds around the famous nardo test track.

If you find the charon a bit too modest and want something a little more premium, the bugatti devo will cost you 5.8 million dollars. First things. First, the mercedes maybach accelerate was unfortunately a one off. So good luck! Finding one for yourself commissioned by fulda goodyears german subsidiary to test its new tires. The accelero first came to light in 2004., based on a mybach platform. Its twin turbocharged v12, put out 690 horsepower and 752 pound feet. Its top speed was 218 miles per hour and it cost folda 8 million dollars to make adjusted for inflation thats an eye popping 10 million dollars today time for a quick, italian lesson, cento means one hundred in the eche means ten put that all together and you Get the appropriately named bugatti chento diece, made to celebrate the iconic brand 110th anniversary and now for a little pop quiz. The shento day was limited to just diece units, thats 10. For those of you not paying attention and came in at a staggering 9 million dollars. Switching from italian to french nua means black and the bugatti lavoita murdered out hues. Give you some clear insight behind its name meant as a modern reimagining of jean bugattis own type 57 sc atlantic. The one of one project uses a modern day: appropriate quad, turbocharged 8 liter w16 engine producing 1500 horsepower and 1180 pound feet of torque. It features six exhaust tips, exclusive wheels, a bespoke, fascia and light up badging.

The only example was priced at a reported 18.7 million dollars, officially making it the most expensive new car ever. Unofficially, however, rolls royce might have the final say in the matter. Just recently, the company debuted, the one off project called the boat tail filled with custom design pieces and a completely bespoke. Look, though rolls royce, refuses to confirm it. The reported price for the boat tail is a stratospheric 28 million dollars, leaving the bugatti way behind and that rounds up our list of the 20 most expensive new cars of all time.