I am very excited about the car that im currently driving because its been a long time since i was waiting for this car to come out to see it, but also to drive it so im. Very glad that i can review this car today and show it to all of you, so the car that im currently driving is the brand new dasia spring, so the 2021 model and the long expected very low budget, electric car, Music, Music and so low budget. This car costs only 16 990 euros in belgium, which is very low budget for an electric car and also a car with four seats. Yeah four seats. So i mean this is the perfect city car that you want if you want to buy an electric car right now and its its yeah, its very cool, i have to admit that i did some kilometers right now and i really like it Music Applause. This is definitely not uh comparable to any other electric vehicle at this moment, in my opinion, um, because its its yeah first of all low budget, second of all, it doesnt have any um sporty prestations, but thats the good thing about this car. So it has a 27.4 kilowatt hour battery and you can charge it uh up to 30 kilowatts, okay, so just a little bit of numbers. But the thing is, as you dont have, that supportive, um, drivability and and and i mean i could do yeah – i will show you so im standing still.

I will do a zero, zero zero to fifty fifty decent, but its more than enough to drive in the city center and thats my whole point and thats all so i cant talk anymore, but that also the point that daisy wanted to make, i guess, is to Have a car for city driving with a range of announced, 230 kilometers. Now i can tell you that 200 kilometers are realistic, so you can do 200 kilometers in the city center. When you drive normally its perfectly handable, and i mean when we talk about low budget. Were not just talking about the 17 000 euros to buy the car? We also talk about taxes in belgium because you dont have any tax to pay. Thats great, so lets talk a little bit more about the exterior of this dasia spring. So, first of all, as you can see, um or thats my opinion, its a mix of a dacia, duster and dacia sandero, so this one is in gray with actually some cool wheels and, as you can see, it has those plastic wheel arches which make it more. Like a small suv kind of thing, which is pretty cool, so we have a nice grill over here, as you can see, and then also those nice leds, uh frog lights, which i actually really like, makes the car a little bit supportive. Then, of course, as you can see its a little bit higher because its a small suv when we look at the interior of the car, we see a little bit of blue accents.

But i will talk a little bit more of that in a few bits. So just a sneak peek at the rear of the car, its basically again a mix of a duster and sendero, but its the spring, with this little button to open the trunk. Now, as you can see its not a big trunk, but its not a small one, i mean its a decent one. You have a lot of space and more than enough space for a city car because thats what its meant for. So you can go to the grocery store and those things if we look at the site of the car few interesting things. So, first of all, this trim over here with dimension of electric, because this is an electric car. Yes, it is 100 electric, so yeah again a little look about the exterior and honestly, i really really like it. Another interesting thing that you might want to know is how to charge the car. So actually you have two buttons over here. One is for the open to frank and the other one is to open the charge space so where you can plug your charge, cable and actually its at the front of the car. So not at the sides, as in other brands, you have to open the grille. Well, lift it up actually like this and there it is there. You can plug your torch, cable, so actually thats pretty bizarre and not comparable to any other brand.

And if we look under the hood yeah, basically, what we see is only electrical stuff and so im, not an electrician. So im not sure i can tell more about this, but its pretty cool to see and everything is open. So you can see my foot over here go, go so yeah again thats for the price, so i am now at the inside of the car and lets. First take a look at this cool instrumental. So a few things at the left, you can see the power you use when you drive, where im pointing right now is the battery percentage and yeah how much kilometers a car has at the right. You have basically your consumption, so how many blocks are left means how much kilometers you can still do then over here the blue, accents. What i was talking about and a very basic um multimedia screen, where i have the radio and i even have a navigation in this bluetooth, so its not very responsive, but i mean i have everything i need. I even have a gps so and thats the optional package uh so for the car that cost 17 990 euros. So you only have one option, which is basically this one four thousand euros. You have everything you can have so thats cool and then when we look a bit lower, then you can see its its like any other car. So the windows open and closing is over. Here i can close the doors i have my four blinkers um and yeah.

So, basically, you have everything you need in this car and thats. My whole point for the price you pay um, you have everything. Last important thing is how to drive so im now, standing in neutral drive or rear. So when you start a car, you can switch this button to basically just drive forward or in reverse, we have a manual handbrake, which is pretty cool. Also, we can still have some handbrake fun and those are again the blue accents i was talking about so lets check how it drives guys now. Are there negative points about this car? Yes, there are probably a lot of negative points, but in my opinion, you have to be realistic on the quality and the budget. So, for example, if we talk about the seats we could say yeah they are plastic, its not real letter, okay, thats thats true. But if you want re letter you wont have the car for 70 000 euros so whos complaining, then so thats. What i mean what i mean when we say that we have to be realistic with this type of car, honestly um theres, one thing that thats a bit strange in my opinion, but i could get used to it when i drive it more as the steering wheel. Its very very, very soft i can really really i can. I can do it with my pink. I can drive my pick no problem at all so thats a bit strange, but anything else i mean the buttons are plastic, but they are also plastic on other cars.

So thats thats not a problem at all um. They could maybe do a better job on their software. Its a bit slow, its older dated but again yeah its for the price, but i mean were in 2021, so they could maybe add 500 euros to their price and have a better software system, for example um but yeah thats thats. My my point of view: Music. Drivability of the car is really good. Suspension is good. The brakes are really good yeah. I just said it: the brakes are good um but yeah its its honestly, its a decent car uh for the price. It is, and one negative point that i would like to to to mention is the height of the seats. I am one meter 83 and i cannot lower the seats so im sitting very high, which is comfortable for someone whos, probably 50 or 60 years old. No offense, but then you are sitting really comfortable but im yeah, maybe its just me: thats used to sit in lower cars but thats. It feels a little bit strange, but okay, i could get used to it. I dont know if you can hear it, but the car is making a noise during the whole time that you drive. It was annoying me at the beginning, but actually for safety reasons. I really love it because im driving now in a very small road near to a wood, and there are normally a lot of bicycles or just people who are walking over here so for safety reasons they would hear me, and that is pretty good.

The thing is whats really funny about this. Car is when you put it in reverse, so i will put it in reverse and i hope you can hear it, but Music, so its making a noise, the whole time and im feeling like im driving a truck, because a truck has that same noise again for Safety reasons, so i mean when we talk about safety on this car, they really have done a huge massive, perfect thing. In my opinion, um because yeah i i dont, know any other car who has that noise when driving in reverse, when you drive normally, they all have kind of a electric noise, whether its the mini or or porsches or whatever so thats thats kind of normal. So if you would ask me how much i rate it on the scale of 1 to 10, i will give you my number, but knowing again that its a realistic number so talking about the price, the quality of the car, so everything combined im rating it in 8.5, because its just a very good car and honestly um for all the people who dont have a company but who are looking for an electric car thats affordable this is it guys, go to your local, dacia dealer. Ask them drive it. You will be convinced, honestly, massive thanks to uh garage renault de casey, which is my local dealer for uh, renault and dasia. I am very glad that they gave me the chance to test this car and honestly i really really enjoyed it.

So i hope you also enjoyed it. If you have any questions about this car dont hesitate to message me.