In fact, as soon as k got these cars, they had to give them to people like me to get the words out there that theyre here, you may even in fact, have already seen this car. This exact car on the channel a couple of videos back, but this is a more thorough in depth. Review of the car ive lived with it for a week now and together ill bring you through the things i think, are cool some things that are a little bit strange and overall, should this be on a really tight short list of electric vehicles. If youre in the market for one ill, save you the time of watching the whole video and say its really really good, but please do stick with me and if you havent subscribed yet to the channel, please do and theres ways to support us on patreon from Five euro per month, if you want to click on the description down below, so what is it its key is offering as a competitor to something like the tesla model y. I mean thats a bold statement to make, but in many ways this car can put it up to the tesla. This thing can charge at over 200 kilowatts and itll do to 80 percent in 20 minutes. If you get that right charger, much like the model y, its quite a big car, now its a lot more of a coupe, a stance about it but theres plenty of space in it and really you have to see in the flesh for it to fully do It justice, so you have a really really big big boot in the back, just like a tesla, its got a large battery.

So this is a 77 kilowatt hour battery usable about 74. that can deliver a range of over 500 kilometers. The weather at the moment is 9 degrees, so fully charged from this. When i plugged it out, it was a bit 370 kilometers. This car has a frunk, which means you can store cables and its just handy for for items that you can chuck in. You know. Theres, no engine theres a motor, so you dont need all the space that would normally come with a traditional petrol or diesel engine car. So a bit of extra storage in here for cables is always welcome and the front nose is so sharp, really sleek. The headlights are very unusual and really bright and because kia have refreshed their logo in the last 12 months, it has had people saying to me. What is that down here is a plate for your radar gutted cruise control, which comes on the gt spec of this car sitting on 20 inch alloy wheels really really big but handling the car not compromised more about that later on. In the video big chunky side mirrors, which can have little grooves in them, uh the door handles pop out just to make it easier to get into the car, and this car is keyless, so you just have the key in your pocket. You walk up to it. Theyll pop out in your jump in ireland anyway, were not going to guess the dual motors all wheel, drive almost 600 brake horsepower version of this car, a couple of reasons, one id imagine it would be close to 70 000 euro and i just dont know how Many people are going to buy that and then the grants in ireland now cap off at 60 000 euros.

So after grants of 5 000 euro. This car is just under 55, like 5 euro and the earth model starts at 50. and i think anything more than that – and even at this these are very expensive cars im, not sure people would part for that, and do you need an all wheel, drive electric Car with almost 600 brake horsepower, i dont know itd be fun, but i dont know: Music, ive deliberately left the lights on to show you this massive strip that comes across here, its so unique, and i get it splits opinion love it hate us. Let me know in the comments below gt version of the car will get an automatic boot, so its about 50 liters up front with that frunk and then 490. Here, then, you have handles where you can drop the boot down. Youve got a flexible parcel shelf and what i love about it yeah. You can put your cables in the front, but also theres a false floor here in the boot. We can actually store cables drop down a little bit of extra space. If you need it, theres tethering hooks, you know, a lot of thought has gone into the boot theres, a 12 volt charger in here and lights as well, and then theres a tire, mobility kit, two levels down below so theres, actually loads of little spaces. Where you can hide things in the boot of this and uh its its a nice wide opening to get things into theres, no lip so to speak, so getting pets and hauling stuff out a lot easier because you dont have that big, huge lip drop thats there.

There is a handle, youre not really going to use it, though, because again, with the gt version, you have your automatic tailgate, which definitely makes life a bit easier. I also love this spoiler, its kind of got a centerpiece into it that folds down and then two extra winglets you might think its a bit batmobile. It certainly sticks out at the side of the car over here as well, but i like it so youre going to charge your ev6 here. You press the door sometimes once theyre open. Sometimes it doesnt theres a button where you can close it, but obviously you have theres no button. Stick on the outside of the car thatd be a bit weird. So your charging port, your type 2 cable, something like your wall box, your public on the street charger. Just goes in here now i spoke to a guy recently. He was in a peugeot e208, and this thing he had no idea what that was for so that comes out and thats your ccs charging thats much faster charging and in the kia. If you find something like an ionic charger, youll get over 200 kilowatts charging, which is really really super fast. That is competing with tesla in that space. Now, using that charger, i had an issue and if you want to watch the video of what happened, click the link or wait till the end of the video ill pop it in there but thats how you access your charging port and when its charging, these white Lights, just keep going up and down give an idea of how far charged your car is just by having look at it straight out through the window of your house or whatever, like that.

Thats it simple, oh and vehicle to load is an option. Thats standard on the gt line, again its like a little device thing that you can thats a bit temperamental that you can hook in here and then you can actually put power back out of the vehicle charge, something else: a device, a fridge, uh, a beach, a Beach chill box uh electric bike, whatever you like, if it needs a plug and then inside theres, something else as well, which is clever for charging ill get to that in just a second Music, totally flat floor, because its an ev makes life a lot easier again. Gt model and some people ask me: is it worth the extra jump compared to the ionic 5 premium theres a lot of spec in this augmented heads up? Displays glass, roof, theres, lots of clever things, and i think it is so theres a plug down here and you can use that for obviously charging whatever you like. I dont want to say you definitely fit a human between two child seats, but its not bad, and that flat floor definitely makes it a bit easier. Now, at first glance, you look at this center column and you go no theres, no vents theyre here and the charging there is on the side of the seats. Key ive done that with a good few models. Now – and i happen to like it – you get an armrest, you get access to the rear through just a smaller flap.

Theyve obviously decided. No one does use these things for skiing, but they might use them for bits of wood, so little door. That opens there and it does make life easier sunroof as nice as it is. It doesnt come in here, so one thats, a positive doesnt impact on your headspace, but this black cabin, which is all right like uh. But it is, you know its its brighter up front when you have even the the blind open. But i think people are well served here again. The gt version of this gets rear, heated seats for your passengers to keep their backsides warm, so theyll be happy out with that and i think generally leg room. Everyone will be happy. These heavily tinted rear privacy, glass windows. Well, first of all, you have to hold it down thats a bit annoying, but they go all the way down and some kids love that and it drives them mad at so many modern cars. Now it doesnt happen. Do you actually have to hold that button? It seems like you, do right, ill dock in the mark for that. But apart from that things deadly, you have memory seats that obviously adjust to your position. When you start the car, it moves you, and there is a starter button as such a lot of keys, allow you to put on your rear view camera. Even when youre driving same with this, its just a button. Here we have wireless charging, you can also charge.

Maybe your air pods down here huge big storage space for uh under the armrest, like really really massive. Some people have asked me: do you guess radar cruise? Yes, you do button here and it sinks up everything you touch is vegan. Anything that feels leather is actually vegan. Even on the earth model, you will get a floral collision avoidance blind spot lenky persists loads of different things that are standard for safety and thats. What its one benefit of kia kind of simplifying the whole thing. Theres: two models: earth gt line, same battery, same output, same rear wheel, drive system everythings the same its just a difference of trim usb down here; loads of options; 12 volts, usbc standard, usb big bucket of space. If you like, storing water and stuff just rubbish, my only fear is thats going to accumulate a lot of crap down there and places for glasses and keys and all different kinds of things shortcuts to your seats are here. I love the way you can toggle between the two menus, so one button gives you shortcuts to your climate. The other gives you shortcuts to your media and nav, and then obviously you can use your screen as well. Now, um a couple of things for in terms of electric uh, so your regen paddles are here theres four levels of regen. The fourth is really severe. It gives you pretty much one pedal driving theres. No doubt about that and something i cant get my head around is when you plug in uh your car.

You can time it that itll come on in the morning. Itll pre heat, the car. Your heated seats will be on your heated steering wheel. I think as well, if you want and thats all lovely, but unless you have the car plugged in even if you have 90 battery, it wont come on now. Something like the id3 from volkswagen will do that if it has enough charge without any cables. So it means youre, constantly plugging your car in to do that from what i can see anyway, because i tried it like four mornings in a row, whereas you know, if youre, if you load the charge in your battery. In my experience, this car, for example, was i was needing to charge it once a week, uh youre not going to want to plug the car in every time, so thats kind of annoying you can determine how much power leaves your car if youre using vehicle to Load but you dont seem to be able to cap how much charge goes in if youre, using that anyway, it would be deadly if you could pre heat the car in the mornings without needing the cable plugged in thats a bit of a weird disadvantage. I, like the jog wheel for selecting reverse neutral drive. I mean i think theyve got the mix of screens and buttons fairly spot on and does it feel like a 55 000 euro car. In the same way, an audi may its not quite there, but its definitely interior quality wise one of the best electric vehicles that you can get in the market right now so um, the build quality you know will be better than teslas and the fact that this Car comes with a seven year warranty, including the battery, i think, theyre kind of standing over it.

You know the fact that the car has a heat pump as standard. You could argue that maybe in ireland, its not cold enough to justify that, but people get really annoyed that something like the skoda. Eniac doesnt come without a standard, so i i think youre better off looking at it than looking for it. You know, and i think the heat pump being standard is a really good selling point im on a brand new road surface right now and its so smooth its so quiet. You cant hear a thing and its actually, when you have the comparison of smooth roads and rough roads back to back, you realize a lot of the time, actually its not the tires its the bloody road surface. Most of my driving this week, ive just left it in normal mode. There is an eco and a sport, sport everything goes red and you get a little bit more urgency when you put the boot down. But to be honest with you, i find the normal mode. More than adequate for everyday driving and the type of power youre going to need, so i just leave it alone currently driving with a an outside temperature of 9 degrees celsius, thats heading towards the the cooler side for batteries. This car has a heat pump as standard which means youre, not using your battery range to heat. The car and pre condition the battery and get that ready for operation so fully charged.

This morning, 368 kilometers is whats indicated on the range and thats taking in all those factors, such as the outside temperature. It was interesting to notice yesterday it was about 15 degrees and the consumption straight away, dropped down to about 17 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers motorway driving. When i took this car on the m1 yesterday at about 120 kilometers now using the radar guided cruise control, which is on this gt version of it thats a standard, it was an indicated 22 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, which is generally what you will get with An ev ive had the same uh performance figures in the skoda: enyak volkswagen 94 by d3. All very similar you put an electric car at a sustained 120 kilometers and its going to use a bit more energy same as a petrol or diesel car will use a bit more fuel at a type of speed. So a lot of people have replied to other videos, including my own, one of the ev6 and handling ride quality ive now driven the car for a week 20 inch wheels ride. Quality is really excellent. Well, theres, certainly a bit of feedback through the steering wheel, and you can feel lumps and bumps that youre going over in a kind of you know, theres a sense of youre driving a car away, its never uncomfortable uh, its never sort of imposing on passengers im. Not winston going over bumps or speed ramps, even with 20 inch wheels, theyre, so big these visors and i have my seat on the floor.

If i fully drop this down, you cant see at the windscreen, so just be careful the first time you lift that down, because its huge another thing that happens with this car a lot is: people are looking at you in traffic, its obviously a brand new model. It looks quite radical and with the change of the care badge as well, it just all adds to a combination of people saying what is that when you tell them whats ikea, they really are theyre like wow. Basically, what im saying is people would be checking out your cars arse as you drive by them, especially with an artist that looks like this. You know you flip it into sport mode its punchy enough to give you a nice shove in the back. You know this car has something on on paper performance figures wise not far off a mark 7 golf gti theyre the things that, if youre, if youve, never driven an electric car before you add in a decent chunk of brake horsepower, you know, i know the 500. Almost 600 brake horsepower version of the ev6 wont be coming to ireland, but this one at almost 240.. I think its enough also. I saw on the easy go up today: um just the two charges were in the deer park hotel car park, and i was like really what so just spun up here use the easy go charger. An app really simple to use. Ev6 is charging fine again because whatever issues going on its its, not a slower charging issue and two charges here, there was somebody not plugged in and blocking one of these spaces.

It was a 530e. So it had the capability to charge just wasnt charging here. But i say hats off to them, because we need to normalize this kind of stuff. There needs to be more places. You can just see these chargers you can plug in. You can have a game of golf whatever it is. We need these in more spaces. It will make people watching you could be watching this right now wondering can i go electric and im sure it fills you with confidence, but its only one, very very small example around dublin, where someone has actually taken the initiative. Um to just say, yeah lets get some charges in so its really positive to see this and um well done. This is what im saying they havent asked me to say this, but well done deer park. Would i recommend the kia ev6 to someone looking for an electric car? I really would i love the design i really enjoy driving it, its smooth, its refined, its quick, its got really fast charging capabilities. I will allow care the fact that all so far, cars on the electric market have had some sort of teething problems, including the id3 id4. There were software issues at the start. The software in this car does not seem to have any sort of glitches in terms of speed uh, but it is disappointing that the fast charging didnt get going now. Some people have suggested if i disconnected the 12 volt battery for 10 minutes reset the ecu thats.

All well and good, when its your car, its not mine, so im not going to do that, but it is disappointing to see that happen, um and im kind of surprised. If that issue wasnt there. I would be saying to you: this car is pretty much flawless and at a 55, 000 50 for the earth model its it is expensive, but i would just keep going back to the fact that look at what you get in the spec of this car. For that money, look at some of the competitors on the market. Theres going to be badge things. You know some people would be more comfortable paying that money for an audi, q4 or e tron – maybe maybe not so much this, but i think the roof. The augmented heads up display the faster charge, the vehicle to load theres, so many things that this car has and i think, value from money. If thats, if you can say it that way, when it comes to irish cars uh after the grant and stuff, they need to get rid of vrt on electric cars, if theyre 100 000 a year, they have to get rid of ert, just just get rid of It um, i know thats easier said than done, but it would help you know and for every liter of fuel that you buy, which isnt going into one of these. Nearly a euro thats going to the government so theyre losing that as well, but like its either.

That i get fined from europe year after year after year, so disappointing about the fast charging im sure its something that will be ironed out quickly. It doesnt seem to be a common problem, and i think this is a fantastic car.