MUSIC PLAYING Its debuting at the Los Angeles. Auto Show this week. And Subaru says its coming to public roads sooner rather than later. Theyre, aiming for about mid year 2022. Heres. What we know right now. The Solterra is a four door: compact SUV., Its got standard all wheel drive because its a Subaru. And, of course, its got a battery pack under the floor, sending power to two electric motors, one in the front and one in the rear.. One of the interesting things about the Solterra is its not an existing platform, meaning this isnt just an electric Outback or Forester, or anything like that. Subaru developed the Solterra in conjunction with Toyota, so theyre sharing some components and technology. Toyota is going to come out with A similar model with their own components, later. But Subaru, paid special attention to the chassis and the all wheel, drive system, because thats whats especially important to them.. So we do expect to see a fair bit of Subaru DNA in this, even though its shared. But hey. While I get more acquainted with this thing, why dont you go ahead and hit Like and click Subscribe, so that you can be the first to see Edmunds videos when they come out. And if you want to read a full article about the Subaru Solterra click, the Link in the description below., I feel like we should start here at the front for this reason.. The Solterra doesnt have a frunk.

. Instead, youve got the front electric motor and the inverter sitting on top of it. Now. The reason why, according to Subaru, is that this is the size they wanted for the Solterra. And if they were going to drop this whole system down and create a frunk, they would have had to make the Solterra much longer.. Instead, this size gives them the ability to go after the safety scores, theyre looking for and create a shorter overhang for off roading.. Maybe you agree with Subarus logic there. Maybe you dont. Now. What I do know – because I just wrote it down – is that the Solterra has the electric equivalent of 215 horsepower 246 pound feet of torque.. Now 220 miles of estimated range is not exactly blowing any other EVs out of the water right now., But lets talk about what Subaru is known: for. And thats off road capability.. As we said, the Solterra comes with all wheel, drive standard.. It also comes with X mode standard., Thats, Subaru, traction control system so that, if youre in especially slippery stuff snow things like that, you can flip that on and itll give you extra capability. Ground clearance for the Solterra is 8.3 inches, which is pretty good for a Compact SUV, though, its a little bit less than its brother, the Forester. In terms of protection. There arent really skid plates., But there is kind of an aluminum cage underneath the floor. Thats protecting the battery.

But theres a whole lot of plastic cladding around the fenders. The front and rear bumpers and the sill here., Basically the whole front. Bumper, is made out of it. For wheels on this model. Theres 20 inches.. Now this is the highest level. Touring. Theres also going to be a premium and a limited. Well get to see those a little bit. Later., Maybe therell be some other wheel options a little bit more rugged.. Also in terms of towing. You will be able to add a tow hitch.. It does not come standard. And we dont have maximum towing capacity figures, yet., So dont worry., You will be able to add a bike rack to the hitch or you can put it up here on these roof rails.. Now these actually are optional, which is kind of surprising that roof rails arent standard on a Subaru SUV.. But the point is, if you need to – and I know you need to – you – can put a rooftop tent on top of your Solterra. Overall when it comes to the exterior. There are a lot of clues here that this is definitely a Subaru. When it comes to off roading, though it feels like the Solterra is going to perform well off road for an EV., Not really sure how its going to perform off road for a Subaru. Lets Check out the interior, though., OK inside the Solterra.. First of all, the floor is kind of high because that battery pack is sitting underneath.

. So I had to lift my legs up quite a bit and then they hit the steering wheel. When I got in. And then I had to duck down to get my head in here, because the ceilings pretty low to keep the Solterra the size that they wanted., So let me just get this to where I would go.. So it is spacious in here. Just a little bit awkward to get in. As far as materials theres, a really interesting textured cloth up on the dash. Standard materials for what we expect in a Subaru. Although there is a pretty interesting design. Like this center console has a cool swoopiness to it, and then it goes up into this touch screen. And then the steering wheel and the driver information display in front of you feels very jet fighter, Star Wars, cockpit esque.. I asked Subaru if the Solterra comes with one pedal driving. And their answer was kind of WHISPERING, which means no. But heres what you can do. Its got, these paddles behind the steering wheel. And that will control the level of power that goes to the regenerative brakes.. So, at its maximum level, it will slow down the Solterra pretty significantly, but they were sure to tell me that it will not make it come down to a full stop.. The screen is a nice size though. Its easy to see from my driving position. And Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard.. This 12.

3 inch screen in the Solterra is optional., So there will be a smaller standard screen on other models.. We havent gotten to see that yet. But Subaru said. Oh, this is a new infotainment system., But what I think they meant is that its new to them, because Ive spent a lot of time in the brand new 2022 Toyota Tundra – and this is the exact same system., LAUGHS, Theres. Also a smartphone charging station in here. A little storage cubby area down here and pretty good space to store your small items., But lets hop in the back and see what thats like.. Ok in the back. Ooh.. Well a little tricky to get in again.. The floor really is kind of high., But once Im in I have pretty good head space. Im six feet tall and my legs are OK. My head is OK., I dont think the seats recline or anything., But this is overall pretty comfortable.. I like the materials.. Now remember, this is the highest level touring model, so we dont expect all models to look like this., But in this one you have this cool dual pane, sunroof and then back here seat warmers for the rear seats, which is great and two USB C ports.. You can also pull down this center space for an armrest or a cup holder. In all. I would say four adults can ride in here, pretty comfortably. Its just a little bit tricky to get in, especially if you have longer legs.

, But once here I feel like this would be a comfortable place to spend some time on. A road trip. Lets see what the cargos about. So when it comes to cargo, its a compact, SUV and kind of short and stubby., But you can see that they managed to pack pretty good space back here. Now because theres, an electric motor powering the rear wheels Under here you dont get room for a spare or an underfloor storage area., But there is a cool slide out feature where you can take this tray, move it a rung down. If you need to load something larger., You can also get a cargo cover like this. And even though there arent any rear seat release latches down here, the rear seats do fold down pretty easily and they go almost flat into a 60 40 split.. Now thats super helpful if you need to load something large like electronics or furniture, that you have to push all the way back, there. And the load floor is pretty low, considering all the stuff thats underneath here., So thats a plus too.. We already talked a bit about range, but lets talk about how you get that range. Charge. Port is right up, here. And Subaru says that the Solterra can go from basically 0 charge to 80 in about an hour on a DC, fast charger.. But how do you find those charging stations? Subaru is not going to have its own branded charging stations like a Tesla does.

, But instead, like other competitors, theyre going to use partnerships with presumably places like Electrify America, EVgo Chargepoint.. We assume that will be the same case for Toyotas version of this platform, which is going to be called the B 4. No, the bZ4X, which sounds like an error code.. We were all thinking it.. As for pricing, we dont know it yet., But if I was to take an educated guess, looking at competitors like the Mustang Mach E, the Volkswagen ID.4, those typically start in their base models in the low 40000 to mid 40000 range.. Given the standard all wheel, drive and a few other standard features that dont come standard on rivals, I think, were probably looking at a starting price in the high 40000 range.. Is that worth it to you for an EV with a little bit of extra capability? Or is that a high price for a vehicle that WHISPERING doesnt have the best range around? Let me know. So whos ready to off road an EV. Ok, maybe its not exactly a Jeep Wrangler., But the Solterra appears to be pretty off road, ready, at least for a fully electric vehicle right. Well get a chance to see how well it does in the dirt when we get to bring one into our testing process. And then well finally, get to measure it up against vehicles like Ford Mustang, Mach E, Volkswagen, ID.4 and Tesla Model, Y. Now its clear that Subaru at least paid some attention to off road capability.

, But I think the real mountain the Solterra will have to climb is in real world usability., Not exactly enthralled by that 215 horsepower figure or that 220 miles of range figure.. So when we get it in well also be able to put it through, our EV range test to see how it does out in the real world.. As we begin to see, more electric vehicles come out in all different shapes and sizes were starting to get things that are pretty rugged and capable, like the new Rivian R1T. Of course, the 100000 GMC Hummer EV., But its cool that now Subaru is bringing at least some of that EV capability to a more affordable level. Thanks. So much for watching guys. Be sure to give us a like and hit the Subscribe. Button.