I absolutely love it and im about to tell you why im charlie atkinson and welcome to evie powers, review of the audi q4 e tron, sportback Music, Music theres, a new player in the electric suv market. Whilst this audi q4 e tron may be on the pricier side compared to some of its direct rivals like the volkswagen id4 and the skoda enyak, it does bring a sense of luxury which the others cant quite match, and that starts with the outside its a similar Shape and style to the id4 and the enyak, but its got much more going on and thats, including these features such as these matrix led headlights and this grille design, which has had a few mixed reviews. But personally, i really really like it and i think it looks really cool overall. However, i think audi has done a really good job with the design of this car and its further proof that audi doesnt make bad looking cars now in terms of price. You would have to class this as a premium ev, because it is quite a bit more expensive than some of the other models in this class entry models start from just over 40 000 pounds. So you will miss out on some of those government grants and this sportback version comes in at just over 42 000 pounds. So it slotted itself right into the middle of the market more expensive than some of the cheaper alternatives. Weve already mentioned, but a little less expensive than some of the super premium.

Ev versions like the mercedes eqc, for example. The inside of this car is very audi, its very dark, its very minimalistic, but i actually quite like that approach and its really really classy theres loads of nice materials. All around these seats behind me are tremendously comfy and theres. Also, this really cool hexagonal steering wheel, which is a nice touch and overall, its just quite a nice pleasant experience to be sat behind the wheel of this car theres lots of gadget and gizmos as well, and they are a bit fiddly, especially these controls on the Steering wheel, which are both buttons and touch sensitive ive, only had this car for a couple of days now, but already ive accidentally called my mum far too many times and its the same down here with these touch sensitive dials, which arent the easiest to navigate either. Thankfully, this decent sized infotainment screen is easy to use and it works really well, and is nice and responsive both with apple carplay and android, auto theres also plenty of space in the back with a decent amount of headroom and legroom. The boot is also massive, with a capacity of 520 liters, which is well up there with some of the most practical evs on the market. To be honest, the best thing about driving this car is just how comfy it is its not a particularly quick car, with a naughty 60 time of about six and a half seconds, but while its still got that poke and that instant power that you want from Driving an electric car, its clear to see that audi is definitely prioritised, comfort and practicality, its a good job that this car is so comfy as well, because you can do a fair few miles off a single charge in real world.

It probably has a range of about 270 miles which for a car of this size, and this class is really really good. You have also got a few different driving modes to choose from. You can either put it in this efficiency mode, which is audis equivalent to an eco plus mode or youve. Also got the comfort option or youve got the dynamic mode, which is basically the sport version, but, to be honest, theres not too much difference between the different modes, so i personally have been driving around in the efficiency mode. Just so, i can really make the most of my range and get the most out of my charge. The one slightly annoying thing with this car is the regen braking. Now you can adjust the severity of it with these flappy paddles behind the steering wheel. But to be honest, neither of them do enough to bring you to a complete stop. So you do have to use the brake pedal quite a lot and it really eliminates that one pedal driving which, if you drive an electric car, is something you end up relying on and getting used to so its quite annoying. But you dont have that with this car. All things considered, though, bar in the regen break in i do really like being behind the wheel of this car and ive, got to say its pretty much up there with one of the best evs ive driven so far. So, with everything considered whats our final verdict on the audi q4 e tron, i think its clear to see that audi have done things right when it comes to the q4 e tron sportback and its a really positive step for a brand thats going to be launching A lot of electric vehicles over the next few years, from the way it looks to how comfortable it is to drive its practicality and to its really good range.

The audi q4 e tron sportback is not just one of the best electric suvs on the market, but in our mind, is one of the best evs full stop thats all for this video. If you liked it, then please do drop us a like and remember to subscribe as well, and please go and check out all our other electric car reviews on our channel and for daily news coverage features and much more. You can also head over to evpower.co.