The korean auto giant is upping the ante to be the first major manufacturer to become the full lineup eevee maker, faster than anyone else. Hyundai is pushing up the plan from the previous target of 2025 to 2022.. This aggressive plan is to include no less than six new electric vehicle model lineup, which covers everything from an a segment city car to an electric minivan that resembles a spaceship out of the new models being discussed. None is more attention grabbing than the large suv concept that was teased earlier and later revealed as the seven concept, the seven concept and the platform sharing kia concept. Ev9 are designed to set the course for the future of the eevee motoring as a living room, an office and a recreational base on wheels with the advancement in the self driving autonomy after enjoying the following unveiling presentation from the la auto show. Please dont forget to like comment and subscribe if you havent, as not to miss out of any of our episodes on korean car news and rumors. Also for more information. Please check out our featured video on the subject: Music, Music, welcome to the new era of mobility that will change our lives. It starts right here where life becomes more sustainable, more free, whether youre spending time alone or with your family. This is where the new experience begins. Lets see whats inside, shall we Music take a look at this perfect man cave for dad once the smart space opens, he can enjoy this place all to himself Applause for his daughter.

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