Now in todays, video were taking a closer look at a car that was actually launched back in 2014, but since then its actually in its second generation and since launch its doubled, its battery capacity. Its the kia ev soul. Now this car shares a lot of components with its brother, the kia e nero and its cousin, the hyundai kona. Those cars are available in two different battery capacities: a 38 kilowatt hour battery and a 64 kilowatt hour battery. The kia ev sole, is only available in the latter, larger battery and actually theyve really made this car simple, thats, one of the main ethos around it. If you want to learn some more about the kia ev soul, then please make sure you keep watching and if you like new car electric reviews and also electric mobility content, then please make sure you subscribe to the electro heads youtube channel. Okay, so lets talk about the styling of the kia ev soul, now heres, where i might ruffle some feathers, because the kia ev soul is definitely a marmite car. You either love it or hate it, and unfortunately i might be part of the latter when it comes to the exterior anyway. I just cant get on board with that boxy shape, but the boys in the office love it. They say that this car reminds them a lot of the old land rover discovery, but to me im seeing fiat multiplayer, which isnt a good thing theres.

No denying, though, that kiara definitely built emotive cars, its really friendly its got that nice shaped face with this light. Bar that runs across the front, in fact, i dont know if im just going a bit crazy, but the front of this car reminds me a lot of the little old man from up take from that. What you will, whether thats a good thing or a bad thing im, not really sure but remember. I said that keo has kept this car really simple. Well, it only comes available in one trim level that used to be the first edition, but its now called the max the double m a x double x. Wait lets start that again, the max m a double x and that comes in one aloe, wheel, style. One body shape and four different colors, its blue red white and black. All cars get a contrasting rugged, looking suv pack body kit as standard with the ability to add coloured decals, the sole wears its badge with pride, with this turquoise detailing on the rear quarter of the car, however, lets hope. No one mistakes that for saying foul, the charging port can be found at the front of the kia ev soul, just like youll find on the kia e nero now thats a great thing. If you pull forward onto a charging station because you can pop it right in, however, if its at a bit of a weird angle, where its been set up for those cars that have the charging ports at the back, you might have a little bit of trouble.

Getting your cable round to the front, the car has an official driving range of 280 miles, thanks to the addition of a standard heat pump and a cracking trek record by kia were also able to assume that predictions are pretty spot on long term. Tests have seen a slight drop, but overall efficiency is impressive. The rear of the kia ev soul is pretty striking and very recognizable. Youve got those lights that wrap around the whole top of the car, and these look fantastic at night, pretty cool right and back to daylight. Now you might be thinking with that square boxy shape. They must have done that so that you can get loads of boot. Space well, not exactly in fact inside here, youve got 313 liters now thats smaller than the renault zoe, the volkswagen e golf and even its brother, the kia e nero, which is a little bit of a shame. But it is a really practical space, thanks to its really wide square opening. Only a small amount of loading lip and youve also got an adjustable boot floor and youve got this two part parcel shelf which can be folded out of the way space in the back. Is very good thanks to that boxy shape ive got tons of headroom. You could happily sit someone that was six foot five back here. Im around five five for reference, ive got tons of space between me as well. This is one of the biggest middle seats ive.

Seen for a while a lot better than the kia e nero or the hyundai kona, but unfortunately, theres no pull out armrest, which is a real shame. I do also have a usb port back here, but just the one. It would be nice to see two usb ports, but, to be honest, theres not too much to complain about in the back of the kia ev sole plenty of space between me plenty of headspace, and thanks to the fact that theres no transmission tunnel ive got plenty Of leg room in the middle as well, so as i mentioned previously, this car only comes in one specification, with no options to add on any additional extras. So does that mean the kia ev soul comes well equipped? Well, heres a list of everything you get: electric seat, adjustments, a harman, kardon, sound system, keyless entry and start wireless phone charging, a head up display, satellite navigation, a rear view, camera heated seats and a heated steering wheel. Storage is okay, but it could definitely be better. Youve got a couple of front cup holders: youve got some storage space under the armrest. Youve also got little sections down the side of your transmission tunnel. However, in other rivals this is completely hollowed out and youve got tons of storage underneath. So, unfortunately, it misses out there slightly youve got a nice big glove box, which is great, but these storage bins could definitely be bigger. The electric seat adjustments make getting comfortable behind the wheel, really easy and you can sit up nice and high if you want to.

The only shame is that theres no memory settings so if you share the car between somebody, thats tall and somebody thats small youll be constantly going back and forth its also great that theres a really thin front pillar in order to recharge the battery pack. Theres, a ccs and type 2 port, the former allows 100 kilowatt input, allowing you to go from naught to 80 in 54. Minutes opt for a 50 kilowatt input instead, and it will take 1 hour and 15 minutes. This is the only slight downfall of the kia ev soul. It does have charging times that are slightly behind some of its rivals, because the kia ev sol is actually front wheel. Drive that does mean that it suffers from some will spin, especially when you pull off quickly now theres, not too many people around so im going to see if i can actually display this so im going to go ahead now, ive got it in sport mode and Were going to do a really quick launch, yes, see, as you can hear, theres. Definitely some wheel spin, just where it cant quite get that traction. When it comes to power, it gets a front mounted motor with 150 kilowatts of power, 201 brake horsepower and ‘5 pound feet of torque its also not quite as nimble or has not quite an adaptive suspension as some of the more premium electric suvs. And that means that it suffers quite badly from body roll when youre going around corners quickly, which can be just a tad unnerving.

But then again, when looking at this cars shape. Youd think that it might be a bit of a boring drive. But the key assault is anything but boring that 201 brake horsepower in an electric car is actually quite exhilarating. If you pop it in sport mode, it does go quick enough to pin you to the back of your seat. Kias standard adaptive cruise control and lane assist is one of the best systems available on the market and paired together. They give you a pretty impressive semi autonomous drive, the ev sole gets a heat pump as standard something that the volkswagen group will charge you around 1500 pounds. For now. People have argued that its not an essential bit of kit, but somewhere like england, where its cold quite a lot. I think its pretty essential what it basically does is it takes heat generated by the battery and it puts it back into the climate control system. Ultimately, improving the vehicles, efficiency, the sole is very intentionally tucked just under the 35 000 pound mark at 34 995, so it still qualifies for the current government grant. The kona starts much cheaper, but because its available with a smaller battery and less powerful motor, the equivalent car costs in excess of 35 000 pounds, including all hyundais incentives in a world of electric cars that can be so complicated choosing between your battery sizes. Your range capabilities, your charging, your colors, your specification, it all gets a little bit overwhelming the kia ev sole.

Just takes things back to basics – that one specification with that great amount of range, a good charging capability and all of the equipment you could need. It takes all of the complicated process away and makes choosing an electric car super simple and thats what i love about it. Of course, the icing on the cake is kiers. Seven year warranty overall, the kia evie soul is a bit like your favorite old pair of trainers, sure theyre, worn out and out of fashion, but theyre still the most comfortable pair you own, and you dont really care. If anyone thinks theyre cool or not. What im trying to say is if you get past the looks, the sole is an impeccable electric car. If you have enjoyed this video today, please go ahead and give it a massive thumbs up.