I will begin with a short overview of the many design features weve been working on. We designed the ev6 with the ambition to inspire and improve the lives of our customers. We take our responsibilities towards the environment and our future very seriously. This is reflected in our zero emission electric powertrain and also in our use of recycled and recyclable materials. The ev6 follows our new design philosophy, opposites united, a reference to the enriching contrasts of everyday life in the city or in nature as kias. First, all electric model ev6, is an example of our desire to provide a better human centered interior design experience. The new design language is present in many areas, such as the muscular fenders, contrasting with technical features or the wide digital expression of kias tiger, face emphasized by a lighting system that combines expressiveness and functionality. Iconic kia tiger nose takes on a new role for the new kia dynamic, yet controlled lines give the ev6 a distinctive side view thanks to the fast roof line, the long wheelbase and the large wheels. The rear clearly displays the led tail lamp flowing from side to side, which also acts as an aerodynamic spoiler, giving the car. What we believe is a bold and unique character. The interior is a statement of technology and roominess, with two curved 12 inch displays and a flat floor, giving a generous feeling of space emphasized by the floating center console with the ev6 we aimed to create the most high tech, human, centered and instinctive design.

We could. We hope you will enjoy driving it as much as we enjoyed designing Music, Music, so Music, Music, im sure you cant wait to drive the new ev6 yourself and youre eager to find out all its technical highlights. That is why im already giving you a taste of some of the main usps that make up the ev6 experience, including the impressive charging time the ev6 is engineered to deliver an inspirational user experience that you can feel simple, intuitive and integrated. It is our first electric vehicle built on the egmp platform with the market leading ev technology for high end performance and a premium driving pleasure, and it comes with many new features that make life noticeably easier and even more pleasant. For example, the hi tech interior introduces a new sense of vehicle. Interaction with dual curve displays, multi mode controllers, an impressive meridian, sound system, dynamic driving position and plenty of space for all. The ev6 can also make life more convenient and, above all, safer with a highway driving assist with lane chain support, intelligent front lighting system, remote, smart parking, assist, relaxing comfort seats and the augmented reality head of display. Every single detail allows you to concentrate fully on the essentials based on the egmp platform and the impressive 800 volt system. The biggest advantage of the ev6 is the great charging experience with an incredible ultra fast charging from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes and a long range of up to 528 kilometers on a single charge supported by our charging partner.

Ionity ev6 drivers have access to around 1 500 high powered charging points across europe via the kia chart. Solutions ionity is europes, leading high powered charging network for electric vehicles and it is sourced by 100 renewable energy. That means you can travel 100 emission free and carbon neutral. That, too, is what we mean by pure driving pleasure and thats exactly what the av 6 is all about. Look forward to trying it out yourself soon at our ev6 driving experience im honored today to represent a large team of engineers based in russellheim germany, giving ev6 its final character. My part in the whole story is to tune everything regarding ride and handling. This means. I start at the tires going over to the springs, anti roll bars and finally shock absorber tuning generally eevee cars are seen in the public as boring, unemotional and all the same, it was my task to try to prove people wrong, and i hope i have succeeded To achieve this, we have implemented an additional valve into the damping system to decide how much damping force were introducing into the chassis at various driving situations. This is a hydrodynamic system not based on electronic sensors, but relying only on fluid dynamics, basically talking it means we can change the behavior frequency based low frequencies, so lets say primary ride, steering inputs, roll motions, heave motions. You want the car to experience a lot of damping to keep it flat, safe, sporty and connected to the road.

Usually this would mean in high frequencies, so secondary ride lets, say: cobblestone roads broken up roads. The car would be harsh and uncomfortable with this new system. It is possible to combine both worlds. For instance, you are driving steering in the car experiences a lot of damping. You are flat connected and its fun now youre running over cobblestone roads, the frequency rises of the damping system and we are reducing the damping force. The chassis is experiencing overall, this means the driver has a connected drive connected, feel, but less of the vibrations we dont want in the car. This means you have a long range capable car which will still give you a smile when you are going through tight, turns and serpentine roads. This was a very brief deep dive into my field of work attending the test drive. You will also experience. Many other features.