Heritage ev for one. The parallels to the striking design forward. Iona q5 are obvious: hyundai calls the square gridded lamps, parametric, pixel exterior lighting, and they work just as well on the wrist modded grandeur as they do on the ioniq q5, its a vision of the 80s, but seriously enhanced check out the wheels emulating a typical, almost Normker wheel style from the period but with enough dish to pop Music, Music, so Music, but while the outside hones, the originals blocky, look to a sheen, the inside wows, the chunky steering wheel and formal, upright greenhouse, somehow make the very modern screen filled. Dashboard. Look right at home, hyundai retained a sort of velvety vloor for the seats in a large red perfectly appropriate for the period but reshaped the seats into something like a lounge chair, youd, see at design within reach back with nappa leather, with decorative stitching the bronze colored Interior lighting, reflected in mirrors on the headliner deepens the drama Music hyundai has taken great care to create a unique lighting experience inside two light rays emitting from both sides of the dashboard highlight the b pillars and illuminate the entire interior. Infinity mirrors add a further elegant and unique accent, and the bronze illumination is supposed to evoke the look of vintage hi fi systems for good measure. The original gasoline drive train has been entirely replaced by an eevee power train. No wonder the team led by sanako lee don juan and woo soon choi invested a full eight months to complete the impressive project.