The first one in canada lets go for a drive nice thats. What everybody loves about: electric cars power and torque andrea? What are we dealing with with the id4? The all wheel, drive model has two electric motors with a total combined output of 302 horsepower and 386 kilometers 249 miles of ev range. The base rear wheel, drive model has a single rear, mounted electric motor with 201 horsepower and 400 kilometers of range or 260 miles. This has an 82 kilowatt hour battery that has a maximum charging rate of 11 kilowatt, ac or 125 kilowatt with a dc charger. So the nice thing is: if you get the all wheel, drive version, you only lose 14 kilometers of ev range. I know not much at all. All wheel drive is so worth it. Listen that rear wheel, drive based model is brought into canada just to hit the price point to get what andrea yeah to get the ev rebate uh most people, i think in canada – would and should buy the all wheel, drive version, especially for resale value, while were Talking about the base model, what do you get in the id4? The base model comes with a 10 inch touchscreen a 5.3 inch digital gauge display a heat pump, wireless apple, carplay and android. Auto wireless charger, cloth, upholstery, heated front seats, leather, wrapped heated, steering, wheel, led headlights and led tail lights front and rear parking, sensors, blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert and 19 inch wheels a good speed junkie over here so satisfying.

I could do this all day all right. There are no buttons or switches its button and switch lists, but what are we going to put it in andrea? You got to put it in s for subscribe and if you can hit that notification bell, youll be notified when all of our reviews drop and then you can watch them, and we do this. The couple car review twice a week, the first one drops on wednesday. We put out another one on saturday, so please subscribe hit the notification bell and follow along on instagram, its motormouth underscore andrea. For me, its motormouth underscore auto and the links are below this. Video is brought to you by carcass canada. Get the dealers cost list of rebates, plus discounted interest rates, use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches. The link is in the description below so quiet so smooth, but you know whats interesting. I get the feeling that theyve calibrated this to feel more like a regular car yeah. The way the power comes on yeah, yes, its definitely progressive. You dont get that quick snap like you get with some other evs, but it is very quick like thats. The thing is, the the basis of all evs is that you have all of that torque at your disposal, and this one has a lot more power than just the base. Uh rear wheel drive, and i think a lot of people are going to gravitate towards this.

Now the steering also feels quite heavy and solid, and it doesnt feel overly boosted, which i, like yeah, so im a little bit surprised about that, because i thought the steering would be lighter. I really like this kind of steering so im happy with it. Now. One of the problems with evs is that theyre very heavy cars and you have to compensate with the suspension – and i think, theyve done a good job of making it not bounce over bumps on the road and it gives. What would you describe it? Andrea, just like a normal ride, really yeah, it feels like a normal ride. Obviously you can feel that its an ev, because its so smooth, but so different than something like the ford maki, feels like. I think that this feels more like a typical ev and, interestingly enough, although it feels like a very smooth ev, you can still feel a few bumps in the road once in a while. What do you think about the way it looks i like it? I think its a nice looking suv its not overly modern, its got. Some nice led tail lights and led headlights. They have to have it look, futuristic enough that they get credit for the fact that its a new technology car, but it also has to be conventional enough that people will say i could get my head around that and i think theyve done it and on size. Theyre, so smart theyve come right into the meat of the market, which is compact utility thats.

What everybody buys thats the way to go now the base model comes with some pretty good features. We went through all that, but if you want things like the bigger touchscreen, which is 12 inches or the panoramic sunroof driver seat memory, power, passenger and driver seat, then youre gon na have to get the statement package which is going to cost you eight thousand dollars. Now thats available on the rear, wheel, drive or this all wheel, drive theres, just one trim and one package and thats it its a very simplified uh way of bringing these to market. But it brings the price way up. So this one starts just around fifty thousand dollars and then you add another eight thats up to fifty eight thousand dollars, but you know what um a rav4 prime is around the same price and this is a full ev. I agree with you: you get so much more out of a full ev than you do out of a phev. If you dont have any sort of range anxiety in that package, the statement package you can get leatherette upholstery and also a power tailgate in the package. You can also get ambient lighting and massage seats zack. What do you think about those seats? Have you got it on im, not sure its so subtle, its very subtle? Now one thing thats interesting about the design? Is you get quite a high? What we call belt line and thats, where the windows are its its interesting when youre in it? It feels like youre sitting low in the car, even though youre sitting on top of the battery pack, when you see the car its quite tall, its got a unique shape to it and when youre in it, though, it feels big like its wide right yeah.

It definitely feels quite wide and spacious open. I, like my seating position, im not sitting up and over, like you would, in the xc40 recharge from volvo, but its a really nice comfortable seating position. One other thing i love is that this comes with a heat pump and it also has a heated windshield so in canada got to have a heat pump. That gets the heat going right away and youre, not scavenging even more power from the batteries, and you have a heated windshield that defrosts much quicker than having to heat air and then blow it onto the windshield same thing: youre, saving, energy from the battery pack, theres, Really a lot of space and storage in here it has generous sized door pockets and a well designed center console with removable cup holders and partitions its a nice interior. That is modern, with a combination of leatherette or cloth upholstery with some hard plastic and high gloss trim. Now we came into this video thinking that the interior would look kind of cheap because reading reviews online thats what a lot of reviewers were saying. But in our experience driving this today it looks and feels like the same kind of quality. You would get in other volkswagen products and youve noticed that volkswagen is moving towards screens with no physical volume or heat controls, its all about touch base which some will enjoy and others might find kind of frustrating. But it does give it an overall sleek, clean and futuristic look.

We found the infotainment system to be intuitive to use and responsive in this test model. This is a really nicely sized vehicle. The back seat. The floor is perfectly flat, of course, theres no transmission or exhaust pipe. They have to calibrate into the car. So youve got a flat floor. Nice big bench seat in the back, the second row, isnt, quite as big as what the model y offers for leg, broom and the cargo area is quite deep. I think its a pretty good size. It offers 64.2 cubic feet of space. I think the only issue with evs is that you can really gun them. I mean you can just drive so fast. I am a little bit worried about speeding tickets. All right. Why dont? We stop answer your questions. Time now for questions, coffee and cars, your questions from instagram nice looking ev, except for the small center display and the shift rotating dial. Why are companies changing the old stick shifter? How do you find the center display when driving? We were actually talking about that yeah? Talking about that one yeah, we find it quite easy, its its excellent. It doesnt impact your visibility when driving at all. So what were referring to is the ford mustang maki has a little screen like this, but its in an odd placement, and you cant see it because of the steering wheel. Youve always got to move your head around this ones easy, and you know what the shifter thing i would be used to it after, like im used to it already, and its kind of reminds me of a take on mercedes benz, what they do, yeah sure.

Like. Listen, they could have done a shifter here, but you got so much real estate now huge cup holders yeah and then youve got the wireless charger here for your phone and you could even put a big super gulp in there. Ive got a holder for that. So i dont know they its everythings a trade off. What i will say, though, andrea, and what im really noticing about this product is theyre not trying to go too far away from what people are used to yeah, because people are going to be transitioning out of a tiguan or a rogue or a rav4 into this. It still has enough familiarity that makes people comfortable baby steps. I would say i i dont you know me. I like a traditional shifter as well. I think volkswagen was probably trying to be a little bit different um. They could have done something else like a dial. Shifter but, like zach said you get used to anything when you use it enough. How does this stack up to the mustang maki? I personally think the lack of a front trunk on the id4 is an oversight compared to its competitors. Well, this can i just jump in and say this leaves off on the last point its what you expect from a compact family crossover. So it has a similar kind of layout on the inside with gauges where you expect them, and one big cargo area and most people are used to that.

The front trunk in the mustang is really not that useful. To be honest with you well its there for extra space, so i get that we did have a follower write in and say: ive got two teslas and i never use the frunk. So i thought okay! Well, that was that was good information. Im sure many do and they like the extra space. But once again, volkswagen is just taking baby steps with this id4 so that you get used to it, and maybe this will be your first electric vehicle so back to the maki for a second one differentiator, and if you go and watch that video i put the Card here i ranted on it because of some me too things just doing things differently for the sake of doing things differently and theyve kind of done, that with the shifter, but the door handle on the outside of the maki theres. This little nub that youve got to pull. This has a capacitive release and a proper door handle and, on the inside, its a regular, its a regular door handle theres, nothing freaky here it just works like youre, expecting freaky. The other thing is the mustang maki doesnt qualify for ev rebates in canada, because its priced around 50 000 as a starting price. It does offer a little more range than this um, but its very different. This has a smoother ride, something that you would expect from an ev. The maki is not like that.

It has more of a rough ride to it to me, it actually feels more like youre driving a gas model. You know what i didnt like the suspension calibration of that car at all watch it we put the card here. As i mentioned, i found the um suspension on the maki. Was it bucked in it was like a bronco. I should have called it. Bronco bucks, like a bronco, i think its very unique and i liked it, but definitely zach had a different take so check it out. I really like the look of it. How does it compare to something like the model y well? First of all, tesla does not have a pr department; no, they do not have a pr department. They do not have any press cars. We cant access these vehicles. We have to figure out where were going to get one yeah um, so its just a different way. They go about their business. This is a traditional car company were here at an event hosted by them, so we can get a chance to drive this car its like what a crazy concept the model y is a little bit bigger than this. It does have the frunk as everybody talks about, but its priced a lot higher. The model y has a starting price of around seventy one thousand 000 canadian thats a big difference from this id4 and maybe not affordable as it doesnt qualify for the rebates in canada.

You could almost buy a base model id4 and a gti for the same price. That sounds pretty good and also the model y has more range than this as well yeah, its its a premium car its a premium car. This is a mainline car and time now for our hot topic. Whats this one, andrea ive, read that volkswagen has a pretty aggressive plan to produce more evs. Do you think this id4 is a good indication of what is to come and how good volkswagen will be at electrification? So currently id production is at one factory in germany for the worldwide market and theres way more demand than they have supply so halfway through 2022 theyre, adding a fully dedicated ev line to the chattanooga tennessee plan and they believe theyre going to have so much capacity. That they could actually export cars out of the united states and, right now the id4 is sold out until the end of 2022. This is a huge success story for vw. They are really proud of this product that theyve put out, and frankly, i think theyve done a really great job for their first kick at the can. Of course there was the e golf, but this is their first suv and suvs are the ones that sell in the united states theyve had the id4 for sale through 2021, but its really only been rear wheel drive only just now is this product. The all wheel drive available in the united states and finally available in canada.

This is the one thats going to be the volume driver for volkswagen its going to be interesting to watch how many move absolutely right now its available in quebec, ontario and bc and canada, but once the chattanooga plant is up and running, it will be available nationwide. The next one that is confirmed for north america is the id buzz thats. The one that looks like the old retro van, which is very very cool. The numbers being thrown around are 80 to 100 billion dollars to electrify their fleet of vehicles. So this is just the pointy end of the stick: theyre just getting started. I wonder how many of those id buzz theyre going to sell. You know the van was just so popular and iconic. I had a chance to drive it. I know, and it was uh the prototype actually wasnt, even a prototype. It was just an auto show car, so cool, but well have to wait to see what the production version looks like lets. Take a look at the competition and see what else you can buy for your consideration. Four vehicles for you to consider up. First is the tesla model y long range, all wheel drive, it has 384 horsepower and up to 531 kilometers of ev range. It has a starting price of around 75 000. Next is the volvo xc40 recharge with up to 359 kilometers of ev range, but 402 horsepower that has a starting price of around 60 thousand dollars.

The chevy bolt euv, with up to ‘7 kilometers of ev range, its front wheel, drive only and has 200 horsepower, with a starting price of just over 40 thousand dollars. The mustang mock e, with 475 kilometers of ev range and up to 346 horsepower and has a starting price of just over 50 000 canadian. So there are four electric suvs for you to consider all right, still lots to talk about in the vital stats like towing, warranty, charging still lots to talk about in our vital stats like towing, warranty, charging lets start with pricing. The rear wheel, drive pro starts at just under 45, and the all wheel drive pro is just under fifty thousand dollars. All id4 vehicles come equipped with three years of unlimited charging sessions at any electrify canada dc fast charging station on the road. You can charge. 5 percent to 80 percent in an estimated 38 minutes. That means a 10 minute charge can add almost 100 kilometers of range on a dc fast charger, while at home it can take as little as 7.5 hours to reach full charge on a level 2 charger. The id4 with all wheel drive can tow 2 700 pounds and it comes with a four year: 80 000 kilometer or 50 000 mile warranty in the united states, volkswagen offers two years free, scheduled maintenance up to 20 000 miles lightning round two things we like two Things we like to see improve. Well, i love the value of this id4 and i think a lot of people will like the way this drives.

I wouldnt mind seeing a standard shifter in here. This one is a little bit quirky and also heated rear seats in canada. Come on eh, volkswagen is building evs for millions. Not millionaires well see how many people line up for these. This video is brought to you by carcass canada. Get the dealers cost list of rebates, plus discounted interest rates, use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches.