Instead, it did something else. They built the eqs Music starting at over 102 000. The eqs has all the technological wonders, youd expect from a high end ev, but it also has something else: something thats very important to mercedes, especially when youre asking for this much money luxury. Before we get into the bits about the range and the gigantic hyper screen and the drag coefficient lets just get to the core of what the eqs is and its essentially an s class by another name, it has all the luxury trappings of a proper mercedes luxury Vehicle and its going to impress and delight the kings of a small european nation you never heard of, or the ceo of a mid sized company theyll be happy driving the eqs if they dont feel like getting an s. Class being pampered also means not stopping to charge every 200 ish or so miles. The eqs 450 plus has a range of 350 miles from a 107.8 kilowatt hour capacity pack, now the eqs 580, the more powerful all wheel, drive version is the vehicle. It has a little bit less range 340., so its not really that much less either way. If youre paying a lot of money for a luxury vehicle, you dont want to be sitting around waiting for it to charge both vehicles, support, plug and charge from a variety of charging networks, including electrify america. That means i just pull the vehicle up. I plug it into the charging station and it recognizes this car in order to start charging you or give you your free charge, and then you can just go back to sitting in your car or do some shopping or maybe just go, get some delicious pancakes from The ihop nearby the eqs supports charging up to 200 kilowatts via dc fast charging stations.

Now mercedes says that the vehicle will go from 10 to 80 percent in about 30 minutes now, thats a little less than teslas current model s charge rate of 250 kilowatts and a lot less than the porsche tycon and audi e tron gt, which both support charging Up to 350 kilowatts, that said, anything in the 200 kilowatt range is notable as stations that pump out more than 150. Kilowatts of juice are still not that widespread all that energy powers, a single motor in the back of this rear wheel, drive vehicle to the tune of 329 horsepower and 406 pound feet of torque. The result is a quickish acceleration of 5.5 seconds from zero to 60.. Remember, though, this is a big luxury vehicle plus, if you want more power, theres also, the all wheel drive eqs 580 with 516 horsepower and 611 pound feet of torque, and there is the upcoming amg tuned version of the eqs, which should be very fast. You know if youre into that sort of thing, regardless of the size, the eqs is very nimble, especially at low speeds, thanks to rear wheel, steering now standard. This is standard. You get 10 degrees of turning from the rear tires, which is great because even after a week of driving this vehicle in parking lots and doing u turns, i was always surprised at how well it navigated around those areas behind the wheel actually driving the eqs its Its a nice experience to be honest, its quiet it is its an ev, so its smoother its quieter it doesnt have the vibration.

It doesnt have the engine noise that you would get in the s class and because of that, i think, if youre looking for luxury, the eqs is probably the better car, its quieter doesnt vibrate as much it just rolls it smooths and if you do want noise, It is available, in fact, if you put in sport mode, you can actually hear their little weird spaceship noise and it sounds like were going to space or at least burning man, be beyond the interior noise, how it actually drives the steering is solid it. You know its a drive by wire system, so it doesnt have the feel of the road that you would get from an enthusiast car, but its also a luxury car. So its not really something i think most luxury drivers are looking for and to be realistic. Its most luxury vehicles are drive by wire. At this point, they all sort of feel the same its yeah. I dont think this would be any better if it were in a gas powered vehicle. It is fine, it is adequate. Luxury buyers will never notice it. What is weird is the brakes most of the time theyre fine, but every once in a while, while its trying to figure out like how much it wants to use recuperation with the motors or how much it wants to use the friction brakes. Sometimes you put the brakes on and the throws a little too far the amount the pedal has to move before it actually initiates braking.

Sometimes it feels like it youre going an extra couple inches and its its a little off putting drivers. Assistance wise mercedes still has one of the best systems on the road, but it is kind of falling behind other systems when it comes to hands free. At least here in the united states, gm has super crews. Ford has blue crews. Bmw has a hands free system when youre driving under say 40 miles an hour on the freeway mercedes doesnt have that in the united states, but in germany in the next few months, theyre hoping to launch not just hands free but eyes free, you wouldnt have to Pay attention essentially like a level three system in the eu. Now they want to bring that to the united states at some point. But while the eu has a nice set of rules that theyve just implemented for those types of systems, the united states is still a bit of a regulatory patchwork. So good luck to mercedes, bringing that over here still the drivers assistance system on this vehicle is incredibly smooth. Even with people who cut in front of you with cut ins, it is smooth to accelerate its smooth to break its smooth with the automatic lane change everything it does. It does without being overly aggressive, which is terrifying or overly cautious, which is annoying its also really. Nice, because of the head up display in the augmented reality system, when you do the auto lane change, it actually shows a big arrow that, like shows the lane youre about to go to and as youre moving over into that lane.

Itll straighten the arrow out. You just got ta see it if youre a fan of the lane change arrow youll, be a huge fan of the floating, augmented reality navigation arrows previously in nbux the system would show arrows on the infotainment screen. You know youre going to turn left up here. Boop the world appears on the screen. You see its telling you to go right. It tells you where to go right if youre doing a roundabout its awesome. Now that system is here in the heads up display and is outstanding. It is one of the best things about navigation ever because, if youre in a very weird intersection or youre in a town, you dont know very well or if youre like me a few months ago, youre in europe and you dont know where youre going, that floating Arrow is a lifesaver, especially in roundabouts, with like eight exits, but it could also be a lifesaver and any sort of town that has more than a four way, stop weve all been to the town that has six roads, leading to one intersection. Why i dont know city planners they do whatever they want, and so the little arrow will tell you which way to go im. A huge fan and ill be very happy when this a permeates the rest of the mercedes benz line, but b ends up in other vehicles in the future and speaking of the dash, the hyper screen is well its huge, its one giant 56 inch piece of gorilla Glass that spans from the left to the right of the vehicle and inside of it it has three different displays.

It has your dash cluster, it has your infotainment screen and it has the bonus passenger side screen. Now the passenger side screen is kind of intriguing because it allows the passenger to control media to control navigation. They could listen to music from this screen via bluetooth over their own bluetooth headset. So they can listen to music that youre not listening to. So if you want to listen to say uh lizzo and they want to listen to the system of a down, everyone in the car is happy, and that brings us to the lease s class aspect of the eqs, and that is the design the s class. It looks amazing, it looks like an s class eqs its just kind of here, its not intriguing. It actually looks sort of just bulbous and of course the design is the reason it has, that incredible drag coefficient of 0.2, but the design is also what people like about a car im, not a huge fan of it. Meanwhile, the inside looks great the outside. Not so much, but you spend most of your time in here, which is nice, because the front and the back seats are actually quite comfortable and whats. Nice is that, even though i have the seat pushed back because i am tall, i can jump to the back seat and i still have plenty of leg room. What i dont have is a lot of headroom at six foot, three, my head and my hair are actually touching the roof.

So if youre, a tall passenger, if youre someone whos looking for a passenger vehicle youre going to sit in the back end, say youre a tall ceo, the eqs might not be the ideal luxury vehicle for you. The eqs also ships with the latest version of mbux, which has this new thing, called the zero layer concept. The idea is that only things you need will be on the screen, and so you have navigation on all the time and then, if youre playing music, the music player will pop up. If youre going to use the phone that will pop up, it has the eq thing. Itll pop up only items that you use on a regular basis will pop up and what itll do is over a few weeks, while youre driving itll actually learn your routine. So if you always go to a certain location at a certain time, itll pop up and say hey, do you want to go to location a you always go to location, a on wednesdays? Do you want to go, and you can say yes and thats really nice whats weird, is that, even though this display is huge, its this huge, beautiful display its also obscured by the steering wheel its obscured by this much and mercedes knows this. So it moved everything over that much the eq button, the button that adjusts, how you see the navigation, its all been moved over a little bit and thats fine and dandy its weird that you know they knew you werent going to be able to see this.

All the time where it gets weird, though, is when youre using carplay, because apple doesnt know that you cant see this part of the vehicle. So this part of the display on the apple, carplay or android auto is well its obscured by the steering wheel and thats odd mercedes. Like other automakers needs to transition the evs, it could have phoned it in and tried to make its s class an electric vehicle with too little range, because the vehicles architecture wouldnt, have supported a large battery pack. Instead, the automaker built the eqs a proper luxury ev, a card built for the future, a future where the elite continued to be pampered, while feeling a little bit better about the environment for more automotive coverage.