We can do about it, even mazda, a relatively small automaker, with a tiny lineup of cars. They know that if you dont get your ev assembly lines running soon by the time you do it might be too late and thats. Why today were looking at the 2022 mazda mx 30. Now? Is this a groundbreaking electric car? Well for mazda? It kind of is make sure you subscribe to the cargurus youtube channel and then hit the bell so that you get an update. Every time we publish a new video now lets take a look at the mx30, its its not quite a classic feeling. I see a little more of a mishmash of designs going on the front, has shades of the cx 30 and the cladding around the wheel. Wells is aggressive. Considering this is a front wheel, drive crossover and the fastback profile cuts into cargo space and it provides massive blind spots. The two tone paint job works on a lot of vehicles, but on the mx30 i keep seeing shades of the gmc envoy, xuv and thats, not good, but there are a lot of parts to the mishmash that are good. I really like the wheels and i like mazdas round tail lamps. The hood looks long on a car. This short and the overhanging lip combined with the cutout headlights is cool. I just overall like the dimensions of the mx30, now the freestyle doors, these definitely harken back to the mazda rx 8, with which the mx 30 might eventually have some commonality.

I will say i could do without the little electric sticker. I mean this is just a sticker. When i sit in the mazda mx30, i actually think a lot about the bmw i3, a car surprisingly similar in a lot of ways. The i3 had this wild interior. It had wood trim and nice materials, a very organic feeling, but it was polarizing. You either loved it or you hated it and spoiler alert. I loved it now. The mx30 is not as wild as an i3, but its also not going to be as polarizing its just pretty cool in here. First off there are these cork, inlays below and around the center console and on the door handles. There are even little. Cork covers for the cup holders, you can fold them down and you have this nice little shelf its kind of innovative, its perfect size for my phone, maybe your phone, maybe not your phone – might be bigger and then with the shifter. It does this little two step function to shift in and out of park. Thats weirdly satisfying the gray cloth upholstery with brown. Accents looks really nice from volvo to ford to nissan and now to mazda. This sort of upholstery is really coming back into vogue, and i am here for it. But what do you think about it? Tell us in the comments section below the rest of the mx30s interior is pretty typical mazda. The driver information display is refreshingly normal for an ev and like it is on the cx 30, the mazda 3, the cx 5.

The infotainment screen is up here and its not a touch screen its, not a touch screen, because mazda believes that touch screens are inherently dangerous. You know, taking your eyes off the road to punch around on a screen means that youre not focused on driving. Now, ironically, the hvac controls those are controlled by a touch screen and its a touch screen. Thats all the way down here so its not okay, to take your eyes just a teensy bit off the road and control this, but you can move them all the way down here to control this. That seems a bit hypocritical, although i guess you can only get so distracted by air conditioning and heated seats Music despite being an eevee. The mx 30 is built on the same platform as the mazda 3 and the mazda cx 30 thats hugely important to consider. When talking about the mx 30, because most electric vehicles are built on ground up platforms, specifically designed to accommodate electric motors and batteries, the mazda doesnt have one of those its just working with what its got. Now. There is an eevee architecture in the works, but its not supposed to be ready until 2025 and mazda knows that if it waited that long, it would be at a competitive disadvantage. So its got to move now so whats under the hood. Well get ready to raise those eyebrows, its a single electric motor making 143 horsepower 200 pound feet of torque and running off a 35 and a half kilowatt hour battery pack.

Good for about 100 miles of range yeah, that was my reaction too. Now theres no getting around that hundred mile range, so lets talk about it. Yes, a hundred miles is probably more than enough for the average persons commute and because its a smaller battery it doesnt take as long to charge as a bigger battery to ev, like the ford mustang machi or the vw id4 come on 100 miles. That is limiting and its going to limit the number of people who are interested in this car now mazda does say that it will be releasing an mx30 with a rotary engine like it had in the rx8 as a range extender, and i think thats going to Be absolutely critical to this car catching on with the masses. If you do test drive an mx30 youll likely notice that it doesnt really feel like a typical ev, yeah, its quiet and yes, its quick from a standstill, but its not blazing fast and theres. No one pedal driving mode. You can increase the level of regenerative braking, but at its lowest setting youd hardly realize its there at all. Mazda also employs its electronic g vectoring control in the mx 30. Undoubtedly, helping this thing feel smooth and composed through all sorts of corners, so its not fast but its enjoyable. I used to ride a bicycle to work almost every day and i noticed there were usually two types of riders on the road. There was the tour de france wannabe speed demon, and then there were these folks just pedaling along enjoying their morning.

The mazda mx 30 is definitely for the latter. We are familiar enough now, with the mazda connect infotainment system to recognize that its a little bit of form over function. The display is incredibly handsome, but the rotary controller definitely takes some getting used to and its really designed for, one driver who has taken the time to input all of their settings and their favorites case in point. If i were to drive this car on a regular basis, i would just punch in all my favorite radio stations as favorites and use the little star button below the volume knob to jump between them. But my fiance hates my favorite music. So if she were to get in this car, she wouldnt be able to just easily browse through satellite radio and pick a channel that she wanted to listen to shed be stuck with my garbage. Luckily, the mazda mx30 has your full complement of bluetooth, apple, carplay and android auto. We also have a great bose, 12 speaker premium audio system. We have a head up display. We have a couple usb ports, although admittedly it took me a little while to find theyre kind of hidden underneath the center console down here on the safety front, every mx 30 gets eye, active sense, automatic emergency, braking and lane keeping assist. Those things are standard on a lot of cars now, but blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control are still optional on a surprising amount of cars and theyre included as standard features here.

Regarding the lane keeping assist, some automakers have a system that will kind of jerk. You back into the lane or worse itll beep at you, but with mazda. They just give a subtle vibration to the wheel, which both i and chris wardlaw found to be more effective. Now you can read chriss full review of the mazda mx30 on cargurus.com and now i think we should get in the rear seat or really. You should laugh at me while i try and get in the rear seat, because, while this car is probably fine for little kids, its not going to be great for big kids like me, its tight in the back seat and its a little tricky to get in Here, via the freestyle doors, however, as my colleague closes the doors behind me, pretty loudly youll notice that theres no way for me to get out of here. If theres, not somebody in the front ready to. Let me out, because i cant reach that door handle and i cant open this door if that ones not open. So what do i do? Well, there are these buttons on the back of the drivers seat that will very slowly move it forward and then another button that will very slowly move it kind of lean it forward. So then, maybe i can reach that handle, but if im in the passenger seat, theres no buttons so youre stuck until somebody lets you out of the car and then once i climb forward and get this open open this one its still not exactly the most graceful Exit at the rear, the mazda mx 30 has pretty good cargo space at 21 cubic feet behind the rear seat, its somehow bigger than the cx 30.

All right lets talk price and it doesnt really matter well sort of it doesnt matter to me, because mazda is only selling the 2022 mx30 in california and as i look down the barrel at yet another new england winter, i can only remind myself that i do Not live in california, but for 2023 mazda is planning on expanding this vehicles availability. So maybe we should talk money, the 2022 mx30. It starts at 33, 470 plus a 175 destination fee and then theres a premium plus trim and that one starts at 36, 480 again plus the destination fee. Listen. The mx 30 is not going to be your only car with 100 miles of range, its just not equipped to do that for the average person, but with a 35 000 ish price tag, minus a federal tax credit and maybe a state incentive. Well, its priced like it could be a second car. So the question for me is: do you buy this or do you buy the similarly priced and way more fun mini cooper se? They both do about 100 miles of range, but admittedly the mini is not nearly as practical. I know were all going to look at the range and just say no way, but the mere fact that the mx 30 exists thats encouraging because not every automaker has the resources of a ford or a toyota or a general motors or a volkswagen and mazda has An ev architecture in the works, but it decided that its not going to sit around and wait for that to be ready before it takes its shot.

This is how a lot of automakers started down the electric road and im very excited to see where the company is in four or five years now. Thank you so much for watching be sure to subscribe to the cargurus youtube channel and well see you next time.