Your support means a lot to us. Thank you, Music. What is it? Mg continues to hone in on the ev market around one in three cars it sells is now electric the affordable zsev has played a key role in this growth, and now it has been rewarded with some design changes and a new infotainment system. The icecar style grille is replaced by a textured design, while a new bumper has been fitted at the rear. The charging port has now been placed to the side of the mg badge at the front of the car and is no longer integrated behind it. There are currently three specification levels to choose from starting with the entry level, se moving up to the trophy and then trophy connect. Our trophy connect test car was equipped with led lights at the front and rear a panoramic sunroof wireless phone charging parking, sensors, a 360 deg camera and vehicle to load capability, meaning the battery can power external devices. The headline on this new model is the introduction of a long range variant tested here. It uses a 72 kilowatt hours battery far larger than the regular 44.5 kilowatt hours unit, meaning the zsev now offers up to 273 miles of range. Its powertrain unusually noisy for an electric one, produces 153 bhp for a healthy, zero to 62 miles per hour time of 8.2 seconds, a full charge from a 50 kilowatts public fast charger takes about an hour while a home unit will charge it to capacity in around 10 and a half hours with the long range battery and updated infotainment system comes a bump in price.

Our trophy connect car starts from 31495 pounds after the governments, 2500 pounds ev grant a standard range model will be introduced early next year with a lower price and a 49 kilowatt hours battery, providing a still competitive 149 miles of range whats. It like this price bump is significant, meaning the zsev now goes toe to toe with some of the more serious players in the ev rankings, such as the kia e nero in this respect. Its longer range will stand it in good stead, while its new smartphone style, touchscreen infotainment system, is intuitive and lag free over the air. Software updates will keep it up to date with apple carplay and android, auto both on the way in the city. The powertrain is smooth and offers several levels of regenerative. Braking for some semblance of one pedal driving overtaking is an easy task on motorways with enough punch to for the zsev to comfortably tackle longer commutes other areas are less impressive, though the ride quality doesnt stand up. Well to choppier roads and the handling is leading with almost no feel and a general lack of precision in the steering. Road and wind noise are more pronounced on faster roads and the zsev is still plagued by a host of chimes and bongs from its selection of active safety systems. Mgs pilot system is provided with adaptive cruise control, automatic, braking lane, keeping assistance and collision warning should i buy one. The zsfs range is good for its price and its equipment levels are comprehensive, even if its lacking in perceived quality, mgs, pcp finance deals are attractive too.

The company says the zsev is cheaper than all of its competitors on such a deal. A true indication of the models value will become clear with the arrival of the 49 kilowatt hours standard range model next year: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music.