, Its tatas first, electric SUV from tata.. This is the safest SUV in India. You get a projector set up with halogen and a fog light.. You will see a lot of blue accents on the outside and inside.. You will get a diamond cut alloy with a gloss black finish. tire. Specs are 21560 R16. Gloss black ORVM with turn indicators.. You get keyless entry in this car. Tata uses ziptron as the technology.. You get parking, sensors and reversing camera. Skid plates with a satin finish.. The small details on the rear windshield make the car look. Nice. Lets see the boot its a smart release. Boot. Boot lid opens wide with a wide well spaced boot. You get a light with a couple of hooks to hold 3kg bags.. Under the boot floor you will have all the emergency accessories with spare wheel. Boot capacity is 350 liters. Lets get inside the car. The doors are heavy and open wide. Driver door had all window controls. Orvm controls.. You also get an umbrella holder on both doors. Seats, get height, adjust function. The doors close with a proper Thud effect. Steering wheel, has audio controls on the left and some instrument controls on the right.. The steering feels solid to hold and its leather wrapped.. You also get a push button start button., You do not get any gearshift since its an EV and has a big storage. Blue inserts can be seen across inside the car.. You get an Auto AC with a boot release.

Button. Glove box has a unique button to open and it is neatly integrated. Glove box is cooled and has a light. Also. It opens in a slow drop down way and its quite wide.. It could accompany a laptop and attention to detail are very good.. You get 2 cupholders in the glove box.. The passenger door also has an umbrella holder, like Rolls Royce. Cars. Seats are firm and are very supportive that could relieve your back. Pain. Seats are fabric with a tri arrow pattern.. The rear has no armrest in this model.. The front has an armrest with storage, with a sliding cover, which is a nice touch., Coming to the gearshift, Its a dial type unit and has 4 modes.. The dials have a tactile feel to operate.. There are sufficient power Output and storage across the car.. Steering is adjustable for height and not reach., Rear doors, open wide, making easy ingress and egress.. Once inside, you could feel the seats holding you due to t the contours.. There is adequate knee space and under thigh support., You get 1 speaker and 1 tweeter at each door.. There is a rear, AC vent., It gets premium roof liner, material. Nexon E gets a sunroof, but this variant does not have one. The tunnel. Hump is not huge and it can be used as a proper 5 seater car.. This car supports fast charging. Facility. Contact details for TATA showroom is given in the description.. Please subscribe to my channel.

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