I reckon that, right now the kia ev6 is the most wanted electric car in the uk yeah, but wanting it doesnt really mean anything. Does it i mean yes, when i get home tonight, i want to go on the treadmill and maybe even perhaps run a mouth, and but that doesnt mean im gon na. Do it does it? What im more likely to do is grab my chocolate bar and have a bath, but what im trying to say here is that you can say, as many lovely things about the kia as you like, but if were trying to define popular well, there is one electric Car that has parted more people from their cash than any other in the uk and its this the tesla model 3.. This was the uk best selling car in september 2021 and thats, not just the best selling electric car, no, no, its the best selling car overall think about that for a second but okay. Yes, i will concede that the kia is a great package and im willing to entertain the idea that maybe just maybe the model 3 has finally been reeled in by the competition, but im going to need convincing um ginny im not going to put any money on The kia coming out on top once weve crunched, the numbers – ah, okay, fighting talk but ive been driving this care for a few days now nikki shields, and i am confident that we have a new champion in our midst.

I can taste victory already come on. Lets get on with it, okay, but before battle commences, please do remember to subscribe to our channel click. The notifications button make sure your belt is secured and remember that your nearest ex may be behind. Thank you wrong announcements. Okay lets go Music now. Lets start with the basics: shall we so this is the kia eb6 gt line s which, at the time of our recording, comes with a price tag of just under 52 000 pounds? Now its got a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery four wheel, drive and a range of 300 miles or pretty good. Now this might be kias first purpose built all electric car, but its far from the brands first venture into the world of electric the first generation of seoul. The first electric car i really drove wounders back in 2014 and the e nero has been a permanent fixture at the top of the electric car sales charts for at least the past three years. But this takes things to a new level, because under here is a completely new set of foundations, which will eventually be used in a whole range of kia and hyundai electric cars, and it has quite a few party tricks up its sleeve. That ill reveal a bit later, and this is the tesla model. 3 long range now, like the kia, its also all wheel, drive and has an official range of 360 miles from its 82 kilowatt hour battery.

Now its been on sale here in the uk since 2019 and well as youll, know, if youve driven anywhere in the last 12 months, tesla has sold rather a lot of them. Now it comes with a price tag of 48 490 pounds, which means ginny buckley. It has more range for less cash, see we havent even started and the teslas already winning in your dreams. Nikki shields in your dreams, dont really need to say much do i. I think kia has done a fantastic job with the ev6. You know. Car companies are usually really cautious when it comes to design arent they, so we often end up with bigger or smaller versions of whatever sells the most. That is not the case here. If i didnt have the badge on the bonnet – and i hadnt seen this before – i doubt that i would have said it was ikea and i dont think you would either you know. The bumper design at the front is really quite extreme, and i love the way. The line sweeps up to the lights, look its not everybodys cup of tea, but in a way that makes me like it even more good job kia, great looking car, but not everyone wants to stand out from the crowds. Do they? If you want your cars to look simple uncluttered classy well, there really is one car in my book and its this one isnt it its a nice piece of design.

If you look at the front, there is nothing here that doesnt need to be here all the essential bits, but just done really really well, okay, its not going to maybe get the neighbors gossiping in the same way that the kia will would 10 year old me Have had one on the wall? Probably not, but there is a kind of elegant charm to way the model 3 looks what isnt so charming, though, is how much it costs to choose a color other than white. If you want anything other than tumble, dry or white, youre going to be paying an extra 1100 pounds and if you want it in red to match our kia well youre going to have to find an extra 2 100 ouch, and i thought my wardrobe was expensive. Now, if you think the outside of the ev6 looks a little busy lets take a look at whats going on in here. Youve got two screens that curve into each other a button for probably every day of the year and a rather space age floating console. But you know what i really like: it look its not as spacious as youd, find in say the ioniq 5, but it feels cozy in here and it also has a sportier feel. So this dual screen has about the same info as the tesla, but i think its arranged in a more useful way. I have a very heavy right foot and i like to keep the speed right in my eye line.

The left left hand display is the touchscreen, and so are the switches underneath and its all pretty intuitive to use. I really like some of the details, like the air vents, often on cars with big central screens, the vents are hidden away wherever they can be fitted in im, not sure they work too. Well, though, it was chilly this morning, the ev6 does take a long time to warm up, thank goodness for the heated seats and the steering wheel. As for the rest of it, we get loads of storage plenty of usb ports, along with a 12 volt power outlet. Its all very practical and very usable, so i have a love hate relationship going on with the back of this car, so lets get the bad out the way first, its not that bad, but it is slightly claustrophobic in here thats, because youve got this lovely sloping. Roof line, which looks great, but it does feel like its coming down on you slightly and also youve, got a very narrow, rear window as well. It would help if the sunroof extended into the back, which it doesnt and also this black headliner doesnt, help things either. Um im not a massive fan of all the plastic on the back of the seats, but lets move on to the positive. Shall we no transmission tunnel, which is brilliant? You get great leg room here, its also a really nice wide rear seat plenty of room for three adults to travel on a longer journey, comfortably um the seats by the way or the outer seats are heated.

Its freezing today im loving my heated seat here in the back and youve got little air vents tucked away there handy compartments there on the back of the seats and also really neat little charging points on either side of the seat. All in all, i think it just about gets a thumbs up, but there are a few gripes here too so round at the boot. Well, the floor is really high, so you actually have a very shallow usable area. Now there is a bit more storage under the false floor, but its really narrow, so its not massively useful here, quotes a capacity of 490 liters, which is okay when you compare it to other cars, but its the shape that doesnt make it that usable. You can also feel the materials take a bit of a nose dive back here with lots of cheaper plastics, which is also a bit of a shame. It all feels like a bit of a missed opportunity. There are a couple of nice touches like candles here on the side to drop the back seats, but i dont know its just not as usable as it could be, and if youre hoping for more storage space around at the front, then you are going to be Slightly disappointed because this all wheel, drive version comes with a front that only has 20 liter capacity. You can barely get your charging cable in there. If you are after more space up front, then the rear wheel, drive version has more than double now.

We know that the interior of the model 3 is probably one of its most controversial features. Some absolutely love the brutal efficiency of just having one screen that controls everything and i mean everything inside the car, and then there are others that, i think perhaps see it. As a step too far, personally, im sort of in between the two, i do like the fact that tesla has put everything back to the bare essentials. You know, i think a lot of the switches in our cars are really only used once in a blue moon. So white adds to that visual clutter, but it is quite a leap to get used to, i must say um, but ultimately we do actually live our lives on our smartphones and via apps. So why should our cars be any different and we are very adaptable at the end of the day, it all sounds like a bit of a technophobes nightmare, but actually you do get used to it. Ive been driving this for a couple of days now and im. Pretty used to knowing exactly where all the features are hidden. No, i agree it isnt initially as intuitive of having a row of buttons like you have in the kia, but once you get to know it its a very slick system plus you can watch netflix or catch up with the latest electrifying.com review. So thats extra brownie points for the tesla. Surely it is all a matter of taste, of course, but the rest of the interior is a bit.

Dare i say it bland i mean its fake wood. Is it a bit naff? I think its so stripped back in here that it feels rather clinical. That said, the driving position is good. The seats are decently, shaped and comfortable on long journeys and theres loads of space to store all kinds of junk. Now back here there is a decent amount of space, its not exactly huge, but i think this really nice panoramic roof makes it feel less enclosed than the kia and then, of course, the flat floor means your legs have plenty of fidget room. Now the rear seats have a 60 40 split, so you can extend the boot to carry more luggage, but there is no getting away from the fact that the model 3 is a saloon rather than a hatch, which of course, is always the more practical choice. Now the bootlet is like most things on a car powered, but, as you can see, the opening for the luggage area is a bit restricted. Now there isnt actually any limit on space inside and this rather nice flat floor holds even more storage. And if we do come around to the front, youll immediately notice that the front in the tesla is quite a lot bigger than in the kia. Both of these cars rank pretty highly for range and also charging ability. The kia has a range of 300 miles and comes with a clever 800 volt charging system.

That means it can charge at speeds of up to 250 kilowatts on a suitable charger. That means you can charge from 20 to 80 in under 20 minutes. Today were getting an impressive 3.9 miles per kilowatt hour, and it showed a range of 280 miles when it was at 100. The ev6 also comes with whats known as v2l or vehicle to load system. That means you can use the energy stored in the main battery to power all manner of electric appliances. You can even use it to charge another electric car should you feel the need. It also has a heat pump fitted as standard which takes waste heat from the battery cooling system and uses it in the cabin just not very well. Unfortunately, the tesla doesnt have a new 800 volt charging system, but it is still capable of charging at over 200 kilowatts. In theory, that would add around 10 minutes more to the model 3s charge time for 20 to 80 percent, and it has a longer official range of 360 miles now. At this point, it would normally be q nicky to bang on about how brilliant the tesla supercharging network is and how it makes the model 3 far more attractive to driving long distances than other cars does. But it seems that the ace card is no longer as powerful for tesla as it once was. Yeah and thats, because tesla is planning to actually open up its once exclusive network to non tesla drivers, which is pretty amazing because it is an incredible network.

Theres. A pilot scheme thats running in the netherlands and weve been reliably informed that british non tesla drivers will be able to access the network here in the uk very exciting. But there are a few problems that tesla will need to address, not least the fact that loads of electric cars, like this kia ev6, for example, have the charging port on the drivers. Side, teslas, supercharging bays have very short cables because all of their models have them on the other side, which means jenny that you are going to have to block one of my base to charge your car. That is not going to please me at all Music. Now there is an awful lot to like about the way the ev6 drives. So this is the range topping model and weve got a motor at both ends and a rather punchy power output of 321 brake horsepower, which feels like more than enough on country roads like this. The ride is actually pretty firm. Its a bit jittery but not uncomfortable. Q has done a pretty decent job of keeping all the road noise out its nice and quiet in here, and you can choose from a whopping six levels of brake regeneration by paddles on the steering wheel, thats, something i really like in electric cars its where you Capture the energy that you would lose when you brake and slow down put it back into the battery. It gives a kind of one pedal driving feel.

If you select eye pedal mode, you get pretty effective on pedal driving and if you select auto, then the car works out the most efficient way, the most efficient form of regeneration based on the roads that youre on. But the question is: is it fun to drive in a way that i hate to say the model 3 is fun to drive, and i guess that just kind of depends on what your definition of fun is. Personally, i feel that kia might have tried a bit too hard to make this car feel sporty. If you press the sport button, you get a different driving mode that makes the accelerator more sensitive, just changes the steering feel slightly, but i have to say i just dont think it does the ev6 many favors its a lot harder to drive it smoothly. It just feels just right now, a bit more fidgety a bit more on edge if youre anything like me, youll, stick it straight back into normal or maybe eco, because i do like saving my range and calmness is restored. You can relax again um. The other thing that i do find quite distracting is all the entertainment stuff with all of those buttons that i mentioned earlier. I know that the minimalism of the model 3 isnt for everybody, but because ive driven teslas a lot, and i now find the the system really intuitive and easy to use. It just seems to be far more straightforward when youre driving to do the things you want to do.

Um im a bit kind of like half looking down there wondering what to do, and i keep turning the radio on when im not planning to do in this. But please dont tell nicki. I said that shes already very smug that shes championing the model three now i have driven quite a few model threes over the last couple of years, and i must admit that i really like the balance that teslas truck this long range model is about as good As it gets because it doesnt have the harsh ride of the performance, but theres still plenty of acceleration to make you smile. So i think, theres – probably maybe a bit more road noise in this than in comparison to the kia, which is a bit surprising, because this has got smaller wheels smaller tires, but its definitely not a deal. Breaker and the brakes have plenty of power, and i just really like the way it threads itself through corners, where the kia has three preset driving modes. The model 3 is a bit different and lets you choose your own cocktail of features. You can choose sport or chill accelerator response or opt for comfort standard or sport steering feel obviously its harder to flip between the modes as you can in the keyer. But generally once you have the car to your liking, you tend to leave it, as is Music. Okay, so i actually think this is one of the few times that weve done a comparison test without assuming that the tesla model 3 would walk it yeah.

I think youre right on that. Actually, i mean weve seen other cars like the pole, star run it really close, but i think the huge lead that that car had just a couple of years ago, i think its starting to go. You know, especially when the supercharging network is opened up and that unique x factor is taken away yeah. That is true, but i do think even when you take that into account theyre very hard to separate, i mean, if you look at the costs, theres really nothing between them. The kia has some bits that the tesla doesnt and vice versa. So i think if we were trying to spec them up to be the same, then there wouldnt be much in it, and actually i was looking at the monthly payments for both of them using their own finance, pcps and like for, like they were pretty much identical. 800 pounds a month, each okay – that is a really good point, but if youre looking long term, you could argue that the teslas four year, 50 000 mile warranty isnt as good as the kias seven year, 100 thousand mile one. Although dont, you think we both agree that the tesla model 3 is the better car to drive and its more efficient in the long range yeah. I do. I do theres only one way to decide this come on after three lets both say the name of the car we want to take home today.

Okay, yeah, all right, one, two, three tesla! Oh, no sorry, kia dont take it personally, so it is another win for the tesla model. 3. But honestly, this has been probably the closest that its ever come to a review. So if you dont want to follow the crowd, then the kia makes a really fantastic alternative, but come on. Do you agree or disagree with us, which one would you choose? Do let us know in the comments below and dont forget, to subscribe to the channel and switch those notifications on and, if youre planning, to make the switch to electric then head over to electrifying.