You ready for this two brand new models lets see it. Music been fast, is going to take over the ev world. These are all electric vehicles and look here. This is how youre going to identify it in future with the v here. These beautiful v shaped lights as well. V stands for vinfast, vietnam, and for the first time they have launched in the us. This is their bigger model, as we look at the design. These guys have teamed up with a company called pininfarina. Now you guys might know this company ive featured on my channel so many different times its actually a coach builder in italy and what they do is they take cars and they make unique either one offs for a customer or they make like a limited uh series Of a particular car, one of the coolest design, houses or coach builders has actually worked with these guys to design what i think, in my opinion, is cool. Looking car, i love how this is flush up against the the car here. I love that so these pop out, you got the little v here and lets just have a look at the back. This is the bigger version. As we said, the vfe36 youve got this big tail light running all the way from the side into the v formation and back around here. Before these two models launched, they actually launched their very first ev called the e34 in vietnam and just within the first three months, they sold 25 000 of these cars.

Vin fast is actually part of a much bigger group called vin group in vietnam. So they do real estate technology education, amongst other things, so they were like right. Why? Dont we set up an ev company. Why? Because they wanted to solve a problem and that problem in vietnam was there were no locally produced electric vehicles. So, in order to get one, it was very, very costly having to bring one from overseas, so this is what they came out with. They came out with the e34 to begin with, now theyve got two new models back in vietnam. They also have electric scooters. They have electric buses and so theyre, going into like that electric space. How is vin fast, going to kind of dominate the electric vehicle world because you – and i both know there are a lot of new electric vehicles coming out over the next few years? Why would you buy this? There are three things theyre concentrating on you guys high quality products, so they dont want to like skirt around the edges and just get whatever and pop it in the car and sell it off reasonable prices. So its going to be very very competitive. What with what you can get on the market for other evs and the third thing, is they really want to take care of you once youve bought the car so excellent after care services? Just for example, guys, if you buy this car youre going to get a 10 year, warranty thats like unheard of in the car space, especially for electric vehicles.

What is also really cool is you can rent a battery? What they want to do is make it more affordable for you to own an ev, so you buy the car and then you rent on a monthly basis the battery, so that youre only really giving out a small amount of money each month and they compare that Amount to the same amount of money you would spend on a gas car theyre opening get this 60 60 vin fast stores in california alone. That is mad, its all going to go hit the market all at once. I was like hey guys. Where are you opening up first theyre like nah nah everywhere, but if you buy it from elsewhere in the states of course, theyre gon na look after you, they just want their base to be in california because of californias like goals to become an electrified uh state. You know lets just go all electrified vehicles. I think 2035 is like their goal to no longer sell any more petrol, uh cars, so thats. Why theyve kind of based themselves in california nasa is even here whats that how are you man, ive, been crushing in your territory right now? Can you go guys seriously? What the hell look at the v? Look at the lights, hes learned something from the channel, so we flew from dubai to actually just reveal this crazy new ev company um, and that gives you an idea or an indication of just how big like of a splash.

They want to make like theyre going big theyre going big, never underestimate a vietnamese company thats it exactly go watch his vid. Can you do a cameo when you say for the first time in my car im going to do a car reveal reveal and hes like hey thats, my thing: okay, yeah sure im, like its my turn, yeah yeah, guys for the first time in my life im Going to do a car reveal dude, i think, thats, my thing, okay, this is my turn. This is not just any car. This is the first car from vietnam and youre gon na be the first. How was my cameo did? I do it all right lets. Do an unveil again because you know thats what were about on this channel. I need some help so to get your uh okay, wait just before we do. This yeah were actually here to unveil something way, bigger way more special and that is sergis massage. Oh man ive been preparing for a while. You know i knew this moment was going to come out. You know its just like thats, all the show time again, thats it thats your time. Okay, ready, love it right. This right here is the smaller model. The e35 youre going to see sensors everywhere guys because this car is going to have some really cool features. You can summon it on your key. I will drive to you without you actually being in the car.

It also has complete remote parking, so it can just park bite. So if you get out – and you just like – hey man like just just pop over there, yeah thatll do that is so cool. I love that right. So youve got the v again here. Youve got these double like headlights, which is quite cool and guess what we get to go inside here we go here, we go here. We go im gon na get look at this big screen here. Love and i love how prominent these are as well like theres. No mistaking like youre, not actually accidentally, gon na put it in reverse. Are you i like it. I like how its just all very simplified. So this is the smaller version of the two, so you just got the two rows and then the boot in the back. Now both these cars are going to have just over 400 horsepower and theyre dual motors, so theyre going to have two electric motors and theyre all wheel drives zero to 100 in this one right here is going to be about five and a half seconds zero to 100 in the bigger version is going to be about 6.5 seconds now. The range for this version right here you can get over 500 kilometers in range and for the bigger version get this up to 680 kilometers in range. Thats, like you literally, would not even need to charge it like who drives nearly 700 kilometers.

You might have to change it like once, every few weeks, what is so cool and what i noticed straight away, its just all so simplified. But one reason for that is look theres, no screen right in front of you nothing. So all of this information that you would normally have behind your wheel is all going to be displayed on a heads up display here. So everything is going to be on the windshield in front of you, so that just simplifies all of this area. Just to talk to you a little bit about the safety features, theyve got literally every single five star rating that you can get, so these guys are theyre not just throwing together a car and just like putting on the market theyre making sure to do it right. All right guys thats it. I hope you enjoyed this global, reveal here in la of vinfast. I cannot wait to see these babies on the road im gon na like follow their story and keep you guys updated because im gon na get behind the wheel of this baby very very soon. I cant wait for that. Thank you guys so much for watching. Thank you to vin fast. I flew over from dubai, especially for this global reveal. I cannot wait to see where this goes.