Florida updates are going to have wireless connectivity thats going to be standard updates in the cabin standard safety. This is going to share the same electric drive train with the hyundai kono electric. This is definitely going to compare against your nissan leaf and your chevrolet bolt ev and throughout the review im going to do a comparison to see which one might be more onto your to do list of purchasing if youre looking for a full electric vehicle im anthony From hawkeye rides and were going to go over all the specs and details starting now, Music, the kia niro ev is definitely going to have that electrifying look, especially with the grill, how its all closed off for the tiger nose grill. I like that. They still give the diamonds and they give that indication. So that way you keep the signature. Look with the new kia. Badging charging very easy, just open up right here in the front the best part about it is they go a little bit more playful because you got the blue on the lower trim and also on the fog lamp assembly, with the matte black underneath here as well. So it does set a nice appearance and the aerodynamic structure lines just flow really smoothly. On the short hood, the width at 71.1 inches which its the wider of the three the height of 61.4 inches, the bolt will be the tallest of the three ground clearance at 6.1 inches.

The best part about this is youre charging. So if you do a 50 kilowatt dc fast charging up to 80 percent between 60 to 90 minutes 100 miles, you can get it done in 30 minutes. So its the same as the bolt for the nissan leaf. However, a quick charge up to 80 is 45 to 60 minutes, so just something to take in consideration and the line structures that go over the shorter hood. I wish there was some storage underneath it, but it is what it is and it does kind of sort of flare out. The fenders in the front, with 17 inch aluminum alloy wheels the disc reading at 12 inches ventilated in the front 11.8 inches solid in the rear. Regenerative braking with steering wheel mounts that make it more aggressive or less a mcpherson strut front suspension. A multi link, rear suspension, both the front and the rear will have your stabilizer bar the length at 172.2 inches, which is pretty much spot on with the nissan in the chevrolet, give or take an inch here and there wheelbase at 106.3 inches the zero emissions really Do scream on the side, because you do have just a few line structures and you got some black here on the lower trim of the door seals blacked out across all of the window trims, except for the back end, which gives an indication of that electric look Which i do like that, because it just kind of makes it pop a little bit so, whenever youre looking in a parking lot, and you see that you would go hey, this is a zero emission car, your roof rails, youre gon na have them with the silver And it does give a good contrast to the vehicle, especially with this snow white.

I wish the fenders were the same color as the body paint. I like the pin stripe line, but if that was there, i think it would just set it off a little bit more with the piano black spoiler lip youre going to have the same color shark fin as the car, which definitely gives a good indication that theyre Paying attention to detail with this zero emissions vehicle, i like the nero badging and the new kia logo in the back. I also like that they went back with the playful look with the blue on the lower area, so it almost looks like there would be exhaust the way these kind of flare out a little bit. I dont necessarily like that, because its a zero emission, we really dont, need to have anything that looks like exhaust. However, it gives a sporty look, so that is something that is kind of cool because thats, what key is going for a performance style vehicle – and this is fully electric, so you got to you know, put the two together go inside to your cargo at 18.5 cubic Feet, which is more than the bolt theres storage, underneath the floor with a spare tire: 12 volt charger, the rear bench split folds at a 60 40 split maxing the cargo to 53 cubic feet, which is more than the nissan the kia nero ev backs the performance With a 64 kilowatt battery pack, thats going to have a bigger battery than the nissan a touch smaller than the chevrolet bolt ev producing 201 horsepower 291 pound feet of torque.

You will get a charge with the level two at nine hours and 35 minutes. You will have the most power underneath, comparing it to the three. You will get the better zero to 60 at 6.2 seconds of full range at 2′ miles and 123 to 102 mpges, which is better than the nissan leaf, just a touch smaller or less than the chevrolet bolt ev. But you got to look at it in different perspective whenever youre talking about maybe a mile or two less or even, if its 5 or 10 at the end of the day, that zero to sixty is gon na, get you to work quicker if youre running late. Just something to think about, let me know in the comments what you think about the 2022 kia niro ev as we go into the interior, go over the tech and take this for our test entering inside the kia, nero ev its going to be super quiet because Its electric, how to sit still well see how it is on the drive headroom at 40.1, inches of headroom legroom 41.7 inches its going to be less than the nissan and the chevrolet. However, you can see the seat. You have a lot of room. I actually moved it back a little bit further than i would normally sit its going to have the charcoal its going to be a cloth and syntec seat mixture 10 way. Power adjustment for the driver, youre gon na have a four way manual for the passenger.

I do like the retro styling that theyre doing youve got the piping youve got the contrast, stitching and it just really looks energetic and i think thats really what were looking at when were trying to get a vehicle other than a tesla. I know thats the first time i said it, this whole review, but realistically speaking, i like to compare this to other vehicles only because of the fact that these are upcoming vehicles to get to the tesla line. This is not going to obviously be as comparable as a tesla. As for the dash its very simple, i like that, we have the eco electric on the passenger side, you got the metal, look that just wraps around the whole bottom and you got the gloss pn black inlays over it with a little bit of a pattern structure And you got the aluminum look for the interior of your air vent, so they do pay attention to detail. I do like the 10.25 uvo infotainment system because it sits flush inside there. It looks like they actually made the cabin specifically for this infotainment. We have the navigation, so you have the pinch. You have the swipe. This has your sirius xm. This has your uvo app youre going to get one year of service. Bluetooth connectivity am fm dual climate control settings. Another nice thing about this vehicle is in this. You can click there and you have another screen that you can just toggle through different settings and whatnot and pretty much see everything you need.

So if you really want to see your battery consumption range left, you could put it right there and everyone in the cabin can see it pretty cool little thing now in this area, here its a little bit different than most ev vehicles, and this is kind of Going with a lot of the suv segment or hatchback segment, so you have all your button functionality here: a wireless charging pad usb ports, a 12 volt, some storage tray. Here you got your rotary knob for your drive, reverse neutral push to park, thatll hold so youre. Getting some luxury amenities, standard, heated, front, seats, driving mode, select open this by pushing it a nice thing. When you push these, it opens up to give you more capacity or you can just put a 2 liter if you need, but i put the cup here so you can see that you can fit a 16.9 ounce water bottle without any issues pretty much about a 32 is going to be really a max, but the nice thing is, you can open this up and it clicks and it unclicks. So that way you can fit that bottle open up in here, more storage with a usb charging port, as well as for the elbows. Its going to be a little bit harder on this side here, but it has a little bit of a sponge, feel its just theres, not a lot of padding. There is more on the door panel, so, on the door panel, youll get the gloss piano black around the door, handle one touch up and down for the front windows.

I do like the fact that we got the contrast, stitching a lot more harder surfaces on the top of the door panel on the lower trim as well fitting about two to three. Sixteen point: nine ounce, water bottles, the steering wheel, leather, wrap youll, get the cross stitch. The paddle shifters will engage to make it more aggressive for the regenerative braking or make it a little bit less multi function. The gauge cluster is a 7 inch. Color supervisor monitor cluster thats, what they read it at and it does give you an array of information, pretty much everything that you need for an electric vehicle, plus your navigation, plus all the capacity that you would need for any type of traveling or anything like that. We dont have any moon roof. You do have your uvo button right here which will call for any type of helper assistance, so it does have pretty much all the bells and whistles and its not so driver focused, so its more open and playful for everybody lets see how the back seats look For the back seats im at 37.7, inches of headroom, which is more than nissan 36 inches of legroom, which is about the same as the chevy bolt ev. What i did notice, though, jumping into the back seat, the cushion is a lot less than the front. You will have storage behind the passenger seat, not behind the driver. You have some air vents in the center.

The floor is not completely flat, as for elbows its going to be super soft on both sides, which i wish the seat was a little bit more soft, because in the nissan and the chevrolet bolt ev, it was a little bit more soft cup holders. You can easily fit a max 20 ounce, its a 16.9 ounce water bottle on that door. Panel, the same segment comes in harder materials on the top and bottom you get the gloss piano black and storage. Only one flask or a 16.9 ounce water bottle is pretty much the just of it. It does have a bit of a width to the seats, so lets see how i look in the center sitting into the center head room, no problem, leg rooms, no problems, im blocking the center vents, so its going to make it a little bit more cool. For me, a little bit less for the guys. Next to me, as i was saying for buttock space, i should be pretty fine. The shoulder space is really going to be the issue because the car isnt so wide, so its going to be a little tight for three people to fit my dimensions in the rear. If youre only fitting two in the back, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy a fully electric vehicle without any emissions. Taking the 2022 kia nero ev out for our test run when youre driving at a low speed youre going to hear that futuristic, electric noise.

When you use the paddle shifters, it will go to a level 3 which is for regenerative brake and you can lower that and it will make it where you can actually drive. So i i do like that, because you have the paddle shifters, you know what might as well use both of them and give it to a different level of perspective for the driver. So that way, you dont have to click a d button or this or that kind of cleans up the area in the center console, and it doesnt give you too much cluster. So i like that, because these are already on the steering wheel, the best part about it, though, is the 0 to 60 is ever so quick on the vehicle i mean a low six seconds is what youre getting and were gon na see, really how it is? Were gon na put it into a sport mode right now, its on eco now were on sport, so were gon na see how it is on and off the line hit at about nine miles, giving it full electric Music. You know every time i do a review im sure you have already noticed. I always laugh and the reason why is because youre not expecting that much excitement out of it, and i like the fact that i could take that regenerative breaking off if i want braking. Otherwise, if i need to brake hard, i can do so and still charge up the battery.

So that way i dont have to use that level. One two and three just leave it on zero turn radius at more or less. A stop point is gon na get you about two lanes given at the electric and it just rock, and rolls now one thing to know when youre doing this, youre not gon na be getting the best mpge. So, just remember that you will be hitting the regenerative braking which it shows you the charging. When you push it, it will show you the power, so i do like that because it just keeps that futuristic. Looking in the gauge cluster. As for visibility, i can see everything really well the windscreen the way its positioned. It almost feels like an suv like a hatchback, so what theyre doing with this segment? It really does have a different appearance, especially if youre, comparing it against the nissan leaf and comparing against the chevrolet bolt ev, because the way those sit the nissan leaf sits more like a sedan. This one sits up higher in the chevrolet bolt ev the way it sits a little bit more bubbly, but for the width it feels smaller inside they do maximize the storage space. So i do like that and ive noticed that you have to constantly push the electric pedal its, not something that it just kind of stays and engages. It feels like youre, constantly giving it energy, whereas in a gas powered vehicle it doesnt necessarily have that same vibe.

As for dynamics, i mean its not necessarily meant for that, but it does pretty decent job low six seconds zero to sixty now, thats, definitely where its at. So i do like that and i like the fact that it isnt ultraly long, because you can just turn without too many issues you do have blind spot monitoring a little bit of blind spot, i would say, is into the rear, especially around where that chrome area Was almost the stop point giving it some gas or electric full range of power is what its saying now were going to put it level three, and you can see what i mean it literally just kind of hugs you and im charging at like a 60 charge Rate at least 50 to 60 is what its showing, so that is super cool and if i drive with the regenerative braking on im actually charging with a two tier bar and not doing anything at all, so that is pretty spot on. You will hear the regenerative braking though it makes a low noise were gon na just stop here in the middle of the road. So that way you can see and then give it it. You know its a little wet outside, so it makes it a little bit. You know harder to get off the line, but the thing really is a moving machine. Now there is three things i like and three things that i disliked is anything more than that id be buying this vehicle.

The three things that i like is how playful they did with the design: they really did keep the whole image of the outside and even the inside. It just feels hip and lively. I like what theyre doing with that. The second thing that i like is the suspension, its very smooth. You dont really hear as much road noise as other people were complaining about in the reviewing. I dont hear that much just really through the wheel well area, we dont have any dual pane windows on the side and realistically i dont hear that much wind. The third thing that i like is the fact that you can use these paddle shifters on a three tier in a complete zero tier, which makes it even more easy and eco friendly. If you want it to be or more friendly, when you want to push that throttle, ive put it in eco mode level. Three and the pedal is extremely heavy im, not going anywhere im going to change it to norm, wow normal, really just all of a sudden. Just change the whole dynamic sport whoa huge difference. Whenever youre going through these modes, i would recommend maybe a level one for the regenerative on the paddle shift level. Two gets pretty aggressive and level three pretty much stops you and you hear that whoa three things that i dislike about the vehicle: a lot of hard materials all over the cabin and its just a little disappointing in that category.

Because of the price point were around forty thousand dollars. The second thing that i dislike about the vehicles on the exterior for the side profile. It doesnt really give me so much of an electric vibe as the bolt or even the nissan leaf. I feel the playfulness was a little bit taken out and more structured for a crossover look which is fine its just when you get into these vehicles. You really want to have some of that. You know, look and hipness on the exterior on all four corners. The third thing that i dislike about the vehicle is in the back seats. It is really firm in the seat, cushioning. As for the width and length you can get in and out of anything quickly and thats, something thats good, especially for an ev car. It doesnt feel overly long looking through it in the rear view. You can see everything because the window and the rear is really large. I like to thank george and pablo here at regal kia in lakeland florida for giving us this 2022 kia nero ev for our car review. If youre already a subscriber.