Was it worth the wait? Lets take a first look Music jared here with carvers.com, and today we are getting a first look at the all new toyota bz4x. This is a hugely important car for the toyota brand, because it is the first fully electric vehicle theyve sold since the rav4 ev went out of production back in 2014.. Now the rav4 ev was just a california only compliance car. This is going to be for the entirety of the united states and it is entering a market that is vastly dominated by one automaker, that being tesla. Toyota really took its time with the bz4x, and today we are going to find out whether it was worth the wait or if toyota was a little bit too late to the electric car market. Before we start delving into the bz4x, you might be wondering what that name even means, so youve got the bz part which stands for beyond zero. That is what toyota is going to be referring to all of its battery electric vehicles that have zero emissions. From now on now, the 4x part im a little bit less certain on because you can get the bz4x with all wheel drive. You can also get it as front wheel, drive and subaru will offer its own version of this car called the sultera. I think thats just a much better name because it doesnt sound like a fax machine. Now the frontal area is obviously a lot different because you dont need a massive grill to cool an internal combustion engine.

But aside from this big frontal area, the bz4x doesnt. Look that much different from say a conventional rav4 aside from this sort of weird painted body cladding around the side, i think it looks like a pretty average toyota. Now you might be wondering how the bz4 stacks up against toyotas gas powered rav4 and its roughly the same size at 184.6, inches long, its about three or four inches longer than the rav4, its just a little bit lower than the rav4 and its exactly the same Width now, one area where the bz4x completely diverges from the rav4 that we all know and love is the wheelbase. The wheelbase on the bz4x is about six whopping inches longer than the rav4 and thats, probably going to pay dividends. When we check out the interior now before we check out that interior lets finish up the exterior by looking at the rear end, where i think the styling back here is the biggest risk toyota take with the bz4x, and i think it definitely paid off it. Doesnt really come across in pictures, but we have this really raked roofline that slants down almost like something like a bmw x6. If you can believe that youve got this little spoiler piece up here with like another spoiler down here kind of interesting different from what toyota normally does with its crossovers thats for sure, and then these tail lights look very futuristic. They wrap across the entirety of the rear end and i sort of like how they have these lines, dividing them up with this black cladding.

That kind of finishes off that black cladding. Look. We have more black cladding down here as well, this stuff being plastic, not the painted stuff that we saw up in the front and over on the sides. Overall id say: toyota did a really nice job of making the bz4x look just like the concept that we saw last year. In fact, i can barely tell this car. Apart from the concept before we hop inside, we got to go over some important details about the bz4x like the drivetrain, since this is new territory for toyota. There are two battery packs available and they arent very different in size. The first one is 71.4 kilowatt hours, while the other one is 72.8 kilowatt hours, see what i mean not that big of a size difference like some other evs. The smaller battery goes for the front wheel, drive model which produces 201 horsepower its exactly the same as volkswagens id4. Although that vehicle is rear, wheel drive, if you go for the all wheel, drive model that front motor actually goes down in power to just 107 horsepower. But you also get a second motor at the back, which combines with the front one to produce 215 miles per hour. Well have to wait to get some official toyota performance figures to determine which is quicker, but im a little bit disappointed that the all wheel, drive model doesnt, see a bigger power jump like weve seen in some other electric vehicles in terms of range.

We know the front wheel: drive, bz 4x will go around 250 miles on a charge, but we still dont know how far the all wheel drive version will go as we hop into the cabin of the bz4x. I want to remind you all to like and subscribe to the carbos youtube channel and ring that notification bell to be alerted of our latest videos. If you want to read more about the toyota bz4x be sure to check out carbuzz.com now back to the video. So this interior is a little bit more futuristic than weve come to expect from toyota, except for maybe the prius, because thats always had a very funky cabin of its own. The centerpiece is this very large, very clear, 12.3 inch touchscreen display that weve seen on a few other models like the lexus nx and the toyota tundra. I think the software is great. Its very easy to use and weve got some really cool technology like wireless apple, carplay and android auto, as well as over the air updates. This is going to be great when it arrives on the market next year. Now, unlike a prius or a tesla model, 3, you do get a secondary screen up here that handles your speedometer and other important information. Im happy thats right in front of the driver and positioned very up high, rather than being in the center of the car and joy of joys. The bz4x has a little bit different than weve seen from other toyota models, but a regular steering wheel in some other markets.

Toyota is actually going to ship the bz4x with a yoke like how tesla has but im very thankful that the us market is going to have a conventional wheel. The rest of the cabin seems pretty well laid out and decently premium to me. Weve got some cup holders down here. You have this little binnacle right here that houses a wireless charger here on this top trim. Weve got this weird rotating shifter, thats kind of interesting. The only thing that im – not a huge fan of here, we do have physical controls for our climate here that are very easy to use, but we do have these touch capacitive buttons, just like the venza im, not a huge fan of these. I wish toyota would have just went with some conventional buttons. As for the materials we do have leather here on this limited model, although i think you can get partial cloth seats, one trim down – and i really love this sort of cloth material here on the dash. That is a very cool touch. Now we still dont know the official interior measurements, but sitting back here, i feel like i have a lot more space than im going to get in the toyota rav4 thats, because i have this very nice flat load floor because of course, theres no transmission tunnel ive. Also got heated seats, two usb ports back here, my own climate controls, which is quite nice, and on this limited guys we also have a sunroof thats, going to open up independently of the one in the front.

Thats pretty cool. Now, just like the back seat, im kind of winging it here when it comes to the cargo space, because toyota did not quote any official figures back here. I can simply tell you how it looks to me. It looks pretty spacious im, not sure if this sloped roofline is going to cut into the cargo space a little bit at least compared to something like a rav4 or maybe even a venza, but i think the space back here is fine. You get a little bit underneath here to store your charger thats important on an electric car and because the bz4 is a pretty conventional suv inside you can fold the seats 60 40 style to get even more space for larger items, so that was the new toyota Bz4X, unfortunately, we did not have a chance to drive it because it is still a pre production. Vehicle toyota should sell this vehicle starting in the spring of 2022. So you can look forward to a first drive video from us around then, where we can take the bz4x out on the road, but until then ill see you next time. We really hope. Youve enjoyed this first look of the toyota bz4x for more videos, like it be sure to check out our channel leave a like and subscribe and ring that notification bell to be alerted of all of our latest videos. Ill see you next time.