21. Sorry. So this is the premium version of the car, so its pretty much uh one one above the blue level. So ive owned this car for three months right now and i wanted to go through all the things that i had issues with or what they think about it, or some features that ive noticed that some people are not telling us about. So lets start from the baggage, but just a second, i need to unlock it, so the baggage or luggage, whatever you can say, whatever you call, it is pretty big one of the one of the reasons why i chose the ioniq is because of how big it Is i have the car and i have the scooter as well, because im living around a place that doesnt have much parking spaces, so i just you know, pulling the car into drive and im just throwing it drawing it out away and just taking my scooter out. So its pretty useful, it has a lot of space most of the cars that i saw around this price tag. Dont have that much um space to hold stuff, and this one is pretty spacious, and it also has like this long cover – and i think its okay really now about this little spoiler – that people think that its not really useful and its bothering them. Let me tell you: it doesnt bother and i really like it, but well get that once well get into the car.

So, regarding the engine, its a pretty quiet, one, its the exact one that i had in my uh. Well, not exactly the one, but i think it well im the i can tell you, but its pretty much the same. Its really quiet right now, for example its working on the electricity and on the battery. Sorry and you can barely hear it so its wonderful its like right now i mean uh. I dont know like oh here here it starts when you, whenever you are in a stop around the city, you can barely hear this cow, its just its awesome. Okay. So about the exterior, the things that i had issues with so the first thing um, the mirrors are not electric like whenever you close the car, it should be closed. No here it doesnt work, so you just have you know to push it down and there you have it. I think that for a car, thats high techie and i would say a little bit pricey this thing should not be exist. It should be like yeah. It comes with the basic level, but never mind. It is what it is the thick. The second thing, as you can see this, like exterior at some point, is like damaged, but its, i dont think i think its from the sun, but i havent ive really have no idea. Why its? Why its like this, as you can see its this corner, its like a little wobbly and its wobbly as well over here, but the biggest part, and you can see the how the how low the quality is is around here.

Everything around here is just bad. Its just, like i dont know some kind of gum, thats sticking out its just disappointment, really ill take care of it, uh well under uh warranty, but as a car owner, it just makes no sense um. So this is the antenna for the radio its a shark fin. Usually shark fins are used to be considered as good, but over here its not its, not working so well. Unfortunately, so let me close the the front and well go into the car and ill tell you about uh, some unusual stuff inside so its a keyless. Of course, all right. So all the information that you need as being a driver um, you have a fuel economy average for like whenever you want to reset it, and there is one trip and one trip only. There is like the drive info, but you basically cannot reset it and im, not sure what it does like if im like turning off the car and turning on back its still on maybe its per day. I dont know, but its not really nice, that we have only one trip in this car. Usually, im im used to have two trips, so this is uh how fast youre, driving and your driving style and energy flow to the battery out the engine temperature and the rpms. If you miss it as an hybrid car owner when you used to have a normal car, this is the lenses retention level and, after, like five minutes of driving, itll show you the tire pressure, but there is some other personal.

The user settings never touched it really about infotainment system, its a pretty big screen. I really like it its pretty high quality as well ive con configure it to have like over here the radio and over the um electricity and the battery engine. So over here you can see how ive used my car over here. Yes, theyre all the things that needed for the air, conditioner and stuff, like that usually again stays this way. We have two power outlets, one over on the right, one on the left and usb as well its for the android auto or for the carplay thingy, but im not really using it, because i just dont like um having my ways sideways. I like it from top to bottom um, there is like um electric parking. There is alcohol. If you dont know what all the outhouse then youve missed a lot of nice stuff around this use. So basically the auto hold is when you are at the stop like at a red light, and you want to stop the car and you dont want to use the brake pedal. Then i mean for a long period. Then you just um apply the up to hold lets, for example, now disabled now i load it and im just pressing okay ill. Give you an example. I put the car in in drive im driving, for example, now im parked, as you can see its on auto hold, but ive. Let the brake pedal off and the car is in drive see.

I think just kidding so really useful that there are two power outlets over here over here. There is like all the another place for a cup hold another couple, some weird space over here and something really nice is that this area, the between the driver and the passenger, one cool thing, its cooled, but i mean its cool um. For some reason. The air conditioner is cooling up this space. I really like it its a really brilliant idea like when you leave your wallet or something in the car. Then it stays cool. I really like it about um about the rear view. Okay, so when i said about the spoiler that some people dont like it, then let me tell you i like it. Why? Because lets say: im driving around the city and someone with high beams comes closer to me. Then the spoiler just blocks it its a genius idea. I dont know why people dont like it but im sure he does like it um. You have like this sos over here its applied. What it means is that, if youre using it, then its going to call to the police – and they will track you down and if you like, i dont know, had an accident, then theyll find you over here is the usual glasses another mirror. For the ladies um, the seats are nice reading. They are close, but theyre nice clothes theyre pretty firm, but for some reason for some reason i, like the furnace of them.

The back is pretty spacious as well. You have like a hand grab over here on the drivers side. You dont have one okay regarding the air conditioner, so its one of these cars that i dont really like the idea, but some people do is. If you want to close the air conditioner, you have, to put it all the way to the left and then its closed all the way to the right, its all the all the way open. I dont like the idea, because if i want to put my air conditioner all the way to the left, i cant do it. It just blocks the air conditioner, so its pretty depends on you if you like it or not, um okay, so this part is pretty good. You have like space over here and its been cut off like this, its okay. I guess lots of space for for your drinks or whatever um, and i guess thats, basically it ah one more thing regarding the drivers seat. There is like the lower back support this little um part over here, its like okay, ill push it down. You see its moved its awesome, really its really do help. My back. All the windows are blacked out from the um from the company itself and the rear camera is over here this little tiny thing. So i would recommend this car for everybody who needs a family car thats being extra smart and its really not that low, really, maybe some people think it is.

But if you want a really low car, then go to see toyota corolla some sometimes theres, like times where i used to have a corolla, and i wanted to park like uh. Next to my friend and i couldnt open my wi, my door, because the pavement was too high to open the door over here. I never had this issue and if you can see im driving around some terrarium place, which is a little bit um the cars dont like it, but with this one i can do it easily. So if you have any questions regarding the ioniq, please do tell me and ill be happy to answer your questions.